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  1. hwey

    hwey New Member

    Anyone out there have experience with Divine? I understand that there are 3 designers there - Kim, Jessica and Helen. What are their differences in style and if I am to sign up with Divine, how do I know which designer suits me?

  2. blee

    blee New Member

    Hi Hwey,

    You can ask to see their designs and perhaps talk to them individually. You will be able to find out who do you click with.
  3. joelle

    joelle New Member

    i think Helen is the nicest one! :) She's nice and friendly and does not put on any airs unlike Kim . Don't know about Jessica though
  4. lydia

    lydia New Member

    I went to Divine Couture as part of my wedding boutique hunt. The 3 designers there were very friendly. In fact, Kim was the one who welcomed me and showed me the packages and photographs. Jessica showed me the gowns and designs. All of them are nice.
  5. gloria

    gloria New Member

    how are the packages lik? Heard that its pretty expensive?
  6. faith

    faith New Member

    I love the designs from Divine but know that they were expensive, so i really got no idea which bridal shop to go to in order not to feel regret.
    Any comments ?
  7. faith

    faith New Member

    Actually what's the difference between these 3 designers ? Are they equally professional, good ? I've sent an email to them earlier this year and Jessica is the one who reply, through email, she sounds polite in answering all my queries. Is Jessica good ? Anyone here seen the gown designs from the 3 different designers ?
  8. just me

    just me Guest

    Hi Faith,

    I went down to Divine during my search for bridal package without my husband. Kim was very helpful and even let me try on more than 4 different kinds of gowns. She also described each material and cut to me so that I will know which cuts suits me better and which cuts are not suitable for me. I like her honest and professional service. In my opinion, Divine's gowns are those of sexy and flirty kind - a lot of barebacks and little details like flowers. But on the other hand, I agree with Kelly that there are hidden costs - you have to buy your own accessories and shoes. A friend of mine had to fork out another few hundred dollars on top of the package for tiaras and necklaces.
  9. dutchess

    dutchess New Member

    hi faith!

    as far as i know, their photography is done by 4 studios: Wizards of Light, Studio D'fia, Picture Box and Robin Photography. my package was exclusive of photography and cost $3988 (i signed up at the beginning of the year). i preferred to look for my own photgrapher who could give me a better deal than the ones they had. i settled with Robin but that was before he tied up with Divine which was only recently. i feel that the package price was reasonable and not too expensive. i think many people have the impression that Divine is very expensive but they are actually not, as compared with other studios such as Irene's Creations where their packages can cost up to $6,000 or more!

    they have their own make-up artist cum hairstylist and so far i am very happy with her skills, very professional and natural.
  10. hwey

    hwey New Member


    Is Portrait Gallery still with Divine?
  11. dutchess

    dutchess New Member

    hi hwey!

    i don't think Potrait Gallery is with divine (didn't know they were before).
  12. faith

    faith New Member

    Hello gals

    Remember that I've mentioned to u on 15 Nov that I'm going down to Divine to experience their service myself ??? Ya,I've gone down to their shop yesterday with my friend whose getting married next year July. Initially, she wanted to sign up the package with Divine but last Fri, she went down to White Link to check out the package and finally had signed up with them but she decided to make to measure her evening gown with divine, that's why we are at Divine yesterday. She had the appt. with Helen. I must really praise her.....she is an experience, professional, friendly, patient and definitely service orientated. She gives my friend alot of tips and was so patient to listen to her needs. Anyway, my friend love the evening gown she saw during their last bridal show and that's why she's there @divine and also willing to fork out S$1,200/- for a make to measure pc that she gets to keep too. She's so happy anyway......

    So i personally recommend you gals to look for Helen if u decides on Divine. I didn't get to see the other two designers, so can't comment much. I did feed back to her about u gals complained about Kim's attitute....she felt so apologised and hope we understand the fact that when they're busy serving someone elses, it's really hard for them to serve the others, they believe in concentrating and serving their individual customer...most customer would not be happy if their designer keeps walking away to serve others. So to avoid disappointment, make appt. with them and make sure u r on time so as to avoid the time being collide with others. Good luck....gals. :)
  13. sammi

    sammi New Member

    Hi all

    I've signed up with Divine and Kim is the one who served me. I'm quite surprise to read all the negative comments about them when I find them most helpful among all other bridal shops I've visited.

