Do you inform your boss that you are pregnant?

Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by nanastar, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. nanastar

    nanastar New Member

    Hi all,

    Just to check with mothers and pregnant ladies, do you inform your bosses when you are pregnant? At which month do you inform?

    Also, will you also inform your boss if you are new to the company?

    As I have heard that companies will fire pregnant women.


  2. poorbunny88

    poorbunny88 New Member

    what kind of company would fire a pregnant woman ? you might be suspended from near future promotion or project but the nation law won't allow a woman to get fired because of getting pregnant. I would inform the boss after the safe first trimester period especially if you have morning sickness, it should be more obvious and also when you post in socmed, your colleague might find out. Everyone's pregnancy is also different , some has it easy and it does could interfere with the work BUT it's something unavoidable to inform the company sooner or later
  3. xhenrietta

    xhenrietta Member

    No company should expel pregnant woman. You can write to MOM if it happens.
    I have colleagues who hide their pregnancy during interview, and resigned after enjoying 4 months maternity leave.
    She kept it secret from the employers. We knew it after she works for a few months here.

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