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Muted color bon bins filled with burnt caramel + sea salt pistachio #pinkopal



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The constellation horoscope tart, now available for order via our website at - gift boxes or DM. You can customize your horoscope sign on your tart art.

This product will only be available from 7th April (Wednesday) onwards;)

*Only available in SALTED CARAMEL flavour*



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Ready in 2 days.
Our e-book will be out for sale on the 9th April.

Those who have left us a DM about your interest, you will be notified shortly.

How did it got started?
We started writing last year when circuit breaker hit us in Singapore, somewhere in April 2020. We had more time to reflect about our journey then. The past years had been hectic, and it is rare to finally be able to do simple reflections on our works. We stopped at the 5th chapter and continued 2 more this year.

This e-book is monumentally significant. Half way through preparing the book, we’d realised how much our works, intention and creative perspective have changed and progressed considering we just wanted to sell coffee, scones and chocolate cake back in late 2013.

This e-book is a compilation of our collection of thoughts and opinions that covers the business and creative perspective of our work, including our essential and signature recipes.

We have been touched by many interesting creatives and customers along the way who have played a big role in motivating and inspiring us. I guess as cliche as it may sound, we acknowledged that this journey won’t be made possible without your constant support, and so is this book. (Writing this does take quite a number of cells)

We hope one day we can gear up for a physical book. Nothings beats touching nice crisp printed paper

In the meantime, let us get ready to bring this e-book to you.

We will update soon!

**the e-book is available internationally.**



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In case you missed the announcement! Our e-book on Being in business with Buttercream Cakes is now available.

It’s a compilation of our own creative lessons & insights when we first started in 2013. We were tapping on new waters with trying all forms and designs with buttercream by using all sorts of unconventional tools, and how our cake designs were shifting, and so was our business. Today, it seems rather surreal to see how buttercream cakes have evolved over time.

For aspiring cake artist, chapters to note:
*In chapter 5, we will break down in detail 4 fundamental design balance (symmetrical, asymmetrical, mixing & mosaic) that we used in cake design works. For cakers who are looking on how you can transform your cake designs, this will be a useful concept to help you relook your designing perspective.

*In chapter 6, we cover the reason behind developing our Peranakan-inspired cake collection, and how it created new opportunities.

This book also includes essential recipes (e.g signature buttercream, lemon sponge cake, lemon curd, brownie and dates cookies).

Worksheet templates are also available for you to guide you through with organising and prioritising your thoughts with your creative journey. Examples are included.

This book is available for international purchase.
Now: USD$17.84 (R.P: $22.30)
Offer ends till end of April.

You can now purchase this e-book at



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Our self care box is inspired by our selection of crystals- AMETRINE, ROSE OPAL & RUTILATED QUARTZ. We have also designed 3 special card messages.

Each box comes with:
1. 2 choices of crystal (you can select all 3 crystals)
2. 3 “oracle”card messages
3. Butterfly Love elderflower cookie sandwich
4. Rose flower cookie sandwich
5. Pistachio and cranberry granola
6. 1 mini wild honey
7. 4 x chocolate bon bon
8. 1 packet of brownie and dates cookie.

For this Saturday, our bulk delivery is at $7 per location. Self collection is also available from 10:30am to 4pm at NEWest. Delivery for other dates, $15 per location applies.

You can order your self care box for this Saturday via our website at



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The idea behind curating our self care box is to create an expression of comfort, nourishment and love through visuals, edibles and meaningful objects.

Every journey is a new embarkment, a new realisation and a new meaning.

You can now get your self care box via

Order taking for this Saturday will be closed tonight 11:59pm.

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”
-- Jean Shinoda Bolen



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This May’s special, together with @project.klei, we’ve each designed a set of accessories to pair with the theme of art and culture. They took on the challenge to translate their clay works into wearable Peranakan tile earrings with a modern twist! As for us, we took on one of our Peranakan cake designs and turned them into wearable lapel pins!

