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  1. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

    Hello all BTBs, we are considering either of the above bridal for our wedding. Basically we just need rentals for our gowns and suit/ perhaps MUA as well if their in-house ones are good! We don’t need the decors,bouquet as well as PWS packages...

    We walked-in to Digio last weekend and was served by Pei Yee she selected a few gown that fitted my shape to try out even during the first Meetup and I must say she is not bad for service wise... the price is ok for us too but it was our first bridal visit with zero research! So we are thinking to pick another 2 for comparison before we confirm. We be going to TGW the coming sat....

    Appreciate if any of you guys can share with me your experiences or reviews with the 2 bridals? Or anything to look out for when selecting the bridal? Any recommendations welcome too!

  2. kailing21

    kailing21 New Member

    Hi dear, I have also shortlisted Digio and TGW. Able to share your experience for TGW, and in the end which studio you took up?
  3. melisselling

    melisselling New Member

    Hi dear, can you share the pricing for Digio? I understand different gowns are priced differently, but would be good to have a gauge if possible. Thanks!
  4. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

    Hello Kailing, in the end we went with TGW! We are served by YY and same thing, she picked up a few dresses for me to try during the first meeting. She also took note on the 2 favourites so she has a record of the style I like if we were to go ahead with them.

    We didn’t sign when we first visited. After much considerations, we told her that 90% we are going with them but our wedding is still far so we wanna sign during their events to get it at lower price. So this weekend they having event at Suntec. But due to my schedule, i can’t make it. So she allow my fiancé to just pop by the bridal to make the payment.

    We chose them because we are just looking for gowns rental and we don’t really like the fancy add ons. Other bridal store will have good deals if we do PWS. Which we don’t as I’ve already book my PWS overseas. For theirs, just the AD rental is great for us at a really reasonable deals. And most importantly which I like is their flexibility of their packages. Very straight forward. I can share my package details too just PM me!

    We like Pei Yee from digio too.. they have massive collection. But it’s the price factor that help us make the decision as well.
  5. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

    Hello! I can’t really remember. I think it’s $2488 after promo with 2 gowns and 1 suit. But my bad I really can’t remember. But good thing is they are not pushy at all. So I can say u can safely get assistance from them.
  6. kailing21

    kailing21 New Member

    Thanks so much for sharing. I have pm-ed you but cos I’m not sure whether u have received my pm (newbie to this forum), gonna paste it here too:

    There’s a high chance I will also just go for AD package, like u! Can share more details of your package w TGW? Super excited about choosing bridal studio at this moment !

    If it’s easier, u can send to my email at carmie.w@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!
  7. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

  8. tamag0

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  9. Allyyy

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    Dear Digio brides, I just saw on Budget Brides Forum that a bride posted that her package which she signed at Rico-A-Mona allowed her flexibility to rent gowns from Rico-A-Mona and Digio.

    My wedding coordinator at Digio quoted me $380 per gown if I want to rent at Rico-A-Mona.

    Abit confused with the inconsistency in terms and conditions by the 2 bridal studios. Any brides with similar experience to share?
  10. Alxy

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  11. Alxy

    Alxy New Member

    Hello babe, would you be able to share ur package with me at Tgw? Thanks!!
  12. FionaOng

    FionaOng New Member

    Hi can you kindly share your package at TGW with me too? Just went RICO today and would like to compare prices. Thanks a lot!! Fiona90ong@hotmail.com
  13. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

  14. akemi0sihui

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  15. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

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  16. Vangelyn

    Vangelyn New Member

    Would you please share the package details with me? Much appreciated!
  17. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

  18. OnePlus

    OnePlus New Member

    Hello, can you please share both packages with me too? Thank you!
  19. ongjamie

    ongjamie New Member

    Can share both package from Digio and TGW?
    Thank you!!
  20. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

  21. LyzL

    LyzL New Member

    Hello! I’m keen to find find out more about digio and tgw too, possible to share your pkgs? yzlau@hotmail.com.. thanks!
  22. Pixy

    Pixy New Member

    Hello! Really appreciate if you could share your package with TGW please? Thank you!!
  23. Could you pm me TGW package as well? Thanks! zhen.xoxo@gmail.com
  24. ladeelaa

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  25. BadKitty

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    Hey BTB,

    You can find TGW prices on their website. I just went today and they are having an anniversary promo. Good time to check them out. I like the straightforward packages, no hard sell and allow you to try on many gowns. Not my favorite in terms of designs but the price is attractive for me as I only want AD package
  26. ladeelaa

    ladeelaa Member

    Like that they are transparent with the prices by displaying them upfront on the site. But was quite disappointed when I browsed through their collection. Not very appealing, to me at least. Will they have more in the physical store?
  27. BadKitty

    BadKitty New Member

    They have 400 to 500 gowns. IMO by the time of my AD one year later, there would be new designs in both shops and whatever I see today might also not be available then. 400+ gowns should be sufficient for me to find one. The price factor was hard to ignore. Since I’m wearing it for a couple of hours on AD, decided to go with cost savings.
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  28. akemi0sihui

    akemi0sihui New Member

    Same thought! I would rather spend it on something else then a dress I’ll be wearing less than 3hrs each.. very subjective also.. Cus what’s nice and what’s not from the 300-400 dresses ? Also ridiculous to try all of them.. hahaha..
  29. Krystal21

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  30. niceyan

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    Hi @akemi0sihui , I also interested in the AD package from TGW and Digio. Possible to share with me too? Thanks!
    My email add: niceyan@yahoo.com
  31. James1234

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    Can pm me the packages from digio and TGW too? Thank you
  32. xiaoting Ng

    xiaoting Ng New Member

    Hi! Possible to pm me the details for both bridal gown packages? TGW and digio. TIA!
  33. xiaoting Ng

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  34. Moon Neo

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  35. Linlin2105

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  36. kayley

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    Hihi, I am interested in Digio package. Appreciate if I can get a copy too!
    My email is kaykayley@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance! :)
  37. jasminetyx

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  38. yippee916

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    hi hi, please share your package with TGW for me too :p Thank you!! alvi88lee@hotmail.com

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