Cracked Glass Hob

Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by kaye, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. kaye

    kaye New Member


    pls dun buy the glass hob...this happens to mine after using it for 3mths

  2. hello88

    hello88 New Member

    oh dear, it looks bad. What's the brand?

    under warranty?
  3. kaye

    kaye New Member

    Yes, its still under warranty which is a lucky thing. Cos its purchased quite long ago during reno.
    But I only used it for 3mths
  4. hello88

    hello88 New Member

    what's the brand? It just cracked after u cooked?
  5. gnm

    gnm New Member

    what happened? may i ask what were you doing before the hob cracked?
  6. kaye

    kaye New Member

  7. kaye

    kaye New Member

    I was cooking soup for abt 20mins...just put in the spare ribs...
    Then I heard a loud bang.
  8. gnm

    gnm New Member

    nobody hurt rite?

    from your pics, looks like a turbo hood... or is it elba?
  9. kaye

    kaye New Member

    hi Wee,
    Yes, luckily nobody hurt.
    Just some cuts while clearing it.

    Its MayXX brand.
    Do U know what's the worst case? The warranty doesnt cover glass. We questioned them why we are not being informed. And the answer is the sales will not tell U these unless U asked.
    The glass hob is more expensive than the normal stainless hob yet its not covered not warranty
  10. gnm

    gnm New Member

    hmm... you are not aware?
    the fella at bellari did mention it to us when we were looking at their glass hob

    since your hob is less than three months old, there is no way to make noise so that both can come to a compromise?
    could it be a defect fault?
  11. kaye

    kaye New Member

    I m not sure..but there's alot of ridiculous limitations in using this hob.
    - Cant used big pots
    - Pots & pans cant exceed a certain circum. depends on the size of the burner. It means I can only use mini pots & pans. It means I can only fry egg & cook instant noodles?
    .....still gt others...
    I really regret in buying this job I went to a few Mayer shops but none tell me anything. I even asked what's those symbols mean.
    But all they tell me as long as its normal usage, then its ok.
    I dun think 20mins of cooking is considered long.
  12. gnm

    gnm New Member

    well, from the fracture pattern, could it be possible the pot is too heavy?

    anyways, is there a resolution for your case?
    are they going to replace the hob?
  13. kaye

    kaye New Member

    as mentioned, they said its not covered under warranty.
    In addition, how heavy can the pot be? I am not those cooked for biz...dun need such big pots.
    Anyway, I m still fighting for the case.
  14. gnm

    gnm New Member

    aiyoh... mo tak keng ah?

    but the darn thing broke in less than 3 months... and looking at the condition of the hob, you are not doing heavy cooking... hmmm

    just glad that no one is hurt.
    all the best in your case 8)
  15. kaye

    kaye New Member

    "mo tak keng"?

    Yes, U r right...the luckiest thing is that nobody is hurt.
  16. francisca

    francisca New Member

    When the Bellari saleslady stressed that there must be a lifetime warranty logo on a glass then can buy I didn't take it seriously. Wow! yours looks bad, what brand is yours? You mentioned that they are not going to replace your glass - that's bad. You said Mayxx is the brand; but I thought this company is reputable? My dear forumners, not all tempered glass are the same. As far as I know, only Bosch and Bellari glass claim to use expensive unbreakable 'Robax' glass. Immediate replacement assured with no questions asked if glass breaks.
  17. kaye

    kaye New Member

    ya...this co. really quite reputable..
    but super bad service...
    initially said will replace if its a genuine case, I was quite angry when he made such if I will put my life into danger just to chg the hob. Or stupid enough to use a hammer to hack the glass hob....
    Anyway, after all these investigation..said my warranty doesnt cover the glass.
    N will sell the new hob to me at special price
  18. piggypig

    piggypig New Member

    OMG! I'm contemplating to get the tecno glass hob becos of its small size but now...
  19. kaye