    And my wedding gown is simply beautiful :)
    My evening gown is so impressive though. But when I voice my disappointment with Kim, she agreed to alter the design for me, same one as shown during their bridal show. I'm all thumps up for Divine.
  14. stella

    stella New Member

    Dear all

    Me, too, would like to say praise to Divine. I find that their service are very professional. I must say that they have to attend to many customers, but they really try their best to serve individual needs.

    I went down to them last Tuesday evening, when I made my appt at 7pm. But Helen was attending to some customers. I suggested to come back some time later, after my dinner. When I came back, no doubt I still have to wait for some time. But I really can see that she's busy (her other colleagues were on leave). She felt so apologetic to let me wait for so long, though I've made appt.

    Finally, I tried on some of their gowns where Helen gave me lots of advices and tips. Overall, I must say that I'm very satisfied with their service. And just like Faith had said, to make appt to avoid disappointment. It's always fair to both parties.
  15. chelsea

    chelsea New Member

    I'm still not really happy with my evening gown and my wedding is only 2 week's away.

    Can anyone please urgently advise where can I buy/rent a nice piece of evening gown? Thanks.
  16. joyce

    joyce New Member

    chelsea.. my wedding is also 2 weeks away

    i think it is really quite unadvisable for you to stress yourself out at this time..

    why don't you try dressing up the gown that you have now..

    but if you really want something new and nice.. why don't you try le galleria, i saw a couple that are quite dressy for a bride, or if you really want to splash money.. the link at promenade?
  17. mavis

    mavis New Member

    Hi Chelsea,

    I agree with Joyce too. Still the choice is yours.

    You could consider visiting Emanuel B. I was having my evening gown discussion with Elaine and saw that they have 2 new evening gowns; not customers. Tel : 227 4795.

    Good Luck
  18. chelsea

    chelsea New Member

    Hi Joyce/Mavis

    Thanks alot for your concern.

    Thank God that I've found a nice piece at Charis Bridal when I pop down to see during lunch time. And they've agreed to charge me at only $300 for rental. Guess I've to headache over my shoes now which I dun think it'll be a problem.

    Joyce - my wedding's on Sat, 16th Dec. What about you?
  19. joyce

    joyce New Member

    same here ;-) but mine is spread over two nights.. dinner on the 17th. i think MANY pple are getting married on the 16th.. just looking at my florist's engagement book is enough to scare me! :) but she's cool abt it :)

    I'm glad you found something nice and cheap! ;-)
  20. joyce

    joyce New Member

    shoes?? shouldn't be a problem.. lots of them out there , esp this festive season , what colour is ur new gown?
  21. chelsea

    chelsea New Member

    I'm glad that 16th Dec is a good date :D

    My evening gown with Divine is white colour and the one at Charis is light maron.

    So where will you be going for your honeymoon? Who knows we're going to the same place, heee...
  22. joyce

    joyce New Member

    me going HK.. have to keep it short coz must come back to start on my thesis.

    so you got 2 evening gowns now?? wearing two? or just the charis one?

    light maroon? can match with silver shoes:) so simple! :) mine also can be considered light maroon
  23. chelsea

    chelsea New Member

    I'm going to NZ...

    Yest when I went down to Charis to re-try the evening gown, somehow I feel the pinch of paying for another dress again. So who knows I'll just stick to my white one..:I

    Which bridal shop did you sign up with Joyce? For me, obviously it's Divine Couture : )
  24. eli

    eli New Member

    my collegue wife got her evening gowns from this tailor in chinatown. It cost around 250 to 350 dollars to buy, and i think he does altering also. My female collegues said that the gowns were simple enough to wear again, but the tailoring is very good and design has alot of attention to details. So it looked very good. I have not seen it for myself, but alot of my female collegues who saw them raved about the gowns. My collegue wife liked the evening gowns so much that she bought 3 pieces at one go, and wore them for her wedding. Maybe you can go down and take a look. The tailor name is Mr Loo, phone number is 2279387. (Got this from my collegue) His shop is suppose to be around the indian temple in china town, and he sells off the rack evening gowns, besides tailoring evening and wedding gowns. Why dont you call him up? I hope this helps.
  25. joyce

    joyce New Member

    i didn;t sign up with any boutique.. did everything ala carte.. one of my gowns was OTR from Divine though:) but that it the gown which i definitely won't be wearing:) trying to sell it off, u can track my story under my lelong corner:)
  26. chelsea

    chelsea New Member

    Hi Eli/Joyce

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've shown my gal fren photo of my white evening gown she said it's fabulous. Think I'll just close one eyes to my hubby's comment :p

