Deferring submission of marriage certificate for EC


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Hi all,

Would like to seek some advice here. My fiance and I have applied for a EC which is currently estimated to TOP in 4Q 2017. We have booked our wedding banquet in May 2018 and plan to do the ROM and Chinese customary on the same day itself. We have checked with the developer about deferring submission of the marriage cert till after May 2018 so that we can collect the house keys upon TOP to do renovations first and get the house ready before the wedding. The developer replied that they will conduct an eligibility assessment closer to the TOP date for all purchasers. The developer also advised that they will need to send an appeal on our behalf to CPF as we took the CPF Housing Grant.

Not too sure of the chances of a successful deferment. Would like to check if anyone has encountered such issue before and whether it was successful or not. Many thanks in advance!


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My fiancée and i are planning to get a EC which will TOP in Q1 2018. However, we would only like to get married (ROM and banquet on same day) only in Q4 2018. I believe this is rather similar to your case. Have you had any solution to this yet? Did HDB or developer allows you to submit the marriage cert late?
Hope to get some advice from you!


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Hi, the developer haved asked for my contract of banquet to prove that we have set a date and plan the wedding. They did not ask for anything else after that. But then again, mine is not as late as yours. But my neighbor's wedding is 6 months later than my wedding and i think they did not force him to do it earlier. So as long u can proved u have planned for it, shd be ok.


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Haha same. We used the CPF Housing grant too. Our EC was supposed to TOP in Mid 2018 (hence we actually planned to get married around then), but suddenly the TOP date was brought forward by an entire year (i.e. this year!! How to rush our marriage? Haha). We sent a "letter of appeal" to the developers and they asked for our banquet booking receipt as well. We promised them a deadline to submit the booking receipt so we'll be doing that really soon! Hope they don't keep chasing after our butts after this :p


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Hello! Does anyone have any update on this?

If TOP is brought forward by a year, but we do not wish to collect keys so early, is it possible to defer key collection till maybe about 9 months later, giving us 3 months before our wedding date to do the renovations (while at the same time deferring submission of marriage certificate when we collect keys, for about 3 months)? (As getting keys a year earlier would mean that we need to start financing the monthly payment - which we do not think is wise especially since the unit is going to be left vacant till we actually move in after our wedding.)

For example:
  • May 2018 - TOP brought forward; request for deferment of keys collection till Feb 2019
  • Feb 2019 - collect keys to start reno; request for deferment of marriage cert till May 2019
  • May 2019 - Wedding / Initial TOP

Anyone tried and successfully appealed for deferment of keys before? :confused: