Do we have to pay for accommodations for Malaysian relatives?


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Hi everyone,

Would like to seek some advice on whether we are obliged to pay for accommodations for our relatives from Malaysia. My mother's side of relatives are all in Malaysia and she is expecting us to pay for their accommodations. She has quite a big family and it will be quite a big sum of money, so I'm wondering if it really is a norm for us to be responsible for their accommodations? Will appreciate some advise from people with similar experience. Thank you.


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Hi! In a similar situation here. For our case we have decided to pay for accommodation to those that we are inviting to SG as a gesture of showing that we want them to be here (these are our close relatives so we don’t mind). However I dont think it’s an expectation. Maybe you could check with hotel if they are able to provide discounted / wedding rates. Or if paying for accoms is beyond your budget, can list some options for your relatives to consider and they can decide if they want to come?

if your wedding has passed, do share how this was handled! :)