    I'm really sooooo stress up these 2 weeks before my wedding!!!!
  27. joyce

    joyce New Member

    where;s your dinner going to be held? don't stress lah.. its just 1 day or 2 days in your life ... i'm trying to psyche myself into that state of mind and tell myself to enjoy!!! :)
  28. chin leng

    chin leng Guest

    Hi Chelsea,

    Many couples get very stressed up before and during the wedding. It is normal. But do try to relax and especially on the wedding day. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment. Many couples were so stressed up that they fell ill. I did.

    So, do try to relax and remember to ask for help from your "brother" and "sister" gang. They are more than willing to help. Remember to have lots of rest too!

    Chin Leng.
  29. penelope

    penelope New Member

    New in this - saw Divine's advertisement in Her World Brides and am interested. Anyone has any idea of the price for 2001?
  30. faith

    faith New Member

    Dear Penelope

    You can always email them to check out their latest prices...if i'm not wrong, it should be around S$4,000+. They're going to have another bridal show on 1st Apr 2001, held @ Mandarin S'pore Hotel. They will advertise the details on Female Brides, Mar 01 issue. I'm waiting for this new issue and gonna grap it and will definitely attend their show this time cos i've missed it the last time. I love their designs very much......
  31. penelope

    penelope New Member

    Hi Faith, thanks for your advice. Will do that. Must I pay for the bridal show? How do I go about to get the tickets? Their package price seems a little high for me - my budget is about S$3000 only. Maybe they will have a special during the show.
  32. faith

    faith New Member

    Dear Penelope

    Usually for bridal shows, they'd advertise on magazine, there'll be an application form for you to fill up and mail back to them together with the cheque (some of them may accept credit card payments too, just fill in card no.). Usually the price per pax is about S$10. Err...i dun think they'll lower any price during their fair except maybe just bundle in some goodies/freebies etc. cos Divine is quite popular & established in the market.....my friend went to their last bridal show and their standard/cheapest package is S$3,988/-, heard that the price had increased already.....If your budget is S$3,000+/-, i suggest you to go to Whitelink @Kaki Bukit, Easac or Christian Creations @ IMM, their package is about S$3,388+/-. Their photographs are very nice and they also have inhouse designers to design 'make-to-measure' gowns besides gowns on the rack. I'll also consider them too cos i like their photos.
  33. penelope

    penelope New Member

    Hi Faith,
    You mean the cost of wedding package is so high now? My friend was with Pure Bridal but she did not pay so high even. If Divine is $3988 without photography, I think I will forget about going to their bridal show even.

    Hopefully The Allure and Wedding Present are better in terms of price - thanks for info anyway.
  34. hwey

    hwey New Member

    I thoughth their $3988 package consists of 12 in-door photos?
  35. dutchess

    dutchess New Member

    hi all!

    i just had my wedding and got my package from Divine.

    they have basically 2 packages, one that includes photography and one that doesn't but comes with extra suit and teadress (might have changed by now).

    I think their prices are very reasonable for their class and quality as compared to some other studios i have come across. u might find cheaper studios around but they may not match the standard of Divine. they are absolutely wonderful and very personal. they deliver quality and make sure everything is done the way you want it. my designer even stayed back really late to make sure she got my evening gown fitting perfectly 3 days before my wedding cos i lost a lot of weight.

    i can't imagine how my wedding would have turned out if i got another studio. my guests were raving about my gowns, esp my evening gown. i must say i have no regrets signing up with them. u pay for the quality and the reliablity and i did not have any problems or hitches along the way. if i had to choose again, i will still go for Divine.
  36. bluesky

    bluesky New Member

    Hi dutchess,
    Just out of curiousity, which designer did you have? Tks.
  37. dutchess

    dutchess New Member

    hi bluesky

    my designer was Helan. she's really imaginative and creative and always excited and enthusiastic about her brides. it was a pleasure to work with her for the past one year.
  38. hwey

    hwey New Member

    Hey Dutchess! Very curious...how did you lose a lot of weight? I have been trying but just losing 1kg is an uphill task!
  39. bluesky

    bluesky New Member

    Hi dutchess,

    Glad to hear that you had a great time. I have signed up with Divine too & Kim is my designer. Though there is some not too nice comments about her here, I find her friendly & sweet so far.