    kaye New Member

    I m not sure about that brand but definetly this glass hob is giving me trouble as its still lying there.
    Nobody clear up the mess which is giving me lots of headaches.
  20. aspialle

    aspialle Member

    im using Bellari but also cracked, boil water halfway then loud bang and the whole tempered glass is shattered. However it is lifetime warranty so they replaced one free
  21. kaye

    kaye New Member

    U r so lucky...
    For my case, its still under warranty yet dun give me the warranty saying its not covered.
    I checked the warranty card and it didnt mentioned it.
  22. rains

    rains New Member

    Was reading your post - "This company really quite reputable, but super bad service." In reality, Mayer has a very bad reputation for after sales services. There was a thread on Mayer and many were sharing about their bad experiences with Mayer.

    When I was shopping for a hob, the sales person at Mayer did discourage me from buying a glass hob from them. He said it may break if it's too hot or things are too heavy, altho he couldn't give me the exact temperature or weight that might break the glass. Looks like what he's said is true, except that they have their own definition of "hot" and "heavy".
  23. kaye

    kaye New Member

    There's size constraint too.
    Can't be bigger than burner
  24. gnm

    gnm New Member

    hello Hazel,

    hmm...any follow up on the case?
    did you managed to get a compromise with the dealer?
  25. kaye

    kaye New Member

    hi Wee,
    finally able to get a new glass hob...
    Now, writing an email to them to ask which line states that there's no warranty cover.
  26. gnm

    gnm New Member

    aye... good good good to hear you got a replacement
    same model? or a different brand altogether?
  27. kaye

    kaye New Member

    its totally the same model.
    N the worst thing is it will turn off when I turn the fire smaller.
    If this time, it shatter due to heat, I will say cos I cant turn smaller.
  28. chin_leong

    chin_leong New Member

    is it that bad?
    i jus got a glass one too but not from MayXX
    Had wanted to get their fridge but was advise against by a saleman from Best Denki that their fridge under brand Arisxxx got case of bursting into flames.
    btw Mayxx hob is not cheap too..
    must really ask for proper compensation/ gurantee in black n white else anything happen they will say 2nd time must b ur own careless usage..
  29. gnm

    gnm New Member

    hmm... seems like the glass hobs of today not very good quality leh

    me mom used her glass hob for more than 8 years liow, and she cooks frequently, and the hob still good! other than some wear on the metal parts, as good as new

    the QC these days not that good liow huh

    Hazel, mabbe you can keep a small notebook and record all the stuff you cook on the hob for your own reference *hint*

    did the sales person give you any assurance in black and white when he replaced your hob?
  30. kaye

    kaye New Member

    Dun talk abt this black & white thing...
    He kept saying its out of Goodwill.
    Its like a tape recorder keep replay the same words.
    Anyway, the technician himself cut himself when he replacing the glass hob himself.
    When we told them, my hb cut himself when he's clearing up the mess,they dun believe him. Well, even the experienced technican from their co. also cut themselves.
  31. gnm

    gnm New Member

    well, just be cautious... like i said, keep a record of what you cook... and be extra careful

    dunno hob got trade in value or not... mabbe you can look around to see if there are deals for trade-ins
  32. kaye

    kaye New Member

    Its abt $50 trade in value only.
    They dun mind even if its not trade in.
    The problem is that most of the hobs ve diff dimension.
    Therefore, to get the same dimension, I can only use MaXXx.
    which I wont.
    Therefore, I can only find almost close to that dimension hob, which is turbo.
    Luckily for that....
    Abt 2~5cm difference
  33. gnm

    gnm New Member

    what is the dimension of your existing hob?
    mabbe i can check my notes to see if there are any that can fit your hob place

    also, what kinda top you using? solid surface or stone?
  34. kaye

    kaye New Member

    Internal is 830x470mm.
    I m using solid surface....
    Granite too dark for my hse.
  35. gnm

    gnm New Member

    hmm... it is about the same as most models in the market... why are you worried about the size then?

