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Hi! I understand there are a few threads on divorce issue. Just want to know the latest recommendation of lawyer who charges the lowest for divorce. Uncontested. Straight forward case. No children.
Please give your recommendation. Thanks.


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Can I have the contact also? Thks. Me, married for 11 years with two daughter age 10 & 5. My CPF contribution 70% and my ex-wife to be 30%. Can I claiming for 80% if renovation,lighting,bath accessory and house expenses pay by me (initial down payment by by bro-in-law) but I paid back liao......Heart pain to manage all. She just pay only her phone bill...


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hi, can anyone give me the contacts of a divorce lawyer as well?
Me and my husband has been seperated for 1yr and our 3rm resale flat is involved. Its under the old rule and we can sell the flat at the end of 3yrs, now is about 1yr+, 2more yrs to go.
He advised that we can go ahead with the divorce (married for 7yrs already) and we will be given ample of time to sell the flat, is that true?

Or immediately we will have to sell the flat within said time after dirvorce?

Also, all i would like to claim all the hsehold expenses, renovation etc since i was the one who paid for it? Is it possible to fight for such case?


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hi Blur, could you also pm me the lawyer contact no
and do you know how much this lawyer charge for uncontested divorce case ?

thanks in advance


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Hi blur can I have the contact as well?
What are the charges for uncontested? And is it possible to share with my wife the same lawyer?will they charge more?


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If uncontested, then only 1 party need the lawyer..Say if you are filing for divorce, you need to engage lawyer. Your lawyer will call your wife to sign docs.. that is all. Since she is not contesting, no need for her to waste money to engage lawyer.


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Hi, need help here.
My husband file for divorce. But he is the one with reasonable behaviour, which I raised DOS years ago but he didnt sign, but changed his mind in the end for a divorce instead. Proceeding was called off. (Maybe they think I was emotionally not ready for divorce with children to take care of).
Now, citing bankruptcy, he want a divorce, but there are terms in his papers prepared by his lawyer that I do not agree. Must I engage a lawyer? Or Can I inform his lawyer about my terms and work from there?


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You don't negotiate with the lawyer, you go direct to your husband. The lawyer who is paid by your husband will (by right) only do thing in the interest of your husband. So you want to change anything, you should call up your husband.


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Thanks for the pointers.
He showed me doc without his signatures, I made some notes, he said he will do a trust deed, but I told him it is not up to him to decided what shares as our apartment is joint tenant. Later he just send a sms to meet him and his lawyer, so I presume I will have to set my terms with them first? Most prob have to seek a lawyer's opinion. I still have the time as long as I dont sign anything yet? just want to know what he is up to first. One of his terms is .. not to take any other action in future.
But the draft writ, all comes with timeframe to reply. Anyone know is this normal?


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A timeframe depends on reasonableness, which is usually about 3 weeks. I think your husband wants a systematic hassle free situation.

If you know what you want you don't really need a lawyer. A lawyer is engaged to represent you only when you want the maximum 'profit' or you are scare of being unfairly shortchanged.

In your case, I'd advise you to negotiate first direct with your husband on the share of the apartment till you can accept, and the lawyer's duty is to draft and record that agreement.

Unless you really find your husband abusing your ignorance or is too greedy, you really don't need a lawyer.

You have to understand a lawyer's role in marriage laws and criminal laws is different. If your apartment is HDB, whatever you don't understand... seek your MP. PAP MP usually is supported by lawyers at MPS. You can also try writing to HDB for the rules. It's very clear cut.

So far, your stated problem is really about contract laws. One thing to note is the clauses... Try not to settle a contract with clauses or fine prints, and note that clauses can also be fought even if you signed it.

Do NOT think what he is up to, just read the lines and see if you can accept the contract. Yes means yes, no means no. As long as it is stated as per your negotiation with him, it'd be fine.

Hope this helps.


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Yes exactly is those fine prints that I am most cautious about (of course, there are quite a few other terms that is unfavourable to me). I know if involved HDB flat, I can always go to HDB area office or MP, now the problem is, it is pte apt.