    Anyway, did you buy your gown to keep. I'm wondering whether it is worth the cash to keep it since I'm unlikely to wear it again. Thanks.
  40. faith

    faith New Member

    Hi dutchess

    I've no doubt about Divine's designing skill, talked to Helen once too when with my friend whose there to do only her evening gown (she got a bridal package fr Whitelink). Agree with u, she is professional, creative and experience. But there is one thing i'm worried about besides the high price. That is their photography package. Can you tell me which photography studio you have chosen ? I've seen those photos in Divine boutique the last time and dun find them NICE! Can you recommend which photography studio is the best among the four which Divine has contracts with ? How much did you actually pay altogether for Divine's package ? Can you give in details ?
    Their photography package was not attractive too, most studios are giving 15R photos X 20 pcs at least. I think they're giving only something like 8R X 12 pcs...so little !!!! And no table top, no portrait kinda, got to pay extra for all these......any outdoor photography ? is their make up artist good ? Is their make up artist fr photography studios ? Please share with us here. thanks.
  41. dutchess

    dutchess New Member

    hi all!!

    losing weight took a lot of discipline. started watching my diet and weight one year ahead of my wedding. refrained from eating fatty foods or foods high in sugar. stuck to lots of fruits, vegetable and tau hu.in addition tried to excercise every other day, but did not keep up with it, but maintined doing 50 sit-ups every night. in addition, i also found a supplement at GNC Nutrition Centre which helps in geting rid of fat, increasing metabolism and losing weight. It is called Hydroxycut. i found it very effective on me and did not have any side effects, just felt a bit breathless initially. it is rather pricy though, at $140 per bottle of 160 capsules which would probably last for about 15 - 20 days, depending on the dosage you take. overall i lost about 5 kg and 2 - 3 inches off my waist. not a drastic drop in weight which would look awful but enough to look slender in my gowns. was really happy with the way i looked.

    i am about to return my gown tomorrow for dry-cleaning and i think i might just choose to keep it. i just need to top up about $200 and since i've already paid thousands for the whole package, what's another couple of hundreds. anyway, the gown has sentimental value and i don't think i want to see another bride in my gown! i think i am going to buy, just for the heck of it! maybe i'll take it out to wear it every few months just to make sure i maintain my figure!

    i still maintain that their prices are reasonable, don't forget, you are paying for their service and quality too. was really pleased with the photography too.mine was done by Robin. however, we engaged him seperatly because he was not with Divine yet when i signed up for my package so i'm not too sure of the package that he has with them. i think robin is the best among the 4. i like his style and he is really nice to work with, no airs, very friendly and very flexible.that's why we got him seperately instead of those with Divine, which happens to be Picture Box, Wizards of Light and Studio D'fia. i did not really like the photos from WOL and D'fia, not my style. nearly went with Picture Box, but we were not too comfortable with the photgrapher's attitude and we did not think we will be natural in front of him. Robin has since tied up with Divine and i think among all, his portfolio stands out. maybe robin has not tied up with divine at that time so you did not get to see his portfolio? definitely no regrets with robin. everyone loved the photographs and he even did the actual day shots for us.

    i paid a total of $3988 + $150 for my package, which consists of
    1. wedding gown
    2. evening gown (to keep)
    3. tea dress(to keep)
    4. 2 gents suits (to keep)
    5. 2 bouquets
    6. 6 corsages
    7. car deco
    8. 4 make-up & hairdo sessions (1 trial, 1 studio,1 day, 1 night)
    9. $150 extra for a vest

    divine has make-up artists attached to them. they are not from the photography studios. my make-up artist was joanne and she was great! she's friendly and easy-going and she basically transformed me into a princess and still looking natural, not like wayang singer. she has been doing makeup for years and is very experienced.
  42. louisa

    louisa New Member

    Hi dutchess,
    remember me? from love-affair? glad to find you again. So when was your wedding? Seems like it was great. Mine was last Saturday and it was a beautiful church wedding.
    I received loads of compliments on my gown. You know, my initial gown was very daring with very low cut back. That was met with strong adverse reaction from my mum, pastor and some friends. Just a week before my wedding, I talked to Jessica and she gladly altered the back of my gown. That meant they had to undo all the stitching and detailings! and all these at no extra charge!
    In the end, my mum and all others were very pleased with the result. I'm so thankful to Jessica cos she didn't complain about it. I mean, they had every reason to charge me for the alterations yet they gladly did it, just to make sure that I was satisfied with the result.

