Defu Furniture


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Anyone bought furniture from Defu before? We are thinking of buying sofa, bedroom sets etc from there.


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hi donchan,

me bought a coffe table. colour match with our tv feature wall. last month bought 1 masterbedroom wardrobe for mil. so far no complains. delivery is good also


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Thanks, stjt & Huat Eng

I went to Defu during the wkend. The furniture there looks alright. May consider buying from there.


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i went to the defu lane branch..hmm mine sofa will be here tomorrow...will see how and update u all


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May I Know Which Branch Did You Go To?
I Went To The No. 15 Ave something ><
I Kind Of Forget..
Very Happy With The sales There
Can be reccommended xD


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Anyone intended to purchase furniture from Defu Furniture AMK? I'm going to let go S$880 value of goods @ S$750.

I've made full payment for a set of sofa from this Defu branch, due to some reason I decided not to purchase that set of sofa, the manager agreed to let me exchange for other goods but I could not get any other things in mind.

Potential buyer who is interested in this deal pls contact me, [email protected]



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Personally I find Defu things overpriced. Saw a nice bookshelf going for $520 by a particular supplier. Went to a neighbourhood furniture shop and saw the same bookshelf by that supplier and it costs only $430.
I bought a study table from them last year, not a bad experience but when I shopped around their outlets this year, their sale staff, a lady, was quite rude and condescending in attitude.
Will never buy from them but will go to their outlet to look at their display and source around the neighbourhood for similar items.


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Defu Furniture! Princebed! DONT BUY!!
I feel VERY Disappointed about Defu product.
Last year December, I spend $2400 to bought a King size bed with mattress (Price Bed-Beauty Sleep Memory Foam Pocketed Spring), just few months time, it become Out of the shape/sink down. But during that time, my wife was pregnant, and traditionaly my mom not allow me to call or to do anything to the bed. Untill now i called and then notice Defu Furniture at Woodland no longer there. The person in charge said will get manufacturer to contact me, and i am still waiting...
I think i was cheated by Defu, because at the beginning i aim to buy KingKoil. But cheated by the promoter (Chiang Lim) there. Told me it was the Memory Foam and how good it is with 15year warranty, but its not the cases and only few months! For $2400, i can buy a Good Bed set anytime anywhere! (Courts).
Although I spend total around $7500 at Defu and recommend my sister in law and a friend to shop there, and this is what i suppose to get?
Chiang Lim told me i can exchange to KingKoil if i am not happy and ask me not to worry!
So now I am request for KingKoil! What Defu say?
Defu Reply:
We are very sorry to hear about your complain.
We are actually a dealer for all the mattress brands and warrenty will be covered by all the mattress companies themselves.
However, once the mattress have been used, they cannot be exchanged to another model.
If its a quality issue by the manufacturer, all servicing will be covered by themwithin the warrenty period.
We have been a dealer for Princebed for 5 years and they have been a reputable company and brand with very little complains over quality issues.
The model that you have purchased is indeed a quality mattress which we have sold a lot during the past two years .
So far yours is the only complaim that we have received for problems with that model.
Rest assured that we have sent your complain on the quality issues to the manufacturer and they will contact you within the next few days to settle the issue.
Thanks .
Lawrance Lee
Logistic manager

Conclusion: My Fault? Defu Fault? Chiang Fault? Princebed Fault?
But i bought a lot of things there, all very bad quality...Think twice when u buy especially recommened by sales there!There's NO such Warranty and Promise! Please go back to Manufacturer if got problem!!


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Bad experience with Defu Furniture! Result: I have to call Pest Control into my house for Misting!

Wood rot from the Sliding Wardrobe, which is less than few months and my whole room was infested with the bugs! They continue to manifest and sprea onto my kids bed, mattresses, clothings and Bookcase!
I called Defu Furniture and they refuse to take ownership of their poor quality furniture!

I have since lodge a complain to Furniture Association and am pending for Defu Furniture to revert back to me!

Definitely will not go back again!


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Hi morekisses512, did Defu Furniture reply you in the end? I just bought some furniture from them, upon seeing your post made me worried !!!!


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Defu furniture contacted me after I lodged a report with the Furniture Association. The Manager came to my house to look at my brand new kid bed. They replaced new mattress for me and changed the bed frame wood. Unfortunately I have discard away the wardrobe and they are not able to verify. Glad that in the end they do take ownership of the issue.