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Discussion in 'Honeymoon And Travel' started by edmundching2, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. edmundching2

    edmundching2 New Member

    Anyone went for tour with CS Travel before? Never heard from them before, but they are offering package to Europe at very very cheap price. But after booking with them, I start to worry, as this is my honeymoon trip. Anyone can advice on that?

  2. shire

    shire New Member

    where is address ??
  3. valerie_yen

    valerie_yen New Member

    i just recently came back europe tour with them. so far the group are ok. well i wouldnt put my expectation too high on those cheap packages. the hotel and meals are all ok, not much complain on that
  4. valerie_yen

    valerie_yen New Member

    their office is @ ppl's park centre 3rd floor forgotten their unit no...
  5. ice_lemon_tea

    ice_lemon_tea New Member

    hey valerie, which package u went for? im also abit worried as they offer really cheap Europe packages compared to established agencies..we already paid $1.5k for the deposit..hope nothing is wrong with the agency..
  6. valerie_yen

    valerie_yen New Member

    hi ice_lemon , i actually came back in April travelling to italy switzerland & paris. well i dont expect so much of service at first becoz considering paying at a promotion fare which is very reasonable...
  7. cindyho

    cindyho New Member

    Hi all! I am thinking of taking up a Europe travel package with CS travel as they really offer very cheap prices. But I'm a little worried about signing up with them as I have never heard of them before. Can anyone share their experience with CS travel? Are they ok?
  8. angel3333

    angel3333 New Member

    Hi Valerie,
    I am quite keen to sign their Italy,Switzerland and Paris package soon.So may I know which aspects of the package pale in comparison when compared to the more established agencies for the same package?

    And Hi to Cindy too,
    May I know if you have signed any packages with them and when will u be travelling?
  9. cindyho

    cindyho New Member

    Hi Angel3333, I've signed up the 12D Italy, Switerzland and France package with them. Departing on the 6th of Sept [​IMG]
  10. angel3333

    angel3333 New Member

    Hi Cindy, would u mind sharing if u hv signed for the package in July or aug n what's the cost of your package? You could private email me if u prefer not to post it here?add mi at
  11. cindyho

    cindyho New Member

    Hi Angel3333, I have added you in FB. Will FB you of my package. Have you book yours?
  12. valerie_yen

    valerie_yen New Member

    Hi angel3333,
    to be honest in terms of price they have already won compared with those big big travel agency, especially recently i have read the reviews on those big agents terrible service and pricey tour fare.better book now during Natas rather than book later. You can look for Michael if you interested, i book with him last time
  13. angel3333

    angel3333 New Member

    Hi Valerie, thks for your valuable comments.
    I will book with them during the coming NATAS.
  14. bluerosie

    bluerosie New Member

    CS travel specialise in Europe?
    I gonna book my HM to EUR to the 3 places u all mention for Dec in NATAS this wkend as well..can provide more details like what meals they serve n the hotels are mostly 3* at least?
  15. procmail

    procmail New Member

    I've also booked a tour package with them, 10D Italy.

    So excited.

    Did you guys get any free gifts when booking at NATAS?

    Going to extend a few days for F&E.
  16. mae88

    mae88 New Member

    Cindy, my friend and I have signed up for the 12D Italy, Switerzland and France package departing on the 6 Sept too [​IMG] are you going there for honeymoon?
  17. bluerosie

    bluerosie New Member

    wanted to sign their 12D SFI package with 2 nites of dubai foc since their cheapest n there are 1-2 places they go is different from others agency...but reckon 12days is short n they also wasted almost a day in the coach for 7hrs...so end up taking asa...
  18. cindyho

    cindyho New Member

    Hi Mae, this trip for my honeymoon. Perhaps, I have seen you today during the briefing! So excited about it! =)
  19. mae88

    mae88 New Member

    Did you go to the briefing held yesterday? We're excited abt it too! C you at the airport on 6Sept 11pm! Remember it's not 7Sept! HAHA! :p
  20. cindyho

    cindyho New Member

    Hi Mae, we went to the briefing yesterday. There seen to be a lot of things to bring along! Luckily we have 30 kg of baggage allowance! Haha... See you at the airport! [​IMG]
  21. mae88

    mae88 New Member

    Guess we have met during the briefing ytd! Yeap, got to bring travel kettle too! Haha! See you! [​IMG]
  22. gemini03

    gemini03 New Member

    I also booked the 14D Italy/Swiss/Paris/London tour with them during Natas. Depart on 29 Jan 2011. Got the 5D Beijing land tour FOC valid for one year
  23. valerie_yen

    valerie_yen New Member

    hi cindy & mae, hope you gals enjoy your europe trip. shd be fun as my tour previously.
  24. joyous097

    joyous097 New Member

    Hello there

    I have also booked a europe tour with them.Am so worried now as many told me that they cannot believe its so reasonably priced and in turns asked me will there be a problem and that set me worried.

    Anyone else besides valerie has travelled with them?thanks
  25. mae88

    mae88 New Member

    Yeap, it was fun! Shouldnt be a problem booking with them. My friend and I faced some problems during the trip but the travel leader managed to help us out everytime. No problem with flights and stuff too, all was in place. Only thing I'm not satisfied with is the long coach ride everyday (think they have no choice too), and probably, the food? HAHA
  26. joyous097

    joyous097 New Member

    Did you go to the europe tour?
  27. mae88

    mae88 New Member

    Yeap, went Italy, Switzerland and France [​IMG]
  28. procmail

    procmail New Member

    @Mae Who was your Tour Leader?
  29. mae88

    mae88 New Member

  30. procmail

    procmail New Member

    @Mae thanks for sharing.