There is no way to negotiate with him, he would not budge, but I want the best for myself and my children. He is autocratic, but I also don't want to clash with him as there are many other factors to be mindful of. I am hoping to a more favourable term as I am the victim as he has OWs, but I also know there is WC to protect me, that is why one of the clause include omitting WC which is not to cover my full rights.

If I sign to agree to forgo the rights to pursue further in future, will that be very tough to overturn it in future? I am wondering is it right for me to try and set my requirment with him at his lawyer office, or just tell him to speak to my lawyer? Or there is no difference to get a lawyer now or later?
Really appreciate your help.


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If there is no way to negotiate with him,
1. If you wish to rely on the Womans' Charters, you have to rely on the judge. In this case that he is getting a lawyer means he may be trying to fight the Charters. The judge cannot give you more of what you have signed.
2. If he cannot be negotiated, it may be time to get a lawyer and consult him if you think there is anything unfavorable to you and he cannot be negotiated. In which case, the lawyer probably will ask you to leave the judgement to the judge as the lawyer maximise your return thru Womens' Charters.

Actually, if the terms are favorable or agreeable, you do not need a lawyer or to overturn in the future.

Personally, I think if he cannot be negotiated and you find the terms unfair or tricky, engage a lawyer. In the legal field, engaging a lawyer is considered a last resort.

All the best to you and your children.


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If your hb is unreasonable.. well, what is unreasonable is difficult to ascertain. So unless you can tell us - we can give your opinion.

Many a time, couple will think what they are asking is reasonable.. I know everyone wants the best for themselves and they will say for the children - but really - what is the best?

It is easily clouded by emotions.. I am not saying you are not unreasonable.. but it is not easy when you are in the midst of it.

If you think you can't negotiate - ie, what was written - you can reasonably change it to a mutually agreeable position - then it is better for you to engage a lawyer. Try to deal with it "unemotionally".

I always advice couples to negotiate without lawyer and without emotions - to come to an agreement that can be put into words. If you can't negotiate without quarelling - the best is to leave to lawyers and the judge.


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From earlier DOS episode that dragged for quite some time, I am quite certain there is no way to negotiate with him, we don't shout at each other, he just refused to discuss, like how we couldn't hold a conversation from the start. He simply asked me to go through lawyer. Like that day I told him over the phone (just calmly, no screaming, no shouting, no raising of voice, anyway we are like divorced couples, just call to inform each others things) about the shares of m/home, he just brushed it off and sms me he set up a meeting in his lawyer’s office.

1) Do you think he can be negotiated, base on the following terms that I disagree most. If not, then how can I ensure I can find a l lawyer who will try to max my return without burning a hole in my pocket? At which point should I start to engage a lawyer?

a) Related proceedings – There have been no other proceedings in Singapore or elsewhere with reference to the marriage, or to any children of the marriage, or between the parties with reference to maintenance or to any property of either or both of them.

b) Requests for reasonable access to the children with ‘prior arrangements to be made with the Defendant’.
(Few years back we agreed on joint custody, but this time, I want sole custody since the care and control is me. I have enough experience of his stir shit and last minute thingy, as he has been keeping his personal life very secretive from the start.

c) He will pay maintenance and all expenses for the children.
(Yes, it is that brief, didn’t even mention amount, food & accommodation, medical, welfare, etc)

d) The parties will retain all other properties in their respective names.
(Frankly, I don’t think he has much because he is a spendthrift, but at least I want the max for matrimonial home).

e) That apart from the aforesaid, the parties shall have no other claims of any nature against each other in respect of any other issues, be it assets, maintenance, claims and/or any ancillary issues whatsoever.



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Over these years, I have forgiven and time has heal my wound, but I am still tolerating his nonsense.

But whatever it is, I have to fight for the best I can hold on, and I mean a comfortable monthly maintenance as I don’t work but solely taking care of my children in terms of supervision, coaching and keeping track of their every single thing in life and school. And every parent knows how taxing it is, sometimes I have to help them complete their “whatever†art work, project, into the wee hours.

