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TIGER AIRWAYS is a horrible lousy airline!

I'm recently pregnant and as such unable to go on hols to Macau via Tiger Airways as planned.

We emailed Tiger Airways for a refund. We're not asking back everything. Just the airport taxes to be refunded.

Guess what they say. They will only refund the Singapore Airport Tax of $21, but that's after u have to pay a cancellation fee of $30!

Then after further question on why the Macau airport tax is not refunded, they kept quiet for 1 entire month. After making us wait for 1 whole month without any reply, they finally replied, stating terms and conditions blah blah blah that the fare tickets are entirely non refundable and further more, we are not even allowed to cancel! Then the usual PR reply. They really take us as fools!

Well, they can forget about us taking Tiger Airways ever again! To avoid such an unpleasant experience with them, boycott them!!!!


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it's the same with all the budget airlines the world over, you should try ryanair in europe! these guys survive on a low-cost policy so customer service will be minimal, but think of it this way, at least now we can go on more holidays than we ever thought possible before!


Normally for budget airline that's how it works...they normally won't refund much esp. when the fact that the reason is pregnancy. Being pregnant doesn't mean that you can't fly, dear.

I flew a few times when I was pregnant even at 27 weeks to bangkok and hk. So unless it's really an impt thing such as u are in an accident or bed ridden then probably they might think of refunding.


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I flew with Tiger Air jus in June. My gal is sick and I wanted to cancel the tic, but I remember reading in the conditions clause that Non Refunds will be given, including the tax.

You actually have an option to transfer/sell your tickets to someone else with just a nominal charge.


Please remember, they are a budget airline. You cannot expect a SQ style of service.


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That's how they keep fares low, a lot of terms & conditions and little customer service. Cancellations and service staff cost $$. If you want then be prepared to bear the cost.

Ya, try ryan air in europe. Have to go to some ulu airport and run after the plane!


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have to agree, pregnancy is not a factor for not flying. think there are terms and conditions when you bought the budget carrier tickets....maybe you would like to go back and read through them?

hey...thats why they call it budget air..... ai(4) pi(1) ai(4) qi(1)..hahaha....sporeans...really.... welll....cant expect too much service from them you is budget.


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yah, i agree cancellation & service staff cost $$$, but airport taxes??? Since they don't have to pay the airport tax to the airports becoz we didn't turn up, they are just pocketing it for themselves!

icebaby, littlepanda
true enough that pregnancy is not a factor for not flying, but i've got bleeding every other day! If it's not becoz of that, i would have gone ahead.

Can i really sell it to someone else? Think they'll say it's non transferable too.


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hi there, i don't think cancellation at last minute warrants a 100% money back guarantee. There are lots of terms and conditions! Tiger is bad but not even as bad as Air Asia. My friend tried to book online, was given an error message saying "YOUR CREDIT CARD HAS BEEN DECLINED" and then a few days later she realised they charged the amount to her credit card. When she called them up, they insisted her order was not taken down...sheesh!


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Thanks for your advice! I finally got them to agree to let me transfer name.

Anyone of you interested?

Details of flight:
10 Sep (Sat) 2.30pm SIN - 6.10pm Macau
15 Sep (Thurs) 11.15am Macau - 3.10pm SIN

Price: $280
Includes 1 pair of return air tickets to Macau; airport taxes; fuel surcharges.

U can just hop over to HK for their Summer sale /HK Disneyland via the ferry. HK Disney opening on 12 Sep. Initially wanted to go there.

If interested, email me at [email protected]


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Always read the T&Cs carefully before booking anything.

I believe their tix are hafta pay an admin fee to change the passenger names or something...can't's been awhile since I last took Tiger. However it may depend on what fare you bought the tix at...if under some special promo, perhaps the conditions are more strict. Is it possible to defer your travel date? I believe they do allow change of dates..just need to pay a fee.

I don't know why you think that you should even be entitled to the airport tax. Do they say that the tax portion is refundable? with prices being so cheap already, you can't expect their conditions to be as generous as those of full-service airlines.