Watch the process of the works that goes behind our creation

For this Mother’s Day, we’ve curated a box of buttery and yummy goodies to complement with the theme — from kueh lapis to marble cake!Read more via our website at!

Music by @emilymcnallysings - I Was Here via @hellothematic



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This May's special, we collaborated with @project.klei to come up with a set of peranakan tile earrings. We explored the theme of art and peranakan culture by integrating a modern twist to desserts. In addition, we've also went through the process to translate one of our tingkat cake design into a lapel pin.

What you will find in the box:
1. 2 pairs of earrings by Project Klei (different tile designs)
2. Tingkat lapel pin by Cupplets
3. 1 set of tingkat designed cookie sandwich (elderflower cookie with speculoose spread)
3. 1 set of peranakan tile sandwich (elderflower cookie with speculoose spread)
4. 4 x Rose Pistacho Chocolate Bon Bon
5. 1 x salted caramel tart
6. 1 container of coffee/ chocolate buttercookie
7. Kueh lapis (for 4-5 servings)
8. 1 mini marble loaf
9. 1 mini jar pure honey (from Estonia)
10. Mother's Day tag & poetry * optional

Orders can be placed at!



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2 more self care boxes left! Collection/ delivery can be done either this Saturday or Sunday (am).DM us to reserve!

What will be in the box:

1. 2 crystals (Ametrine & Pink Opal - purple & pink crystal)
2. 3 "Oracle" Cards - Transform, Liberation and Connectedness
3. Butterfly Love Cookie Sandwich
4. Rose Cookie Sandwich
5. Pistachio & Cranberry Granola
6. 1 mini Wildhoney
7. 4 x Chocolate Bon Bon
8. 1 packet of Brownie and Dates cookies

$60 per box



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A birthday cake for the young lady. Took on the challenge with Faye’s drawing of Singapore Zoo that mummy @mmlittlee had sent for her perfect 7th birthday celebration . We tried to duplicate the drawing by piping it freehand on a parchment sheet, taking reference through a hp screen, before we carefully transferred that onto the cake. We added colours to the imagery to complement the vibrant hues of the background!

Curious about the process of transferring edible artwork on cakes, swipe left to view short video clip and Faye’s actual drawing of Singapore Zoo!

*‍with @efappliances



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Our hand paint tingkats are back with a new design!

We are excited to share that now you can shipped these tingkats overseas!

Each set of tingkats comes with 2 choices of cookies that you can select from: elderflower, chocolate chip and dark chocolate buttercookies!

Currently our JADE GREEN tingkats are sold out. Only white is available. We will update again on its availability.

Head on to our website to view more details

Music by @emilymcnallysings - Tell Me All The Things You Do via @hellothematic



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Our hand painted Tingkats!

Each tingkat set is hand painted freehand. You can check the process in our previous post. Hence, there may be slight variation from piece to piece. Only white tiffin tins are available. Our jade green colour have been sold out.

*** orders placed before 30th May 2021, items will be dispatched for delivery from 1st June onwards.

For overseas delivery, our shipping and handling rates for one tingkat set are provided for the following countries:
1. Australia - $50
2. Hong Kong - $22
3. U.S.A - $67
4. United Kingdom (UK)- $57
5. Malaysia - $12
6. Indonesia - $40

Shipment to other countries (that is not indicated in the above), you can email us directly at Our admin will check the rates for you.

For more details, check out our website at



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The Sun and it’s many rays.

The sun tart in 24k gold leaf and is available on our website ;)

“Thou art the Sun of other days. They shine by giving back the rays.”
- John Keble



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Jade Green tingkats are back. It is now available on our website at

This item is available for international shipping. Email us to enquire on delivery rates to with subject: TINGKAT- INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ENQUIRY

As this item contain food (choice of two cookie flavours), we will make priority arrangement for international order to arrive within 3-5 working days once dispatched.