I suffer mainly from insomnia, or should I say a habit of waiting to see what time he comes home. Now he does not live with us. My children are aware of the situation, they are only worried about cost of living... My elder child asked to see the draft, should I show?

I am not sure I can fight base on same or equal standards of living. I just want to make sure we are not in the losing end.

Do you have a rough guide how much is the conveyance, stamp, registration and admin fees relating to the sale or transfer of a two bedroom apt?

Why can’t he just transfer all his share to my name under joint tenant? What is this call, and how long does this procedure take?

Any idea if my previous DOS case will be taken in consideration if I want to fight for better terms in divorce?

I have always been wondering, is it common practice that when two parties could not come to term in DOS stage, lawyer will not fight for client using WC, because it is only DOS, not divorce case?

Thanks in advance.


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All I can say is if you have no way of direct communication, then you can find a lawyer. The lawyer's main role will be to help you source for your husband's other assets, draft agreements, and fight for your rights under Women's Charters.

Personally, I don't know why you can marry such a man...

If you are worried about expenses, then hire a lawyer when you are sure divorce proceeding is fast coming.

I suggest you engage a 'free' lawyer for free advices and know of your rough situation before proper hiring of a lawyer. You can do so at Meet the People's Session. If necessary, they can refer you to a cheap and competent lawyer.


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Which means if he doesn't want to nego direct with me, then I nego at his lawyer's office? Or through my lawyer if I engage one later. Didn't know Meet-the-People's session offers such advices and reference. Thanks.

Well, it is a mistake to set sail in a wrong weather. Hang on... learn to balance myself and focus on the brighter and beautiful side in life. Life is such, but it has to go on... heheh... for the children...

(As my mail client is not working, can anyone please help me to send administrator a note: Teleph Post No. 1 Typo -- Unreasonable behaviour not reasonable behaviour. TIA)


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Note that lawyers are only representation to their clients and they offer legal 'knowledge' to their best effort. Which is, if you have to negotiate, you MUST always try your husband, the lawyer is only a representative and do not make the decisions.

MPSs usually have their own team of lawyers who are volunteers.

If you want 'fairness', then let the judge deal with the asset allocation and don't sign anything. You can also represent yourself before the judge. After all, you know your family best.

If you do engage a lawyer, for your case, you probably need one who CAN trace your husband's other assets.

No matter what... a mistake is committed and I hope you'd make good use of this mistake and encounter a lovely man subsequently.

Know the Ferrari clash cars case? The wife is pregnant and he was driving a young sexy thing at about 4am. Whew! LOL~ And the wife still 'trust' the dead man. Kekeke~

Well... Hope everything goes well for you.


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Really appreciate your advice.

Frankly, the pregnant wife is in no position to say the truth because the way 'elites' handle things are so different, and parent-in-law are prob the financer behind her husband's investments. That explaines the behaviour of her husband. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't look at the surface. Women have strong six sense and sensitivity on tell tale signs when her man strays. So she questioned him at least, otherwise she would not know he always went out at wee hours 'to zoom zoom', when she supposed to be sound asleep.

Now back to my doubt, about the obvious clause on property. His usual tactics, there is something else. My wild guess, OW is pregnant.

Lastly, I need to know is it to my disadvantage if the agreement states in broad term "pay maintenance and all expenses for the children." rather than stating an exact amount monthly in b/w. I am not sure, original term sounds ambiguous to me, as in how to claim how much? What if he never show up in months? What is the latest enforcement for defaults?



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Sadly to say, even with the updated attempts with enforcement, there is no real certainty you will certainly be paid even by court order. Not to mention, Women's Charters is an international law, so that if your husband subsequently obtain a court order in (eg) Philipines (via bribery) and come to Singapore to endorse the order, it'd be valid.

You have to be aware of this highly 'professional' move when it comes to International laws, though very few except some GLOBALLY resort to such moves.

Unless your husband has a heart for you and wish to compensate you for his mistake, usually the best way is to leave the judge to decide the amount under the Charters. There is one similar case I have come across whereby the husband had an affair in office and left the entire condo to the wife in the agreement. Of course, things ain't like so nice in your case.