    So what about the food that you don't like?

    And the long coach rides... tiring?
  31. cindyho

    cindyho New Member

    I don't think the long coach rides can be helped. The places are too far away from each other [​IMG]
  32. procmail

    procmail New Member

    @Cindy ah right, you also went for the holiday too! [​IMG]
  33. dangdang

    dangdang New Member

    hihi, any one booked 12 D italy switzerland tour with them? I did and am departing in mar 11 [​IMG]
  34. anc1504

    anc1504 New Member

    CS Travel @ Ppl Park Complex. I went down to ask for quote on a land tour to Japan for 10pax then this guy Sunny he quoted me price A. Now when i asked him to send me an email for an official quote. he said Price A is for 15pax if i have 10pax only he can't give me the quote for Price A. Initially went we went down, i have stated very clearly that we have 10pax and he said he can plan a tour just for the 10 of us. he even wrote the price and number of pax on the Itinary he given to us for a 7days Central Japan. Now when i want to confirm on the price and he turn back his words! Guys when an agency cant even keep his words, can you trust their service? Think twice!
  35. sherrytansl

    sherrytansl New Member

    Anyone interested on a 10D Athens, Mykonos & Santorini with CS Travel, departing 1 June 2011.
  36. smile_lynn

    smile_lynn New Member

    Hi all,
    Went for 5D Shanghai tour with them thru the $50 deal in Oct 2011. Now im thinking to sign up the Europe tour with them.

    Any comments?
  37. janelys

    janelys New Member

    I just got back from a 4N5D tour with them.
    1. The tour and guide was good. Food and hotel OK
    2. Bought some teas and silk
    3. DO NO buy any jade and medicine . Previous reviews have warned us abt the jade shop and when we were there the same con story happen ie shop owner "son" give exorbitant discount. Amazingly when I stroll to the other group there were a few more "sons" selling the same story to gullible tourist. A MUST place to avoid
    Medicine - all are sick in need of serious medication amt S$5K
    Other than the shopping the tours is worth spending S$50 on
  38. cheeryz

    cheeryz New Member

    Any recent reviews on cs travel to Europe? I am interested in their 14days swiss, Paris, Italy and Holland trip departing in march. They are selling at 2788 + 580 to fly sq. The cost is almost the same as EU travel. Anyone has bad experience with cs as I am still deciding between this 2 tour agents
  39. tcb

    tcb New Member

    Hi CheeryZ,

    So you go for CS or EU? I am now looking for Europe package too....
  40. leo_user

    leo_user New Member

    i have booked Europe package with CS travels..
  41. leo_user

    leo_user New Member

    Any went to Europe with CS travels??? Review pls
  42. orangeystar

    orangeystar Member

    @ leo_user: you went to Europe with CS travel already? Can share? Thanks
  43. jess3paul

    jess3paul Member

    I came back from my 13 days Paris/Swiss & Italy book frm Cs Travel. It was considered good and comprehensive for the price of 3.4k Nett with about 5 optional tour. If you join all will cost about 400plus SGD. They also gave me a 5days 4 nights china land tour. Now the question is, is it worth while to go? Since i need to pay for my own air tix.
  44. eljc

    eljc New Member

    anyone sign up their travel package to Europe this Dec 14?
  45. joanna5566

    joanna5566 New Member

    We just returned from Poland.
    We were in Krakow. I highly recommend this city: a lot of tourist attractions and if you want to rest in peace, you can go to a small village near the city centre. (just like Wieliczka or Niepolomice).
    We had two days of organized excursions (seen Wieliczka, visited Auschwitz, went to Wawel) a week later we went to Zakopane, where we walked around the Tatra Mountains (all in one package tour: http://krakowdirect.com/zakopane_tour/).
    I thinks it's more profitable to buy the whole trip in one company, you can always count on any discounts and the you don't have to overpay. Know in advance what you have got in one trip and know before how much it costs.
  46. Travelbug01

    Travelbug01 New Member

    CS Travel at Chinatown point is the worst travel agency I have come across. The date you want to go they will tell you not confirmed due to insufficient pax. They will force you to a confirmed departure date. Their strategy is they will take back your early bird discount by asking you to top up for confirmed departure. Many of us would fall for their trick if we do not want to find a replacement package at the last minute. If you change to a confirm departure at last minute, they ask you to top up for air fare as they say not enough seats on the original flight. Also tell you are no longer the first 10 pax, have to top up. Effectively taking back the early bird discount and charging you extra. About 10% increase. Do not fall for their trick. Their staff will push for a confirmed departure so that the group size will be big enough for a tour leader to follow. Not sure if the management is aware that the staff is doing such thing so that they can follow the tour. For refund, until now still no news yet. Suppose to be 6 weeks from the date they tell you the trip is cancelled. Sign up at your own risk if you choose to believe an agency that will not let you go on a tour on the date of your choice. Price quoted at NATAS travel fair is very low, in fact the lowest but you can't go as it will not be confirmed. They are just using your money for cash flow. They will never sell you the package at that low price. And leave you stranded last minute with not confirmed tour. CS Travel Management, please wake up. Customers will not be taken in by your tricks twice.
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