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I'm seeking comments and recommendations for experienced lawyers specialising in matrimonial law regarding my divorce case.

As a background, my wife was involved in an affair which eventually resulted our divorce under grounds of unreasonable behavior. We could not agree on how the marital assets were to be split, and the case went to court. Judgement was made recently, and it was grossly (in my opinion) not in my favour.

My lawyer thinks there is a case for me to make an appeal to the high court. As I understand, making an appeal would cost in the region of $8k+ and another 2-3 months to deal with it, and this would be the maximum downside. However, I'm concerned about the issue of vested interest on the part of my current lawyer.

1. Would any of the forummers here have anything to share regarding your experience or what you know regarding going to the high court (especially regarding the oft said bias of the court towards women, and potential pitfalls)

2. Recommendations of experienced lawyers who would be able to provide their expert opinion regarding my situation would also be most appreciated.

Thank you!


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If you don't trust your lawyer - thinking he has interest just to make more money from you - then you should change your lawyer.

You did not share much about the judgement and "how it was grossly not in your favour" - very difficult to judge if you should proceed.

Please note that having an affair have no bearing on the judgement.. it is not a crime in Singapore to have an affair.

Did you not previously try to settle with your wife amicably instead of going to the courts?


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SM, thanks for your views.

Yes, I've tried everything to salvage the marriage and also to settle matters outside of court, including mediation.

I'm aware that the reason for divorce does not have a bearing on the issue of ancillary matters. Marriage was short (~4 years) and no kids.

It's not that i don't trust my lawyer entirely, but i think it's human nature for one to act in self interest. I would like to seek a second opinion on my situation so that I could, hopefully, make a better decision.