Do you insure your engagement ring+wedding band?


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Hi BTBs! :) I'm still kind of scared about wearing my engagement ring out sometimes, not sure if anyone else shares this same fear - fear of I dunno, touching it too much, making it oily/scratching it with my hands one way or another, accidentally hitting it on the wall/table or letting it catch on clothing etc etc etc! So I haven't been wearing it as much as I want to since I got engaged, I keep thinking maybe I should just keep it safe in the box in my drawer where the sun don't shine! Then again which girl doesn't like to wear a pretty ring on her finger? Dilemmas!

Do you/most people insure their engagement rings and/or wedding bands?

If yes, why, and any good insurance plans to recommend?
If no, why :p


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Hi and congrats on your engagement.

Unless your diamond is gigantic I don't think anyone will really 'rob' you.. hmm unless you're constantly flaunting it.

I wear my ring constantly and I have on countless times probably scratched my HTB and my clothes, myself etc. It doesn't come off my finger unless I go for a massage. Most diamonds won't fall off that easily (it can happen but not that often). The ring band itself can get scratched but that's usually the back part that nobody sees. Unless you work in a dirty/rough industry I don't see why your ring will be that badly damaged.

However, each to their own, If you don't feel comfy wearing it and HTB doesn't mind that its ok.