Curved Sofa


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When decorating a room with a curved couch, choose modern and stylish items that complement the style of the seating arrangement and blend with the theme or interior design. Designed to provide extra seating without taking too much space, curved couches easily fit into any room, creating a large or open space in the middle. Because curved seating arrangements add a modern touch to the space, consider complementing pieces of furniture that blend with its form to create a cohesive and harmonious style.

Place a curved sofa or loveseat, settee or two seats on the opposite side of the curved sofa for added seating. If using seats, ensure their tops and backs are rounded so they complement the design element. Forego this step if the room is relatively small or if the furniture's placement hinders easy passage in the room.

Spread a large round rug under the seating arrangement to unify the design you are trying to establish and blend the different decor elements together. Ensure that the colors of the rug match the theme of the room. More information about curved sofa decorating or review you can read at