Customized Wedding Ring Holder, Rustic Photoshoot

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    Kindly PM customized names and the preferred design

    1. Wedding Ring Holder Type 1.1




    Dimensions: Width: 7cm Height: 7.5cm (Size may vary slightly)

    2. Wedding Ring Holder Type 2.1

    Design 1


    Design 2

    Design 3

    Only for buyer who can afford to wait! Customizing takes time. Pre-order at least 2 months in advance of your big day to avoid any potential delays! It's normal to have burnt marks on the carvings. Please only purchase if you can accept.

    Tags: #ringbox, #ROM, #wedding, #birthday, #pre-wedding photography, #props, #reception
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    interested.. pm me. thanks
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    Please pm me too tks
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    Please pm the price. thanks!!
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    Hi, please pm the price for 2. Wedding Ring Holder Type 2.1.
    Thank you.

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