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actually, even for non budget airlines, it is also the same. esp if the tics are on promotion, there will be no refund or changing of names.


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Hi hi, Talking about Tiger airways, don't take US airways too. It's terrible! Bad experience! I think budget airline somehow has bad services!


mashy brainz,

I am sorry to hear that u are bleeding every other day.

Did the gyne give u MC for bed rest? Are u taking the jabs required to stablise the condition? Hope your baby and urself is fine.

Do take care....

I apologize for my earlier comments. Anyway, do try to transfer, try selling on yahoo auctions, etc


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i am also mad wif tigerairways..
i have book a return flight from phuket to singapore flying at 955pm.
walao.then TA email me say the flight xxx is no longer opeartive on xxth date, say another flight take over and fly at 825 am.

wakao..i have booked e earlier timing due to its convenient of the timing 9.55pm and all the relevant activities for the day.

then they sort of tell the customers to take a early flight back- say i can change the date if i want but same timing..

i say NO WAY as i have to work the other i am vexed whether can i cancel the return trip r not at NO EXTRA COST since its tigerairways who 'break' the timing first.

giving me extra problem...
Does all budget airlines behave this way?


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Hi Juz,

I faced the same problem as you when I travel to Hong Kong last month by valuair. They only informed abt the cancelled of flights on the day before my departure. I will not be taking any budget airlines again.


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I've also the same complaint about Tiger Airways. One month ago, in order to get an early bird discount at my desired hotel in Phuket, I quickly secured booking of my air tickets from Tiger. Then last week, I discover they've lowered the price for the same flights I've booked! It's really annoying to know that their policy is to "Penalise Early Birds" like me. How unjust!!! Anyway, they've quietly indicated on their fineprint Terms and Conditions that swapping of flights require $30 per pax/per flight which pisses me off further...

Moral of the Story is: watch the price index as you watch the Dow Jones.


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hi yule, i also book early bird air tix. but later it comes lower price than the early bird tix i book..i was kinda of mad.then wat for book early for the tix.....then somemore this type of timing changed last min...haiz
wat to do

you pay mini nuts you get monkeys..


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hi.. im having a problem with booking air tickets with airasia and hope that someone cld be able to help me out here..
i booked in the internet and paid thru direct debit but due to a change of plans, i called to ask if bookings can be cancelled. the lady cancelled it (apparently) and the email she sent me stated i paid $0. but my bank a/c still showed the amt being credited. when i called again to check, i realised the lady had made a mistake cos bookings cannot be cancelled. she said she will chk and get back to me but i'm dubious on that.
is there anything else i cld do here to get my money back?


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I dun think u can claim back ur money cause normally Airasia ticket (if promotion price) is unable to cancel or refund. Except Airasia charged double due to error system, u can call ur bank to dispute payment which I did last time. But let me tell u ... U must chase and keep calling Airasia. Their service is sucks ... VERY VERY SUCKS AND LOUSY


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aiya, complain here no use one.
u think sporeans will not take tiger airways juz becos of a few isolated cases of bad service meh?

sporeans not scared bombs or bad service, we only worried if got no discount.


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hi there
just my personal opinion but i tink budget airlines all operate this way..they r all operatin on low cost and i guess they hv also upfront informed u of the terms n conditions.. so we jus gota b careful n read all the terms n conditions before payin for it..


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The only good about this budget airline is they will bring you to point A to Point B safety at a reasonable cheap price depends on when you book.

If you cannot make it due to some reason or other, do not hope for anything good to happen. Be prepare to pay more or lose everything.

Well this is why SQ or those big names still there!


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haha bettle.. u got it right man!! sgreans so kiasu.. they rather have the d/c and then let the opportunity of hijacks..


my bad experience with valueair!
i paid $250 for a round trip to bangkok. on that day i coming back. massive jam at bangkok. i was late, still i managed to rush to the counter 1hr before flight time. the counter is closed. they refused to let me in. Wa lao, its 1 hr before flight time, also dont let me in
! its the last flight back to sg. In the end, i have to take cab back to city and stayed another night. go back to the airport the next morning and paid extra 1400 baht for my flight back to sg. i saw at their counter stated, to check in 3 hrs before flight time. its the 1st time i nap at the airport before boarding time.