    I'm glad your photos turned out well. My photos with Picture Box turned out nice too. And Marcus wasn't difficult to get along at all (contrary to what we thought) and he was very professional too.

    So you lost quite a lot of weight. Do try to maintain it evern after the wedding. I lost about 4 kg and about 2 inches off my waist too.

    ok, got to go now. Talk to you another time. It's really great to find you again.
  43. faith

    faith New Member

    Hello dutchess

    Thank you so much for your info which really helps me alot. Re. yr package, i guess yr wedding gown is made to measure rite though u didn't state it ? As for your dieting technique, i'll check out the Hydroxycut that u recommend...can we still take the normal 3 meals a day with this supplement ? I've tried taking Cambridge diet the last time, it works but quite unbearable in the sense that we cannot eat anything except 3 packets of cambridge diet a day. Lost 1 1/2 kg after 1 week. I've given up after that, now gain back the 1 1/2 kg....sigh....[​IMG]

    Thanks also for your sharing with me about the photography with Robin. I personally dun like too much of those 'black & white' kinda effect, prefer coloured photos. Like natural photos but not in the sense of casual type like eg. Utopia, they've a page of ads. in Her World Brides (Dec-Feb issue), the couple took their photo with the Starhub hot air balloon, i hate it...it's too casual...like our daily life photo.....i hope u know what i mean....perhaps we need to communicate alot with the photographer so that they understand what we like and what we dun like. BTW, does Robin takes outdoor photography ? It's not mentioned in Divine's package. Usually, for other bridal shops, on the part of photography, they've studio shots, outdoor shots and actual day shots...did you use Robin for yr actual day shot ? Videography too ? How much you pay altogther for your photography ? I guess the package that u mentioned above does not include the photos rite ? If you dun mind, can you share with me what's the photography detail package that you sign up. Thanks alot in advance.
  44. bluesky

    bluesky New Member

    Hi Dutchess,

    Ya, maybe it's good to keep the gown. Maybe, can alter for normal wear. See How [​IMG]
  45. dutchess

    dutchess New Member

    hi all!

    hi louisa!
    glad to hear you had a great wedding too! plan on keeping your gown?

    hi faith!

    yes, my wedding is gown is made-to-measure, so is my evening gown, tea-dress and the 2 gent's suits.

    Yes, you can eat your usual meals while taking Hydroxycut, although you should also watch what you eat and try to excercise as well. you have to cut down a lot of coarbohydrates because excess carbohydrates not used up by the body will turn into sugar and store in your body as fat ( something like that lah, if i remember correctly what the GNC girl tod me...). I find that is true when you eat less carbo. cut down on rice, pasta, bread and increase intake of fruits, vegetable, and protein like toufu. all this helps cleanse the body system. Forget about diets such as Cambridge diet unless you have the time to jsut sit at home and rest because basically u won't have the energy to work. even the Income 3-day diet was unbearable for me as i had to work, found myself weak and not able to think.

    You have to communicate with your photgrapher so that he knows what kind of shots you prefer. Robin actually does both balck and white as well as colour shots but i suppose if you specify that you only want colour and certain type of shots, he will galdly oblige. unless in his professional point-of-view he does not agree, he will let you know and yuo can then decide for yourselves. the professional wil know best as that is what they are good at, so do try to listen to what they have to say.

    Robin does both studio shots as well as outdoor shots. He also does actual day photography. i used him for all 3 and i was very glad with the results. after working with the photographer on so many occasions, you wil tend to feel more comfortable with him, which would result in better pictures. Robin does not do videography but he actually works together with a videagraphy house and will be able to get a videographer if you need one. both of them are like partners and have worked togehther on many accasions so they know hoe each other works. this is important becasue you do not want both guys to clash and get in each other's way.

    the video guy style is not the cheena kind and they don't splash their company name all over the video. in fact you don't see iot anywhere at all! his videos are slick and stylish and very professionally done.

    My studio package costs $1800 and consists of:
    1. indoor and outdoor photography
    2. in colour and black and white
    3. 120 3R
    4. 30 8R
    5. 2-3 locations
    6. 1 table-top
    7. negatives

    I ordered an extra 21 enlargements (8R, S8R & 10 R) which cost another $1038 and a 16"x20' portrait for $480. That is a total of $3318.

