Do you still use gifts from your EX


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This type of request.. I don't even bother..

what is there to return?

How about returning all the love? Isnt it more important?


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May Ong,
Returned upon request. No point keeping when people asked for it... and on my side, no point asking for anything to be returned to me... just like what sm said, there is nothing to be returned... he definitely cannot return the love (or even time) to me...


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Wha! he's a damn jerk! come to think of it... my ex-hubby maybe asking for those back too since he is $$ minded type...

Anyway, u got wear them one meh? real gold or just diamond? the real gold i also neber wear de... the diamond set i dun really like also... if he ask, i most prob will return also...


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I still keep stuff from my ex's that I don't use, like old cards, drawings he made (he was an aspiring artist), etc., just for memory's sake. I also have stuffed animals he gave me.
They sit in the back of my closet or in a box, gathering dust. But I likes keeping things around. Not that I will use them again either.


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throw away will b wasted.......those stuffed toys..i donate to e charity.....i tik whoever the cambodia kids will b more than happy


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haha..i've heard of someone who is driving new bf ard on the car the ex bought...

but i dumped mine...but my other half keeps stuff from his ex.


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I don't use my ex's gifts (It's just me)...but my ex sent me back all the gifts, movie tickets, birthday and anniversary cards back to me by snail mall...all torn up..


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Luckily your ex-s didn't donate kidney...

"I break up with you, I tear out the kidney and return to you..."

Actually, what's the problem using ex's gift? I don't understand.


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Hi Cherie,

if using the items that he gave you makes you think about the past and breaks your heart, you should throw them all away. It may not be easy to get rid of the items but getting it once and for all is easier than being reminded of the past over and over. If one day he sees you with the items that he had given you, he might also think that you have not gotten over him.

Some fortune tellers would also advise to get rid of the things that reminds you of a love that didn't work out because the negative energy wouldn't allow you to find a new love. What if one day you found a boyfriend and he finds out that you still can't get over him and the things that your ex had given u?
hey i came to know something which my hubby told my friend after i knew abt my hubby's affair n i still dun understand what is on my hubby mind lei..

he told my friend A that he still felt very sore that his lover was with my hubby for his money and he is using the soft way to get the lover to return back the money that he spent on her.. my friend advised him to forget abt the money spent on her n return to me but he refused n insisted he wanted his money back after spenting $XX k on her.. my friend laughed at him n told me all this., i was like what the fxxx,, how can he ask for the money back? can he get all the money, time and sex back from her meh???? I think he is actually idiotic to ask for everything back from her but the lover refused of cos n sweet talked him into staying on so that she can squeeze money out of him.

Can it be possible that he can get his $$, time n sex back? what an idiotic man!!


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whenever we argue and my bf (now husband) wanted it off, he would come into my house and try to take back watever he has bought me even a photo frame

now when we r on gd terms, I ask him why he does that he says its so that there is an opportunity to see if i still wan the relationship and that he was giving chance and opportunity to see if i would ask for the things back...

i wonder how true his reason is... or perhaps its jus that he is trying to take back as much as possible when he feels the relationship is off


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sapphire, either reason points out the fact that your hubby is a rather petty/childish (sorry to be blunt here) man. A mature man would sit down and communicate calmly and not take things back to elicit some form of response from the wife to see if she's still keen to mend the relationship.


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hi blur

It is impossible for ur hubby to get back his $$, time n sex from the lover cos it had already happened. nothing can change the fact.

tell him to cherish your marriage.Lover is just a "play thing". she won't last long.