Divorce but i cant find ways to solve my pros


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* ROM for less than a year
*bought a DBSS flat but we haven move in
i and my wife were ROM for less than a yr..but recently thinking of filing for divorce..but we actually face the problems of our new flat...can we sell it away? or return back to HDB..as we haven move in at all...or what are the ways i can do it to solve the problems...? if i file for divorce...i want the flat...can i put in another name to have it?


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Read yr contract that u signed with hdb. If I'm correct, u will have to surrender caue u didn't meet the criterias for selling. U might be able to retain the flat alone if u r 35, u can afford to pay it alone. Check with hdb because there's a case where couple surrender their Dbss and had to forfeit 100k downpayment.
Divorce might not be possible in yr case, annul maybe.


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nope...i have not yet gone thr the customary wedding...and not yet move in to the hse at all...thinking of goin thru the annulment..but my dbss flat ..i just given payment for the renovation...and if my flat i need to surrender back to the hdb..how much wil i have to lose..i heard its not a small amount..and i couldnt sell it to the open market...


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If a divorce is due to the non-consummation of marriage, annulment of marriage, or there is a break-up of the Fiancé / Fiancée relationship, neither party is allowed to retain the HDB flat.

this is from HDB website


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janey has a v real point. if both of u are firm about the annulment, that for some reason both of u cannot see urselves spending a lifetime together, then it is a wiser decision now to let go.

put the $ affairs aside cos $ can always be earned back, but time n youth will never come back. if both of u are not happy as a couple, then dragging ur feet will only make life more miserable for the both of u n harder to explain to parents/relatives.

but 1st, be sure about the annulment. cos once it is done, there shdnt be any regrets n ur r/ship w ur in-laws will forever be broken.


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"U might be able to retain the flat alone if u r 35, u can afford to pay it alone."

No matter your age or financial capability, you can't buy a brand new flat as a single person.