    Actual day photgraphy charges are:
    1. $480 service charge
    2. $40/roll x 12 rolls = $480
    that is a total of $960.

    1. $1188 for actual day videagraphy
    2. $480 for a specially requested MTV montage of photos to be shown on actual day.
    Total : $1668

    I paid an extra $100 each (already included in costs above) for photgraphy and video as my cermony was held over 2 days.

    so that make a grand total of $5946 for photography and videography.

    u might find that that is a lot to spend but the results are worth it and i was glad i got them to do it.

    hope all this helps and hope you engage the services of someone whomyou will be more than satisfied with!
  46. faith

    faith New Member

    Thanks dutchess

    For all yr detailed information. To me, it's really very costly to spend so much money on photographs but this is too early to say till when we see the results of our photos, we may automatically fork out the sum of money.... [​IMG]
    But i still hope to stretch my dollar and to spend carefully cos it's really over my budget !

    Thanks again for your sharings with us, i hope i can work out something really satisfying for myself and as successful as yours.

    Have a nice weekend. See you.
  47. faith

    faith New Member

    Hello dutchess

    Taking yr recommendation, I've bought the Hydroxycut supplement from GNC to try out. I've just started it on Monday (this week). Try to go with exercise, found myself sweating alot than normal, wonder if it's the effect of the supplement ??? Perhaps is good sign as i find myself sweating very little which is very unhealty. Forgotten to ask you how long does it take to see the effect ? As you mentioned you have lost 5 kg and 2-3 inches off the waist line. Truthfully, i'm so eager to lose weight, my weight is 54kg with height only 1.6m, overweight already....pls help me.....i'm worried hydroxycut doesn't work on me, then i'll definitely be very disappointed ! How long do i need to consume to see the result ? Await yr advice. Thank you in advance.
  48. dutchess

    dutchess New Member


    i can't say anything about the sweating part becasue i did not really excercise a lot when i was taking it. i did not notice anyexcessive sweating when i was excercising. maybe you can start off slow in the beginning 'cos i found myself a bit breathless initally so i tried to avoid streneous excercise.

    i took it for about three months which ws recommended by the salesgirl in order for your weight to stabalise. i started off with 2 pills 2 times a day for a week then i increased the dosage to 3 pills 3 times a day. the max dosage is 4 pills 3 times a day (if i remember correctly) but it will cost me a lot to keep buying it so i took 3 instead of 4.

    remember to also watch what you eat. cut down greatly on the carbo 'cos that's the main culprit. stuff such as rice, bread pasta and noodles should be taken minimally. i tried to take them early in the day if i had to so i have time to work it off. increase your intake of beancurd products, vegetables and fruit and drink plenty of water to rinse out your system.

    i also did my nightly 50 situps. maybe that heped to flatten my tummy too. maybe you can try that?

    please remember that if at any time you don't feel well from taking it, it is better to stop and consult your doctor. also i avoided taking it if i took any other medication eg panandol, just to be safe.
  49. faith

    faith New Member

    Hi dutchess

    thanks for your advice...so glad that though after yr wedding, you're still so keen and helpful to give advises and comments to us. I'm beginning with the dosage of 1 capsule 3 times a day before meal and next week, i'm going to increase to 2 capsules 3 times a day and on the 3rd week, 3 capsules 3 times a day. This is to let my body get used to the supplement according to what recommended by the GNC salesgirl. Agreed with u that dosage of 4 capsules 3 times a day is abit costly, moreover the salesgirl @ GNC told me that so far all her customers had not gone to the max. of 4 capsules 3 times a day. Same like you, i'm not very discipline in doing exercise but try very hard to persuade myself in doing it as and when i've the mood. Will heed yr advice and tried to do the 50 situps that u had practiced. I know that my metalbolism rate is very low, really worried that all medicine wouldn't work on me.....so scary rite, image keep putting on weight as age gets older ! I'm really desperate in losing weight but just not discipline enough ! [​IMG] Will try to cut down on carbo food too......Thank you so much, it's really so nice of u to share yr experience with me.
  50. dutchess

    dutchess New Member

    hi faith!

    no problem! do let us know if you did succeed after all. remember to weigh your "before" and "after" weight.

    glad to be of help. do let me know if you have any more other questions.

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