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Once i open my door, i will be facing the Living room's windows. According to Fengshui, once open door, the cai qi will flow out of the home if there is no 'blockage'...
But if i install a full height divider in the Living room, it seems the area looks smaller...
Any one has any suggestions/comments?


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Hi Haw!
Depends wat kind of divider u r thinking of.Wood/glass panels etc.Can u hang beads?(ceiling to floor type)Also,it doesnt have to be too wide.Less then 1m shd be fine.ID shd be able to come up with s'thing to gv the living rm space.
Gd luck!


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one ID quoted $480 for 600mm length...thats costly!

I am not getting glass panels as it can see thru, which defeat the purpose of having a divider. Saw a nice divider pic @ magazine which is made of half wood & the base made of Acrylic!


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Hi Haw!

I've bn lookin around for a nice divider too. But they're often too expensive for a small stretch ...

How much is dat divider in the mag goin for? Which mag, may I ask?


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Hi haw,

I've the same problem as urs...
My fengshui shifu suggest to put very thick curtain at the windows, 2 layer type, like those in hotel room. Can minimize the cai qi from flowing out. Of cos the window facing directly at the main door, curtain must be down at all time.

Hope this helps!


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I was also curious regarding the specification of the divider. I checked it out and here was the reply:

Question: Is it true that a divider placed in the living room, must be a full-height solid platform (cannot see through), to block the direct path of qi flowing from the main entrance through the windows in the living room?

Answer: No need to be full-height solid platform. Often feng shui is about symbolic objects. As long as you have something which acts as a partition. That will be enough.

Question: I've a divider (L:5ft x H:4ft) with 'see-through' pigeon holes. Is this OK to use?

Answer: Not a problem. As mentioned the partition is just a form of symbolic representation of a divider.


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Hi pepperpower,
The mag. is from Cubes, issue 011 Yr 2004.
It has serveral nice pictures in there.

Aside to pinkdolphin,
Does your fengshui shifu says anything more about divider? U mentioned that the curtain facing the main door has to be down at all time, do u know whether we can raise the curtain after we hv entered the house & close the main door?
If the curtain are down at all times, dun u think the home is always dark? It contradicts the fengshui advice on having a bright hall effect...

Just to share some fengshui tips on foyer area-
* It advise that doors should open inwards into a 'bright hall'.The bright hall effect allows chi to settle, gather & accumulate before & after it enters the home. The slowing down effect of chi transform anything that have been afflicited or hostile into something more friendly and inviting.

* Placing a bright light just above the foyer in fornt of the door is another excellent feng shui enhancer.


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I agree with edgin.Glass doesnt matter,it's having a structure there so it's not a direct flow.Can alwayz opt for frosted glass.I think glass create space.
I was told to put curtains for my balcony too but draw 1 side closed at all times but draw both sides closed at nite.Can open it for a few hrs in the day.My balcony doesnt even face my main door but FS shifu said better this way.


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hi ladies,

this house layout is exactly what i will having, at jurong west st 61.

I am facing the same problem as well.

you may wish to incorporate a shoe cabinet at the divider.
in this case, the divider will stretch from the top base of the shoe cabinet and all the way to the ceiling. a frosted glass or glass embeeded with silk cloth (from squareroom) which i love very much looks trendy enough.
laminates will be to heavy.
besides good fengshui practice, this divider will give you some privacy as well.
i am considering to have the shoe cabinet at the bomb shelter,and to do up a divider acting as blockage.

saw a showflat with full height cabinet(replacing the divider. on the opposite side is an alter.
looks complicated, somehow deter my wants for the divider.

in fact, i am comtemplating if i wana the divider for fengshui purpose. downside will be insufficient moving space for bulky furnitures, etc mattress, bed frame etc.

havent finalish yet...gota check all the measurement and be sure that i am comfortable with the divider there.
i would be placing masking tape for the divider and well, to pay my new house few visits and see if i am confortable with the divider.

agree with Haw on the foyer light. also , do not place fridge directly facing the toilet door...meaning once door open,all the food will b b flushed and you will end up with no food.

master bed room wise, do not place the bed at which head is facing the window and against the toilet wall. this is the sleeping position for the "dead'. and will bring harm to the family members.
also,study table should not be placed against wall which face the toilet....meaning the kid will not study well.

actually there are lots myth and well. as to the degree of our belief, its up to individual.


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Hi Pink_Ice,
If it's a see thru glass, it defeats the purpose of having a partition to block the chi.

As long as light cannot passes thru it, it will be fine. Also, the partition will have to be higher and wider than the main door.


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Hi, Hui,

Not reali the whole pcs glass maybe just 10% is glass and its in the middle of the whole wall, wat do u tink? Can or not hur?