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I think SQ still better.
Life is precious, esp i have my love one now.

Anyone can recommend and share Korea experience with me?



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Tiger now operates from Budget terminal, my God !!It looks more like a hanger than a terminal.

The terminal is about 10 minutes drive away from T1 and T2. There is nothing much there.

If possible, i will avoid taking Tiger


Well, if you are taking budget, then expect the airport to be budget too.

Our budget terminal is far better than most other terminals. I think it is even better than Krabi's terminal (which is the only terminal). You should try KL's budget terminal. At least Singapore's terminal is pretty clean.



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agreed with icebaby...many other INTERNATIONAL airports doesn't even hv aircon n our Budget terminal is FULLY juz came back from holiday 2 days ago..very happy with our BT


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Well, that's Singaporeans... like to complain wherever we go.

Budget airlines means no frills airlines and no services. They do not "employ" staff to handle adminstrative matters on changes/cancellation/enquiries of bookings so you have to pay for a fee for that. Have to remember that unlike international airlines, they do not have business class or executive class to cover their operating costs. Thus, any additional services have to charge.

Budget airlines operates in a manner that in the event of no crew or not enough passengers, they have the right to change the flight timing or etc.

If we want to book any budget airlines, we have to remember the restrictions. Pray hard that there's no amendment or cancellation arises or else very "lay chay".


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Ya, i agree with dleo...

There's no such thing as cheap and good... Afterall they are operating on budget. And all the T&Cs were already laid out prior to your booking.. If u expect good service (condition of terminal, cancellation/change of flights blah blah), then it would be safer to book thru international airlines like SQ, KLM, etc...

Personally I have taken budget airlines a couple of times... so far no problems coz i know what to expect... u definitely have to lower your expectations when u go budget... then u'll be happier...


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LOL...agree...that time i took Air Asia to BKK... on the way back, change plane twice at the airport due to technical error. Go up and down and walk across the tarmac to the other plane cos no aerial bridge available. Luckily no one filed a complaint.


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I ever took Tiger Air to BKK too.. it was crazy!
Air crew give bochup attitude... when there was a huge group of foreign tourists speaking loudly in their native languages. I was quite pissed off, the air stewardess can still tell me, "they are like that one la"...

I was like.. ?!?!?!


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I travel frequently both on biz and pleasure... When on biz, always on full service airline. Of course the service is good. The price of tics are higher too. When on pleasure, I'll try to find the cheapest mode to get to destination to save the $$ for shopping or activities. Have flew tiger airways many many times. and I must say for the price we pay, they did an excellent job. To shenzhen for example, I managed to get for about $300 for return including tax & all charges. It's about 4 hrs of flying time. that works out to only $37 per hour. taking a taxi in sg for an hour will cost more than that. I agree that there are room for improvement however for the price we pay, I'll make do with it. If I want better service than pay for premium airline. For now thanks to tiger that I can go on more hols!


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tiger tiger burning bright!
i am the latest victim of their flight cancellation/changes!
Book promo tickets to BKK..paid abt 300,mostly for taxes and such.
Rec'd 1st email my come-home flight cancelled, had to change to another flight same day
Rec'd 2nd email 1 week later, my going morning flight is cancelled and had to change to afternoon flight. Sigh. very sian liao but lun as hotel all booked and paid
On the day of departure, recd sms going flight is delayed to next at airport at 5am!!
End up i cancel the trip. phone staff said will refund me in 4weeks time.
my 3nite 4star hotel stay washed down the drain too. Thanks to our Tiger. Will NVR take this airline again unless you want to risk spoiling your holiday.
latest new.

tiger airway service had improved. so far everything was smooth and no flight delays as I feared/worried but left HK on time as sipulated. thumbs up!


