Direct CPF transfer for spouse before divorce


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Hi all,

Am starting to go through divorce...

My spouse is asking for a lump sum transfer from my CPF to hers as part of the alimony. This sum is in the upper 5 digits range...

We are both in the 40s.

I would like check with you all here if this can be done? I searched through CPF and it wasn't very clear to me...

I called CPF and the staff said it's not possible but my spouse is adamant it can be done.

Any help will be appreciated here...


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Well, that's possible.
I had friends whom prefer lump sum rather than monthly. And her ex-hubby agree on due to 'discounted' in a way.
However her ex hubby doesn't have enough cash. So in the end, use his cpf to pay her the fees (since his cpf have enough).
Oh, for your information, cpf money will go into her cpf account instead of 'cash'.