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hi all,

I know my fren did a full height shoe rack to block the window from the main door....for us, we did a divider, not full height, and not totally blockage also..it's 4 timeber strips with shelving in between so tat i can use it as display at same time....

as for the moving of furnitures and all after installing the divider, we do not have a problem with tat, think our divider is about 1.2-1.5m away from the main door


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Hi All, I was told fish tank should not be used as a divider infront of the door. Anyone heard of this also?


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using the fish tank as divider? So far never heard of it but feng shui is very subjective. Heard that its better to consult a feng shui master rather than DIY feng shui as something adverse might occur if we do mess up the whole thing. I'm getting an expert as advised by my HB and others.


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oh, my FH oso tot of having a fish tank in the centre of the divider...but we haven get our keys yet. will be getting a FS man, my ex-classmate 's dad.heard he had seen 1000over, n not those too wayang who will ask u to knock walls or wat. i haven try his service la, but if u interested, i can ask my fren if i can pass u the contact. shdn't be any prob.


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I face similar situation i.e. once i open the main door, the living's room full height window is seen. My hall is L-shaped. Must I place a divider between the living/dinning area to avoid any FS problem? I'm choosing because it seems a divider in between makes my hall less spacious.


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Hi winendine,

I faced a similar situation i.e. main door face windows directly. I also wanted a divider but it would make my living room very restricted and small. In the end I opted for commonsense, that is not to have the divider.

What good is the divider to fengshui if the occupants do not feel at ease in a less spacious living room. The purpose of fengshui is to make the occupants of their home feel good living in it.


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Hi all,
i have started this thread and finally i have made my divider cum bar-counter! It still look spacious to me and certainly very impressive!


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i actuallie asked my ID to create one for me...cost me $1k plus..thinking of using string curtain instead. <$400.
Any comments?


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I have this problem too but the previous owner build bifold door as divider. But must I always close the bifold door? So far I always let it open, cause if close, feel the kitchen quite stuffy ler. Any advise? Thnking to hack the wall and move the door to centre ...


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I also did a divider for fengshui reason, we reference some of the design mag and came out with the design with my ID.

we did a 3 panel of frosted glass ontop of a solid platform, we did not incorporate a shoe cabinet as its not suitable to do that. Theres a few ways to do it that does not look like you deliberately do it for fengshui.


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hihi coyote,

nice to meet u here hehe.. im searchin for string curtain with good price leh ... may i know wat's the width of the string curtain u have got? hmm was it installed by others with any charges?


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Hi Coyote,

I'm also looking for string curtain ( black lace/string curtain ) for my WIW....do u have a pic of your curtain you can share with me?


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I am having a problem here as well. Does putting a curtain at the window helps? For my case, only first panel of my full length window is seen from the front door.

I wonder if I can just install curtain and draw it partially (abt 1 metres) will do?


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Hi Coyote, may i know where u bought your string curtain which only cost $84 and rod at $26? I'm interested to buy can let me know the place...thanks...


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Hi Bell, brought curtain at Lim's Art, Holland Village. Heard that Robinson is selling too. Florescent tube (as the rod) is from lighting shop at Geylang.


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Hi D.O.G,

U mean its one pc by one pc? so if there's wind, will it be flying ard and tangle together?or its just a big pc of curtain?


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Hi D.O.G

we have just got a new flat and my new neighbours are interested to look at your string curtain hence I have posted your link in another thread to show them, hope you don't mind

thanks for sharing


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hi guys,

check wif u all...since the divider need not be a full height one blocking the door facing the window, den is it ok if there is a sofa plus a vase in-between??..;p...so the sofa oso some sort acts like a blockage rite??..sori if i sounded stupid...


hi just to share, my feng shui master said, the divider can be glass which u can see thru, the point is to block the air flow. so it still allows lights to go thru thus not blocking the sunlight.

but for our house, he gave us one alternative, ie by putting a small round mirror (those pencil shaperner size) on top of the window facing the main door and try not to open the window facing the main door. this is new to me too, but at least dun hv to build a divider.


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hi happy tea,

how do u place the small round mirror on the window?stick on the window pane?stick on the top window pane or the wall above the window?thanks thanks


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We have a similar problem. We hack the wall btw the main door to the kitchen, so now our main door opens to the kitchen end. We engage a FS master recently. According to him, we NEED to build a wall , at least 1.7m high. The reason is because of our bazi, the direction towards the kitchen. i.e. south is no good for both of us. So it is advise to block it completely. Glass that can see thru, or thin curtain is not good enuff.

I guess, if you really needed advise it better to consult a master. Cos' sometime there are other more impt consideration.

E.g. he told us that if the bad sectors are in line and the opening of your door is one of end of the line. You shld have window at the end , unblock so that the bad chi move out of the house asap.So it really depends on your bazi and your house 8-mansion.