Dermalogical or Shiseido?


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I am having problem deciding btw Dermalogical or shiseido...which is better for my combi/oily skin?

which is more value for $$$...thou Dermalogical is ex but shiseido is really ex, uses up reali fast...

which is gd for long term use?

pls share...


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I dunno abt Dermalogica but i've been a big fan of Shiseido since I was in college. I've tried almost all the series:
Bio Performance, Whitening, White Lucent, Pureness, Beneficiance, Whitess (sec line), Ettusais (sec line), Revital. Pureness series might be the solution for you.

Shiseido is not expensive at all if you buy from Sasa, DFS (airport) or Narita/Haneda Airport, Tokyo.


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HI faith,

I am a dermalogica user and having combination skin. I have not tried Shiseido before but i swear by dermalogica. So it is really up to you.

For dermalogica, i ordered from dermal beaute which give me 20% off from the usual price so to me, it is already very worthwhile.


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Hi yule & dianmond42,
thanks for your advise.

aside to diamond42, where can i get a proper face mapping done so i know what prod to get?



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hi Faith, I've tried both b4. Still Derma is better, much better. Think it's worth the $$ tho expensive. My face turn back to eczema again after using Shiseido for a month. So got no choice but to switch back to Derma & know what? My skin become much better after just a week of Derma use. Lucky I only bought a Shiseido starter kit.

Suggest u try the products with Starter Kit 1st or if u can get hold of foc samples, even better. At least u won't waste much $$ if the products don't suit u.


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Hi Ladies,

Anyone tried Dermalogica's Daily Resurface, MulitVitamin Power Firm for eye and lip and Special Clearing Booster?
How are their effects?


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hi yule,

since you have tried white lucent series, mind sharing if it is good?
I am having combination skin, suitable?


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Hi Angie
Yes, I have tried White Lucent too. I like the smell very much. But frankly, I think the Whitening series is better for my skin.

I've combi skin too.


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I have a Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Moisturiser SPF 16 30 ml and 15 ml for sales.

30ml selling at $30 and 15ml for $10


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I have the below Dermalogica ptds for sales.
1) Soothing Protection Spray(237ml) Brand new $50
2) Skin Smoothing Cream(100ml) Brand new $77.
3) UltraCalming Cleanser(237ml) 1/4used $38.

Interested parties, email me at [email protected]


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Used Dermalogical Product on Sale now!

Because of hyper sensitive skin, I have stopped using dermalogical. They are still left over a lot.

1). Soothing Protection Spray - $15
Balance around 70%, I pour some into small bottle for daily use to keep the big bottle fresh. You can have both of them.
2). Skin smoothing cream - $15
Balance around 80%
3). Active Moist - $15
Balance around 90%
4). Barrier Repair - $15
Balance around 80%
5). Skin Hydrating masque - $10
Balance around 50%

1 confirmed product is entitled to 1 following item FREE (as per photo & while stock last) :
1). Gentle soothing booster
2). Gentle soothing booster
3). Daily microfoliant
4). Total eye care
5). Barrier repair

Welcome to check their balance & condition before you make any payment. However, it's only after you confirm the offer.

Drop me a mail [email protected] if you are keen.

Thanks for viewing.
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Used Dermalogical Product on Sale now!

Active Moist - sold out & its free item - Barrier Repair has been given away.

Others still available. Hurry, while stock last.

Pink Babe


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Hi all,
Thanks for your support.

All product have been sold out & reserved. Except Barrier Repair as the buyer has not confirm yet.

Will update to you guys again if someone drop out half way.

Pink Babe


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I have used both brands before. However I would say Dermalogica ptds are much much better.. I got redness on my face after using shiseido pdts and stop using it. As for Dermalogica ptds, I started with the starter kit and the skin becomes much better..

If you are afraid that you skin is not suitable, mayb u can try their Skin Kit for Normal/Oily Skin. It has Cleanser, Toner, moisturiser and scrub that will last you abt a mth. Within a mth you can see if you skin do improve and buy their regular size if you find it suitable.

I have been ordering frm Skin Wellness which give 25% for all Dermalogica ptds. If you are interested you can email her at

[email protected]

This month they have special promotion for Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque selling at 33% disct. They do sell Professional size for certain products too.


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Unopened new Shiseido products for best value sale.

Consists of Original Shiseido items:

1. 2 Qi Facials worth S$168 @ Tangs Orchard (expiry Dec 2008)= for sale @$100

2. UV White Whitening Toner 150ml (expiry 2012)and UV White Whitening Protector SPF 15 75ml (expiry 2012) = both for sale @ $100

3. Brilliant Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Gel 150ml (expiry 2010) and Sun Protection Stick Foundation SPF 36 (expiry 2012) = both for sale @ $60

Letting go for all items above only at S$240 (negotiable). Idea as a gift, as packaged beautifully in Shiseido hamper and carrying bag.

Please feel free to contact Andrew at 94759740 (sms preferable), for any enquiries. I can send the pics to your e-mail address.

Free delivery within Singapore (after office hours)

Thank you


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i've got a Shiseido Brightening Moisturizing Gel N for sell. My friend actually bought the wrong one for me. I wanted the other one which is for dry skin. This is more suitable for combination or oily skin.

I've not opened it or used it before.
PM for more information


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shiseido products is better or laniege product is better? any idea? 1 is from japan another 1 is from korea, i'm wondering which products shld i try? any comments about this 2 products?


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I have Shisedo aqua label moisture lotion toner for sale. opened once and used 1% only. 200ml. specially bought from Japan, bought it at 26SDG, letting go at $20 SDG. Another toner, skin food (cucumber for sensitive skin) letting go at $10, original price $36, left half bottle. am letting go of them because I m trying out doc's pdts, cannot mix them. buzz me at 81889775 for meet up.


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hi , does shiseido product really good ( shampoo )?
i went to some shop in toa payoh , doesnt really sell much shiseido product ?
any places sell full range ?


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Try Shiseido's White Lucent range. Friends say the cleanser is really good. Read from a mag that the day moisturizer is really good, contains SPF protection as well.

Whitening care basically evens out skin tone from pigmentations and freckles, mostly available only in asian countries.

I'm presently using this range and find it very effective. My face has more radiance now and my freckles are getting lighter and lighter