'Pay Maintenance' is how much? Let him state a figure you can accept.

As for the Ferrari case, that woman is likely to end up like you if the husband is not already dead. LOL~

From my experience, women don't have the 'six sense' and usually only discover the infidelity at the mature stage. Marriage... it is somehow defined for most normal women as a stage of how long the self-denial is maintained. LOL~

It might be better he is dead than to later pass STDs to his wife and newborn.

Her marriage is like a wild one-sided dream...

If you are not going to get a lawyer, you should leave the decision to the judge. If you want to fight for (eg) sole custody for your child, you will need a lawyer for I assume he'd not relent.


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Isn't it me who is be able to get a court order and endorse it here? or vice versa? Anyway guess I should get clause E out. (E: That apart from the aforesaid, the parties shall have no other claims of any nature against each other in respect of .....). How to leave the decision to the judge, don't sign the agreement? Let his lawyer proceed with the legal action? Is it to my disadvantage if I don't sign and leave it to the judge, let say he leave the condo to me in the agreement (homeloan not fully cleared).

I am hoping, from a man who still think he is not in the wrong, that he still has a heart. Quite impossible... but possible... nvm not the issue.

Anyway, health is ultimately the most important of all, without it one can never have peace and happiness no matter what.

Well, that case, wife will be sent back with providence for the rest of her life, but she will be miserable because of her children. Possible scenario. 'Elite' always get the grandchildren no matter what.


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Actually in the case of marriage, when you are married your husband has sort of signed the agreement provided by the Charters.

If your husband is not going to compensate you, it might be best to leave it to the judge to decide. If your man doesn't love you of course he can't be expected to leave you with the condo.

If you really are in doubt, then hire a lawyer by all means and don't sign any other agreements unadviced. I also don't see the need to pester your husband again after the order is made.

Marriage laws is provided under the Charters, the Women's Charters is nothing but a broken international laws. Usually the very rich uses this to fight their wives if they realise the loopholes. And stars exploited this to be married yet remain single in their state for their career. Since it is a law, while the judge might know the other judge is corrupted to produce a legal order, it's still legal binding to a member state of the Charters. See?

But doing so will need alot of money and to hire a divorce lawyer with intense understanding of international laws which isn't usually the case.

Women's Charters is actually the contrast of internet laws... that while (eg) India has internet laws, there is NO such laws to bind international internet scene. LOL~ So if one state enforces a law, it's actually 'illegal' in a sense. For the Charters, some states also have small 'variations' which give rise to loopholes. For instance in China, the dealing of debt and asset is slightly different but can produce significantly different result and hence the way to fight.

Pray then that your husband's lawyer is the usual student of law in a Singapoorean framework.

From what you wrote, you don't seem the type who can fight an international scenario.

If your husband transfers himself or his assets to a state where the Charters is weak or even non-existent, you will not receive alimony because there is no legal basis to stretch into that framework. It's like if you committed a crime and transfer your asset to a state without extradiction of asset agreement... That's why so many Indonesians transferred assets to Singapore.

The court in Indonesia can judge them as whatever, but a sentence without ability to enforce is useless... LOL~

That's the interesting thing in laws. For instance, Singapore may unilaterally declare going to underage prostitutes overseas is illegal and all the lawyers here say so, but such a law is useless because it cannot be enforced overseas, and no governments out there will usually share with you their crime records.

Which is, if you focked an underage hooker and got caught outside, Singapore will need you to confess and to provide the evidence for you to be prosecuted. But who will do so unless he is out of his mind? See?


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(E: That apart from the aforesaid, the parties shall have no other claims of any nature against each other in respect of .....). How to leave the decision to the judge, don't sign the agreement? Let his lawyer proceed with the legal action? Is it to my disadvantage if I don't sign and leave it to the judge, let say he leave the condo to me in the agreement (homeloan not fully cleared).