    Izola, Turbo, EF, SMEG, Rinnai... all have models with similar dimensions.

    Solid surface? even better! cos the material is softer than granite! For granite, it cost about $50-70 to get the size altered... so mabbe you can ask your contractor to how much is it to alter the size of the hole to fit a bigger hob.

    Even if you want to get a smaller hob, replacing the affected portion of the solid surface, it can still be polished to achieve a seamless effect again.

    I have ordered the Izola hob... S38. The dimension is similar to yours as well. it is a stainless steel model. If you are still thinking of a glass one, well, my mum is using a glass one, cannot remember the model number. Can call up any of the appliance shop and they will be able to give you the specifics. Izola does not have that many models... so dun worry about not being able to get the model number ;)
  36. kaye

    kaye New Member

    Its not really worried...
    cos we went to a few elec shops at Bedok...when we give them the dimension..all said dun ve...but we insist on flipping the "brochures", then they said we can choose almost the same dimension but will nt ve the exact dimension.
    Then we mange to find Turbo to be closest to our dimension.

    btw, saw U in another thread...
    yr hse is done by contractor...any photos to share? I am thinking of doing a study room. Looking for contractors to do the work. My ID is done by ID & "sub contractors".
    I find the co. doing laminated flooring & wardrobe...jux ask ID to do coordination,homo flooring work & carpentry.
  37. gnm

    gnm New Member

    I am in the midst of finalizing my carpentry works.. so no pics for carpentry yet... will post when i get them

    still organizing my blog with the relevant articles :D

    anyways... for your hob, dun have to be same as the hole in your solid top, as long as the external can fit and cover the hole, internal smaller never mind.

    I have never used Turbo before, but I like their design. Renotalk also has some threads on it, seems like they dun really last leh. Mabbe you can go over to renotalk to check it out ;)
  38. nat_bleu

    nat_bleu New Member

    hi Hazel, may I know if urs is the Delizia range under Mayer?
  39. underdogs

    underdogs New Member

    hmm not taking any chance. I ordered a Turbo glass cooker hob but changed it to the conventional one after chancing upon this thread.

    i saw in another thread someone's glass shower door for toilet also shattered. Scary...
  40. limos

    limos New Member

    just kena this morning when my dad boiled water. mine 18 months. no more warranty. called my ID, the guy from mayer will come to inspect. see whether can ask for replacement or not. :p

  41. ahlude

    ahlude New Member

    it seems all from MayXX?
    maybe that batch has some problem with the quality of the glass?
  42. qqq123

    qqq123 New Member

    if the glass hob can be shattered so easily, why so many manufactures still produce it?
  43. stupeed

    stupeed New Member

    gee, glass hobs arent durable man...lucky i found this thread before making my decision! I wanted the black tempered glass one because the size was nice, in between the regular 60cm and 90cm ones...
  44. jinnous

    jinnous Member

  45. lisssssy

    lisssssy New Member

    there are many restrictions on glass hobs.

    and seriously i don't think it would be recommended for families that do alot of cooking.
  46. lisssssy

    lisssssy New Member

    there are many pros and cons to glass hobs.

    the sales person told me quite a few good pointers to consider when getting a glass hob.

    for example, there are limitation on the sizes of the pots and pans that the hob can support. too much pressure on the hob will cause the glass to crack eventually. so it's suitable for some light cooking.

    and also it's easy to clean. just use a cloth and wipe it clean.

    despite so many restrictions, i still decided to get the turbo glass hob. since i wont be doing much cooking for me and my hubby, i think it'll just do just fine.
  47. sangay

    sangay New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a Whirlpool glass cooking hob which somehow got cracked. The crack is located in the front sector of the hob and takes over about 3/4 of the hob.

    I was just wondering could this be repaired or will a replacement glass cooking hob need to be bought?

    It is working fine at the moment but also is it dangerous to use the cooking hot with this crack.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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