Custom-made Wedding Bands


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hi littlechillipadi,

alright...thanks for yr advices...


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Check out Fairy's Inc at basically design your own bands, and it's so much cheaper... basic rate is $650 per ring for white gold and $1300 per platinum ring.. My BF is paying $2.6k for our bands from goldheart


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Hi Flowee, can provide the name and contact number of the jeweller who custom made your ring? I'm thinking of making a 0.6mm wedding band too cos' my FH like thicker band and we saw one from Aspial which was really ex. Thanks


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wat ya design like?

u can call 96312354. Look got Mdm Tan.
she can help u custom made.

U need to show her ya drawings etc etc. kekeke had drawn a few here and there. Change abit after even made.. kkekeke


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go check out fairy's inc at delphi orchard. evelyn and sandra were simply great! they specialise in custom made wedding bands!


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What do you mean by custom made? We just ordered ours. Need to wait for at least 6 weeks for the wedding bands to be made. However we didn't design the bands. chose one from the magazines. the pair cost $1500.


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Harlow everyone,

Am looking for wedding bands, and read much about fairy's inc. Will be dropping by to take alook.

As for Flower and Je Taime, how is the prices now like for platinum bands? Is it very expensive? Is doris still working there?


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Flower and je taime, side by side, prices start about $1k each for plain no diamond bands

juz ordered our custom made bands today. we want only very simple bands coz wear everyday so decided to custom make =)


I custom made a pairs for rings for 2.2k. Is this consider expensive?

Lady one 3 mm wide, size 10 (rose + yellow gold)
Men one 4.5 mm wide, size 16 (rose + champagne)


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Hi greengal and Esther,
Where did you custon make your wedding bands? I am also looking for somewhere to custom make the bands...

Esther: i think 2.2k sounds all right, i think it is about there judging from the price range others give. Importantly its unique to you both, and you like it!
Do you have any diamonds on the band?


Yap i customs made my from Fairy Incs at Delfi Orchard.

Mine only have 3 small one. My FH have one inside the ring. Ok la as what you say at least it different from others.


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Esther: Then I think its worth it, and comparing with the prices I obtain from Je taime for white and rose gold, its about the same . Guess we better go down to Fairys Inc for a quotation before making a decision. Thanks for sharing Esther!


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hi anyone has any pics of ur rings to share? just wondering why is it some rings are "less hollow"? R they filled with certain materials inside? thanks for sharing!


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hi there,

I'm eyeing for Aspial 's wedding band ... Kinda like their designs. different from others.

female with 0.02 carat diamond cost $800+
male without diamond cost $600+
*above are white gold

As for platinum, it'll be $1400++ for each.

think Platinum will be out for me..

If were to go fairy inc. possible to ask them to custom make the same design. wondering will it be cheaper?

any comments?


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Hi Alicia,

Not sure whether you have gotten your rings. But I don't think custom make rings in fairy inc will be cheaper.


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i gt mine after 20+10% discounts 2k .. but mines platinum
quite specified to the 1 diamond in my band .. lolz


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Hi there,
I have a place to recommd for customise.

i did my customise at Orva,they just moved to suntec. There services is gd the saleperson is very patient. They have large variety of design to chose from,and the price is resonable too.If you are looking for unique ring designs, you can drop to take a look.

here is the website :

Please note that they are no longer at Raffles city.


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Can anyone tell me whether is Je-Taime or Flower more expensive if will to tailor made for an eternity ring?

Where does their diamonds come from?
Do email me if you can : [email protected]

Many thanks.


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Hello everyone...

Anyone has any recommendations on where I can get a custom made wedding band with my own loose diamonds??

Appreciate any advice... I've heard of Josi Gems at Parkmall, Canary Diamonds and Fairy's Inc at Delfi... anywhere else?


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hi Everyone
anyone one looking for wedding bands???I recommend you DEFRED
Good and nice.the designs are unique and u all will be able to find one that u like:D email at [email protected] or call me at 92370153


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I customized my wedding bands from eClarity. You may send a message to 98331220 and see if you could get an appointment with Amanda. We like that they have many pairs of samples to try on so you get to know what you like better.