Curtains in JB?


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Has anyone custom made curtains in JB? Where can I go to look for these shops?

Read also from forum there's a guy who drives from JB to your hse for measurement and custom make the curtains for you but I've not been able to get the contact of this guy yet. Is anyone able to share the contact of this JB guy?

A million thanks appreciated!!


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Hi Jeff,

I know of a guy who travels from JB to Spore house to custom make curtains. I have gotten him to do my whole house curtains 1.5 years ago. Workmanship is quite good. Not sure if it is the same guy you are looking for. His name is John Yong. M'sia hp: 016 733 2335 or S'pore hp: 9336 5052 (Star Point Curtain & Furnishing).


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Hi Clare

I saw my neighbour got someone from JB to do his curtains too but din manage to get the contact from them. Any idea how much it will cost for the whole house?



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Hi ny1998, I did the following for $600 (excluding curtain rods & roman blind mechanism):

2 sets of full length night curtains
2 sets of half length night curtains
1 set of roman blind

My curtains are velco type as I am using wooden curtain rods.


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I can't remember how much I paid for the rods as that was done 6 years ago. I engaged this JB man to do new sets as my old ones are worn out.

ekardo, let me go and take photos. But I will be moving house soon. Thinking of doing those with using rail tracks so I can have day curtains as well.


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Hi all,

We did our curtains from JB, will be getting next week. The staff will come over to S'pore to take the measurements as well as show u the catalogue of the material. Before that, it's better that u go down to JB to make the appt with them; at the same time roughly tell them what kind of curtains (eg. fabric, patterns) u're looking for. In this way, when the staff comes over to S'pre to take the measurements, they will bring the relevant catalogue for u to see..

We made the following curtains for abt RM3200:

1) Day and night curtain for living (full length)
2) Day and night curtain for MBR and common room (full length)
3) Roller blinds for study room.

Overall, feel that its much cheaper to have it made in JB loh....moreover this shop's customers comprises 90% of S'poreans.... so should be ok lah.... =)


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pass me the contact and address too ?
if possible...the map !

email to me at [email protected] ?


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Hi, here are the pics of my curtains:

Living room - full length

Study room - half length

Master bedroom - roman blind


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Hi AMK, ecardo and Iman,

oops sorry for the late reply...
the contacts are with my FH.. I'll get from him tonight and let u all know tomorrow ya?


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Hi clare, i being quote by john for the following for $1070 (including curtain rods & roman blind mechanism):

2 sets of thick curtains
3 sets of roman blind
1 set of small roman blind for kitchen

Pls adv whether the quotation is reasonable.


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realspicy, I am not too sure if it is reasonable. But I understand that roman blind is quite expensive. And you have 3 sets + a small one for kitchen. I think considered reasonable. Anyone else can help to advise?


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hi, finally engaged Jimmy Textiles to do our curtains. The quotation received almost the same as being quote by jb curtain shop. Maybe the material is diff.


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Hi everyone,

Im looking for curtain for my living room, n all bedrooms. Any recommendation fr any of u or any contact to share with me? I visit 1 curtain shop b4 at IMM when they r having promo, the uncle say if my sun is not hot and sunlight didnt shoot in in the living room, no need do night curtain, cos our window have the tinted shade, people oso cant really see thru. He say normally full height clear window then encourage to do D & N curtain, normal window no need can save $, bedroom curtain must be thick, prevent people to see thru when slp slp. Is that true?

I think the man refer to this type of curtain ba...


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Just want to share experience with John from JB.

Have contacted him for quotation for Blockout curtain backing (blocked out sun totally) and when ask can i see material or price neg? He went MIA liao....i thot this only basic right of a customer right? He's quote is very good but we must know wat we're buying right?


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can contact this guy also ...

lee 91056210 ....indonesian factory ....goes house to house with fabric and do measurements


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Classics Curtain and Furnishing
21 Jalan Dedap 8 Taman Johor Jaya 81100 Johor Bahru..look for ah bee..012-7168555

Just did my curtains with her so tot of sharing lobang with u guys, not affiliated to her shop in any way


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omg, I think my last message didnt get thru and i closed the window, now i have to repeat myself all over again.

ANYWAY, i got my curtains done by this guy called Anthony, ffrom JB. He's also on facebook, called JB curtains, i got to choose my designs and patterns on there.

he is realiable and affordable. his workmanship and quality is excellent. really good aftre sales service and wont over quote you. i got a very bad experience in sg and was overquoted by many shops and was weary of it.

So now I'm happy and satisfied.

you can call him at +6016-7105877 or +6016-7373161 (Anthony) if you are intersted. he comes into sg frequently and gives free quotation and measurements with no obligations.

really frank guy. i really have to thank my mother in law for introducing.