Cure for snoring?


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Anyone unable to slp due to the snoring from your parnter? Please recommend any doctor, TCM or treatment that could help.

Tried the breathe right plaster but doesnt work.


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My hubby also snores and had seek help @ SGH specialist... They said even they operate on him also will not help much & they suggest him on some inhaler mask which cost thousands for rental per month...

You can suggest to get your hubby to go to polyclinic & ask for referral to SGH as it will cost cheaper rather than going to GP for referral or by walking in directly... Does your hubby has any medical coverage from company?? If yes, medicine can be claimed but sleep test & operation will have to pay yourself...

Currently my hubby is taking some supplement for respiration system & it does helps a little but it takes time to cure it completely...


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Would like to suggest to you, you may want to try buying the OSIM pillow which can cure the soring.

I just bought one for my dad, seems like is working great for him as i did check with my mum, like no sounds from him liao.hahah..

No harm trying as no medication is needed.
Price is around $199 but if you have ABN credit card, you will entitle $100 off. So only cost you $99. I think is worth trying if it really works.


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try the spray. U can get from pharmacy. Its very effective compared to all those so-called nose stick on. Think they're having promo now and cost around $29.


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I found it! A anti-snoring products that actually works!! YSNORE

I am excited to introduce a Over-The-Counter Homeopathic medicine for anti-snoring relief - Ysnore - from USA produced by FDA approved facility. I believe this will be a great solution for people who just need a simple and affective solution for their casual snoring issues. Ysnore works tremendously and is non-intrusive with it's 5ml Drops and 10ml nasal Spray products.

It works! And can offer you and your spouses a peace of mind alternative. See for more information or you can directly email them for the products at [email protected]




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I have just tried the new YSNORE anti snoring nasal spray and my husband totally STOPPED snoring tyhe 1st night of use. Go to their web and read it to see

I bought YSNORE from GUARDIAN store.


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You may also go for a non-medicated anti-snoring product, which is quite effective for most people. It's the top product in Australia. Singapore is the sole distributor for Snorer's Friend. So far, the feedback from the customers are very positive.


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I bought YSNORE anti snoring nasal spray for my husband and he STOPS snoring every night.
For those who this can help this is the link to my blissful nights Ysnore singapore

Hope it helps


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okay this might sound extreme..yet it roomtate snored so bad I thought it was driving me crazy...the noise was too I pushed on his chest then noticed he stopped snoring then I layed on his entire body he was alsleep khow he didnt feel it..until he woke up to find me laying on top of him..then I decided he needs somthing else ...for this one youll need a belt yes a belt..!! he sleeps I put the belt around his chest then buckled it. the belt should be placed on the uppeer rib cage area not too tight plus a nice smooth belt works better that way the buckles wont hurt them. Now I did this becasue I couldnt take the snoring it was just too much noise plus I couldnt get any sleep. I was up for days loosing my mind this is for those who just cant take the snoring anymore. the pressure from the belt seemed to stop his snoring..this is for extreme snoring...yet it worked you should be careful while trying this because If it's too tight it could restrict their breathing just a nice snug fit is fine..good luck and keep the ear plugs near by plus a spot of brandy by the


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Hi. Here are some tips, that i used to stop snoring:
# Try to stay at a healthy weight.
# Establish a routine. Make an effort to go to bed at the some time every night.
# Avoid sleeping on your back.
# Put some bricks under the legs of your bed to raise its head by 4-5 inches. This can help you stop your tongue from falling towards the back of your throat, which can result in a blocked airway.
# Quit smoking to reduce the inflammation of the airway.
# Stay away from sedatives and antihistamines.
# Get regular exercise.
# In case the air in your home is too dry, you should use a humidifier.
More tips and detailed techniques to stop snoring, i described at
Good luck!