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  1. Yvnly

    Yvnly New Member


    Has anyone signed up for Destino's package previously?

    Any recommendations for their photographer and MUA for pre-wedding photoshoot?

    Thank you! :)

  2. foohappybride

    foohappybride Member

    Hello yvnly, did u sign up with Destino? I'm also considering jb bridal shops n came across this name but haven't went down to visit the shop. Have u gone down to try their gowns too?
  3. blurtiffy

    blurtiffy New Member

    Hi, I just signed up their package on friday, they are having in house promo till today. Joelle is my sales attn and let me try their gowns and visit their studio before we signed.
  4. Hi! How much roughly is the package and what does it include?
  5. blurtiffy

    blurtiffy New Member

    Mine is 6399.. includes 1 outdoor shoot (2 dress), 1 indoor shoot (4 dress) all with matching men's coats. Also 3 dress and 2 coats, and car deco for actual day..
  6. blurtiffy

    blurtiffy New Member

    The service there is quite good.. although i went to the wedding exhibition at city sq, i find them too aggressive and willing to cut prices but become 1 day shoot (both indoor and outdoor so means quality would be somewhat compromised?).

    Destino has 2 bunglow - gowns choosing and office for sales discussion and the other is a studio for indoor, so we think the gowns should be more variety?
  7. Yvnly

    Yvnly New Member

    Hello, yes, i've went down to try some of their gowns when i signed up last year. Will be going for photoshoot gown fitting end of this month. Hopefully they have the designs I will like..

    Tried to look for the recommendations on their photographer and MUA, but cant find much information :\
  8. foohappybride

    foohappybride Member

    thanks for your reply :) did you choose destino over other jb bridals or just settled on that one without visiting others? thers not much discussion amongst sg brides for jb MUA and photographers i think :oops:
  9. Graziee

    Graziee New Member

    I'm also with Destino and will be going for gown selection in 3 months time. Really love their wide variety of gowns (was given a few to try when i signed the package) and the indoor backdrop. Leno is the boss and takes very nice shots! He has won many awards, and thus i think that is why if we request for him, there's a need to top up additional fee.
  10. Synee

    Synee New Member

    I just finished my wedding shoot with destino. We had a 2 days shoot; one outdoor and the next day indoor. When i went for their gown fitting, i thought their selection was ok. Not very wide, considering they have some many dresses hanging. Makes me wonder if they categorize the dresses based on package. But the production team is excellent. Both photographers and MUA are flexible. Esp the MUA will ask for ur opinion or if u have anything in mind. We both enjoyed our ps and will be back again to choose our photos in aug.

    My concern so far is on the sales team. Previously i confirmed on my pg and yet they gave me someone else last min for my indoor shoot. Was a bit disappointed but bo bian. Also, they promised to lend me bicycle for the shoot but in the end, they cant bring it along cos i am bringing along balloons (which i ordered wif them together wif the bike). And they told me on the day itself when i was doing my makeup. So my advice is double or triple confirm wif the sales team on such arrangement.
  11. Graziee

    Graziee New Member

    Good to know that your experience with them was positive. Who were your PG and MUA? Did u have the same PG on both days of shoot?

    TIA! I'm having my shoot in Sep. =)
  12. Synee

    Synee New Member

    Initially I chose Ah Hui for both outdoor and indoor. He was assigned to us for outdoor. It was very fun. He is gentle and very patient with us. And of cos professional in the shooting cos our session ended at 7-8pm after lights out. I din catch the name of our MUA that day. I feel that they r all quite skillful :)

    Due to some error on their part, i did not get Ah Hui as my pg the next day for my indoor (they double confirm wif me on my fitting for the pg and was not able to assign him to me for both days). My MUA for the indoor is Liffy. She will be doing freelance and will not be contracted to Destino. But I heard you can still request for her. Not sure if you will hv to pay more. Previously in other reviews I heard of her and she is good. She is a bit soft and gentle. And i feel that her forte is korean look cos my makeup really looks perfect for my korean wedding dress.

    Keith was asssigned for my indoor and he is professional. We feel that he is a artistic person. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning cos i never see his work before. But the shooting become better as the day passed. He is really good wif positioning us though i hv yet to see the photos so cant say if it turns out good.

    Overall I feel that the production team is made up of very professional MUA and pg. Outdoor and indoor are different cos outdoor tends to be more carefree and indoor is more (i would say) rigid cos they r too familiar wif the settings. But mayb indoor will produce more 'perfect' shots cos they probably master how to take the best pic.

    Oh... i happened to wore the same dress as another bride on that day. And the MUA gave us 2 different looks (different MUA). So dont worry if that you will look the same as another just cos u choose the same dress :)
  13. slyvia05

    slyvia05 New Member

    How much do we need to top up? Isit worth it? I mean other photographer also might not be too bad
  14. slyvia05

    slyvia05 New Member

    I'm considering signing up with then too. How many hours do they allow you to pick your gown? do they allow you to pick your gown slowly in an unhurried manner? Do you get to meet up with pg before photoshoot to discuss about what your preference are?
  15. Synee

    Synee New Member

    They allocate 3h and 2 helpers were assigned to help me with the fitting. I think i tried around 20 gowns in the 3 hours. They did inform me in the end another customer is coming next. Not very hurried but i do feel stressed cos i dun like to delay on others schedule.

    Nope..the pg did not meet me beforehand. This is sth i am not very satisfactory. But the pg r really professional and are willing to take shots that you like. They welcome ideas :)
  16. Synee

    Synee New Member

    Oh. I recalled the other MUA is Vela. Her makeup is more natural which my mum prefer compared to Liffy's korean makeup :)
  17. HS.T

    HS.T New Member

    Deal all, I'm also thinking to choose destino but have not go down to the shop yet. Do u mind to share with the package that you hv signed? Can pm me?
  18. j-chan

    j-chan New Member

    Read this and learn before you commit to anyone!
  19. Yvonne1212

    Yvonne1212 New Member

    I am going to have my pre wedding photography with destino in August.
    Any recommendations on their photographer?

    The sales person recommend ah Jian to me but i would like to hear from couples who engage destino previously.

    Thanks in advance.
  20. warmicejh

    warmicejh New Member

    I just did my ps last week. I was assigned ah jie for outdoor and ah hui for indoor. from my experience, I feel that they are friendly, funny and professional. you will free very at ease with ps. well, the pose they asked us to pose is somewhat similar. cant say much on the outcome of the photos coz I will be choosing my photos end Aug

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