Disappointed by Wedding by LQ

Damaged dreams

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Biggest mistake i made was to choose Wedding by LQ as my Wedding Decor Vendor. My family and i felt Ashamed. Sad. Angry. All in one. My wedding deco turn up 5hours late for set up. (Promised to come at 6pm to set up but they came at 11+pm and denied this promise due to verbal agreement and not in written). My relative that couldnt make it on the actual day came to the venue the day before to meet my parents but the CC was totally empty. They had to take their own chairs and set their own table.

I called the person in charge a few times but no answers until quite late. My caterer and other vendors had to wait for this decor vendor to set up before they can set up. Due to that, the other vendors had to charge me for OT.

They made a few promises but didnt live up to it. They promised 3weeks before the wedding, they will give us a layout of our wedding event. We chased and only receive 4days before our wedding. Any changes that we wanted to make was denied as there is not much time left.

My advice for other Brides and Grooms, even if they are the number 1 vendors in SG, make sure all agreements must be in written. Even in WhatsApp is enough. Do not agree or set anything via calls because if they make a mistake, the blame will goes back to you as you do not have any evidence to support your verbal agreement.