Divorce advice


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Need some advice on divorce :

1) flat is under the husband's name, wife is co-applicant, and he pays for flat. Agreement is to sell the flat and give a certain % to the wife. Does he still need to give monthly sum to wife n 3yr old son? 

If yes, for how long ? What is min or max amount of his pay or assets that he needs to give?

2) what is the minimum alimony he needs to give his wife?

3)in worst case scenario, what is maximum alimony that a wife can fight for?

4) can a wife stop the husband from seeing the son if custody goes to her? 

Thank you


For the wife...alimony is till the day either she dies or she remarries...for the kid...hubby has to continue paying maintenance until the kid is working...does not mean 21 = auto cut off...but then again also depend on wat is stated in ur divorce clause....also got some dumber woman stop when the kid turns 21....n btw if u are smart ur clause will make sure the maint or alimony amount can be escalate depending on future situation...

There is no minimum or maximum alimony...the man has to provide alimony based on the current lifesyle the woman lead during her marriage life and other factors blah blah..but best u consult a proper divorce lawyer on how much to fight for...

A wife can refuse to let the husband see the son if and only if she gets full custody...but then again custody usually is shared..unless the husband dun want custody of the kid....