You can't your cake and eat it. Obviously he is giving you something - condo + maintenance + expenses for the children - in return for you not to make further claim. I think this is reasonable. The only thing is the "amount" in question - the condo + what he will be providing you - after the divorce.. you need to determine if it is enough and to negotiate to something that you will accept - in return for not making further claim.

You may also want to ask for lump sum payment.

If you don't agree and don't sign - then yes - leave it to the courts to decide on everything - including the condo + maintenance..


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Hi all, really thankfull for your advice.

Scope has pointed out clearly, so it can be that way. Apologise if at certain point I am ambiguous, but you all knew what I mean.

If this agreement is not decided by the judge but sign between us, is there such a thing that the agreement list something unususal, eg. docking of CPF in defaults , since asking from him a lump sum is very unlikely, and I have this feeling default is likely to happen?


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I am curious.. are u in a position to take over the housing loan?

".... My elder child asked to see the draft, should I show?" BTW.. How old are you?

I could be wrong, but u seem to be fighting for the sake of fighting.

I also get the impression u don't know what u want, apart from the "best". Let's face it, u can say u need $1Mil til eternity, but that would be pointless if he can only afford to finance u 100K.


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I don't know where you are coming from. It seems hard to answer just like that. Nvm certain questions I asked for the sake of asking.

It is an agreement, I am just trying finding out what is possible and justifiable in order to take my next step.


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Hello everyone...

I'm a western female, I'm looking for a divorce lawyer.

Story: short marriage, was a bad idea, money or propertywise we share nothing whatsoever, sep. bank accts, no children. Only the license holds us "together".

I want out and I want a clean, safe divorce.
I want no money from him, I just want to get out of this situation and start anew. I want out.

PM's are welcome. Thank you


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J. Taylor (westerner84) :Hi, I couldn't pm you. My case is about the same as yours. May I know how's the search for your lawyer? 'coz I'm going to look for one too..


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Hi All

I would like to know the process of a divorce..Understand that it need3 years separation but does it need to be official? What if during these three years we decide to reconcile? I have two kids - 7 and 4. Parents always ask to hang on the marriage cos of the kids..but I just cant take it cos there are no love at all in this marriage...I jst want to break free...Can anyone share their view with me...Depressed


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You love your children? Give them the father and bear with it lah...

Why the fug chose to marry in the first place?

This is the Nth time I'd be answering this stupid question.

No. You don't need to be official, PROVIDED your husband will tell the judge the same story.

A seperation is considered valid even if you stay in under the same roof WITHOUT sex.

'Breaking free' is a sensitive word... because it is telling me you don't think your husband will give you freedom.

Hence, you asked a stupid question. Yes, for your case, you need an official deed. Simple. Take a paper, write down you are going to separate, let your husband signs it. Under Singapore's legal framework, written agreement is legally binding.

But... even if you are separated for 3 years, whether your husband will try to stop the divorce, and helps to bankrupt you is another thing.


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Yes...understand where u are coming from...I knw what my decision is to be separated and divorce is not fair to the children..how long can u bear with it...married is cos there are love but at times goes by...this faded. So we still hang on to what we feel is no longer what we want?


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True love doesn't fade... It was mostly naive excitment... You thot it was love, it isn't.

A mother who loves her children will even be a hooker, fugged by many men for the children's sake. You really won't give your children a chance to have a complete family?

Anyway, all the best...

LOL~ Don't mind me. I am... very naughty. I like to tease the most... interesting part of human nature.


Love love love love love... Some people said it's fairy tale to find true love...

Some people said, marriage is but a decision...

Why... Why do you give up a marriage because you feel no love anymore, even when you are a mother?

This divorce is no longer merely your issue, you should know that.

I am so interested to see how a mortal choose...


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I have been married for almost 8 years and I do have a son 4 years old. Now I want a divorce because I am tired of this marriage because my husband keep on calling his ex name in his sleep for the past few years . I ever confronted him but he just keep on saying that He doesn't miss her anymore. During this period I met someone too. All I want is a divorce and the custody of my son. I don't want the house, my husband can have the house. What should I do? Can I still file for divorce. What should I do. My new love wants me to get a divorce as soon as possible.