Customised engagement ring advice?

Hi, I've set my sight on the de beers the promise ring but obviously as it is de beers it comes with a hefty price tag. I wanted to check if anyone had good experience with any custom jewellers who are able to design the exact one you show them? I want it to look exactly the same as the de beers one as I really love it!

Thanks and appreciate any advice from you:)


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Hi I did my rings with Ciel Jewels. Charlene is really nice and accommodating. I trust her to provide good workmanship and pricing. You can tell her the couple who had dengue recommended you on the forum here. :)


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We did our customized ring with eClarity and we love it. Don’t think they would be willing to duplicate designs though because they have their own team of designers, and they have more than 200 designs instore for us to try on, we really enjoyed the experience.