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I never understand why people take budget air.
SIN-BKK return if there's a promo, tiger airways $300
SIN-BKK return, no promo on thai airways, $340
SIN-BKK return, no promo on Myanmar airways, $278

What is $40? seriously, unless you are a retiree with time to spare and can wait yes go ahead and take budget.

Personally, Singaporeans have this cheapskate mentality. They want everything to be cheap and not bother about quality when they order. When the goods arrive, they complain for poor quality and service. If you want to buy cheap things then don't complain. Maybe we are just too plain lazy to do research. Just because someone says they are budget airlines doesn't mean they are cheap. We are just too complacent.
what u talking abt unless u r referring to gin's post? mine was to HK. Not bad for the first time taking a 4hrs plus flight on tiger airway. Btw the cost alone to HK return was $360. Pretty surprised as i rem each pax on UA flight to HK was more than 500. Anyway good to hve more cash on hand for shopping....


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I'm saying in generally. Budget air is cheap so there's no need to talk about quality or service. U are probably equivalent to an air parcel on DHL or Fedex. As long as u reach there on time and safe and sound, don't expect much.

Look at all these people posting their complaints after taking cheap flights. What's the point? Sillyporeans sillyporeans...before buying cheap items, they aren't be bothered to read the fine clause. Something happens then try to argue their way through. Unsuccessful then cry mother cry father
oh ok ok all right.. anyway what i expected is that i must be home in a whole piece of meat. I dun bother or expect anything as long as i and my friends are happy enough to be back safely.


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Yes I saw your post in that thread too. Amazing. Great response from you though. I would probably have had less patience.

I noticed you've lived in Connecticut?

I think a large part of the moron-ness is due to Sillyporeans living all their lives in a tiny island, touring other countries from the myopic view of the tour bus, and never stepping out of their comfort zones into the real world. Pampered lot with narrow minds, extreme kiasuism, boring predictable itineraries, and great fear of the unknown.

Not surprising actually, but quite sad, I feel.

But I digress.


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I don't really lived in CT but these years since 2005, i spent my summer vacation in CT, New Haven (free lodging at my gay uncle's house) so i don't have to burn a hole in my pocket in NYC. But sometimes i do stay in the city over the weekdays coz i'm lazy to do the 1hour commute on the train daily.

I spent my winter breaks in CA as a teenager (since i was 16 old enough to travel alone). Sadly, i was "shipped" to CA (west covina, rough neighborhood) so i won't spend my vacations in Singapore with bad company (hanging out with fellow Ah Lians)

U are mostly right, most Sillyporeans travel on package tours, waking up at ungodly hours in the morning and given 30min-1hour to explore in an attraction when i could spend the entire day just at 1 location and read up before i visit (history etc). Then again, i did American & Chinese history so i feel a sense of connection with these 2 countries.


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It's really quite brave of you to share your "non-standard" history. Sillyporeans are so much "by the book", "ten-year-series", and "model answer" type of people.

This leads to many people planning rushed and standard itineraries. I often try to persuade people to take things a little slower; but sometimes I wonder why I should bother if people want to ruin their own holidays.

"History" is one of those words that is seldom in the vocabulary of most Sillyporeans; no one has time to stop and reflect, smell the roses, look at a work of art and really try to appreciate what the artist was trying to tell you. We were at the Guggenheim in Bilbao (Spain) just last month and we loved walking in the large empty halls taking it all in at our own leisurely pace.

Somehow it seems that the enlightened ones of us are those who have spent some time overseas; I spent several years growing up in Holland when young, and am now residing in the UK. Hence the enlightened worldview that often just widens the gulf.

Sillyporeans really should get out of SG and see more of the world; and I'm not talking about those frankly silly tour packages; you see nothing. A real F&E experience, like nothing that a tour package can offer you.

But what do I know? I'm probably just talking rubbish. All I know is that we will never go on a package tour again, and that we always thoroughly enjoy our F&E holidays.