Copthorne King's Hotel


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andrina> our menu don't have tangyuan. We choose yam paste at food tasting though it will go well with the old folks too... Anyway, we change to mango sago with pomelo. Hope it will be nice.. Btw.. When is your AD?

Jowell> I mistaken you getting marry this year. Mine is 9 course. There is changes in the menu. As some of the dish I have is not longer in the menu..


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we went to the wedding show organized by copthorne king's today, and we were impressed by the presentation given by Mr Gan...

we planned to have our solemnization and dinner the same day as well.. and as agnes mentioned, Mr Gan will help with all the prep.. we can oso op for solemnization during dinner... which to us is kinda weird, but an idea oso..

the food wise, we had tasting and overall, not too bad, esp the cod fish.. we find it unique, and it tastes gd too!! as for the rest of the dishes, not too bad, but as we were quite full frm our late lunch, didn't get to really enjoy the rest ofr the dishes.. i personally prefer the white wine to the red wine they provide.. =)

we oso spoke to the chef.. he is quite a famous chef in sg.. my gf recognized him as he has appeared on tv b4.. he mentioned that on the AD, he'll be ard to make sure everything is ready and make sure the food is served fresh.. we took his word for it as he seems to be v high profile.. what impressed us was that he made an effort to intro us the dishes he made and tell us what will happen on our AD.. frm wat he says, we believe tat the food standard will be there..

we met up with Anthony too.. he's v friendly n he told us in detail the package tats available.. we of coz bargained a little and managed to get some perks frm him...

as our intended date was already taken, we were opting for an alternate date, but it falls on the auspicious day.. so we have to pay extra per table... but 1 gd offer is tat if we sign up, we get to have 2 tables free, which reaches close to 2k...

to us, the stage setup seems small.. nt too sure hw issit like on the AD..

the bridal rm, to us, is big.. one 'living rm' and another bedrm... tats wat we wan too.. my concern will be tat there's only 1 toilet and if need to rush, will be v jialat..

we've placed a reservation with anthony and will be heading down to see the actual setup on wed..


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Hi Christine,

Happy Marriage.
As seen from the posts above, u'd just finish ur wedding in CK.
May I know the general feedback on the food and banquet from your guests?

Any one has pictures to share as well?? If there are, pls send them to [email protected]
Am considering this place for wedding banquet next yr.



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Hi ppl,

Im looking for a venue now.

Can anyone tell me how is the shape and design of the ballroom in this hotel like?


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I’m writing is for recommend Copthorne King’ hotel, Tien Court Restaurant to everybody.

We just finish our wedding organized by copthorne king's, and we were impressed by the presentation given by Mr Gan...

The service>>
Mr Gan is a good person and he help us with all the preparation all waiters are helpful, so that we can enjoy our whole wedding event. Many thanks to Mr Gan and staffs.

The decoration>>
The restaurant deco is nice. I’m very like the deco. The stage setup is good too.
Even the restaurant has a lot of pillar but they have many giant screens in difference place, so that all guests able to see what happened on stage.

The food wise >>
Base on our guests comment that the food overall not bad, very nice. Especially cod fish and shark fin. The cod fish cook with beans crumbs and the shark fin cook with abalone.
Before the dinner start, the chef (famous in sg, from Taiwan) walks out to send greeting to us. He is very friendly.

The bridal suite room>>
The room big enough and nice with balcony. We even book another two deluxe for our oversea guests with special rate.

We will go back to celebrate our anniversary.


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Hi All CK's BTB,

Sorry for the late reply. Haven been away for my honeymoon and busy with new job.

My hubby and I were happy that we have choose CK.

First time we went to view the place we love it, as it cosy and within our budget although there is 4 pillar at the place. We don't mind, as they promised us will show live broadcast on the big projector screen. Bridal Suit we have is very big. One big living room and 1 bedroom. Not like other bridal suit you see is bed straight away. =)

Our coordinator was Anthony. Actually, he wasn't our first coordinator. But he is helpful and easy going with what we have requested. Just that sometime I feel he is a bit blur.. =P

Mr Gan is a well org guy. We had our march in with our parents and solemnization on the stage.. This is not a easy task if timing wasn't plan well. He know what to do and told us what to do. He know what type of what Wedding that I want.

Cooking Chief is there, most of our guests said "Best wedding dinner they ever had" as the food is great and nice. =) The red wine is nice too. =D

No complaints from my guests that service is bad, so we take it as service is not bad. =P

Overall Mr Gan and his team did well for our wedding. We were happy that we choose CK as our wedding banquet.

I missed that day.. ^-^


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Hi Jazz,

Oh ya.. You reminder me.. There is issue about the parking. We have 60 parking lots but I heard lots of my guest said no place to park. Even they came at 7 plus.. They were been ask to park beside Furama or Mirama Hotel... Think they don't have much parking lots.. =S


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yeah. we are afraid such incidents might happen. just hope that if we're holding our banquet there, everything goes smo0th. heh. =)


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Is there any BTB hosting ur dinner in Copthorne king? Can you share the WB package details here? I m going down to the wedding fair this evening.


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Any brides from Copthorne King's Hotel recently?

Pls post some reviews.

I've seen the place. Pretty snug for 25-28 tables. Z shape march in.

Lift opens directly to the restaurant , very small cocktail area but they have the open door concept which is better in my opinion.

Food is by the 34yr veteran taiwanese chef Ho Tien Tsai from 3 dishes + 1 soup (Ch8 program)

Couple of pillars which are quite obtrusive but the 3 live projector screens can assist.

My Gan Wong of course is very meticulous as mentioned

anyone signed with anthony yong and dealt with Gan Wong instead? i still prefer Gan Wong with his experience but perks wise..abit stiff


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can anyone share some pics of the decorated wedding theme? My email is [email protected]
Any recommendation for the food? I read that the cod fish & shark fin with abalone has good reviews. What about the dessert?


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Hi guys!

I and my WTB have recently been to Copthorne King's for a visit and we were quite impressed with what we saw and experienced.

The room is fully oriental style and cosy from the outlook. For our banquet with 30 tables, we are able to have the entire room exclusively for us only with no other event on our AD. They do have pillars as well and we understand it is the structure that was built decades ago. But on the good side, they have surrounding LCD projectors and screens for the entire room that comes with a live feed telecast. This will aid our guests to view the screens from all angles.

We also saw TV celebrity master chef Ho who was so bubbly and friendly. He spend some time describing his cuisine which he has created for the wedding menu. He even recommended his signature dishes to us and assurance on the food quality we will enjoyed for our wedding banquet. For us, a truly excellent service this hotel provides from a great chef.

Lastly, we saw the bridal suite which was exactly what we wanted. The suite consists of a living hall and a bedroom with 2 balconies, one of those where we can have our morning breakfast on a sunny morning the next day, cool isn't it! Anthony Yong was excellent through out and presented us the details and package which we will sign up during the new paper wedding fair period on 29-30 April and 1 May at vivo city.

A truly oriental feel!



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Hi i am planning for e food tasting with e hotel next month, does any of u have any recommendation for the food?
I read that the cod fish & shark fin with abalone has good reviews.
What about the other dishes?
My email is [email protected].
Thanks in advance.


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Blissful, I was given the following:

Free solemnization setup before dinner commence
Free tea wif brew red date
Free every 15th table
Free 2 tray of nonya kuah

This is what I could remember.. Haha


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just attended my friend's wedding at tien court last sat. food was not bad, pretty nice. the ballroom was not too bad too.


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Hi everyone, I am new here, wanna find out more about your experiences with CK. Anyone here recently had held your AD or being to your friends' AD??


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Hi Wanni,

Ya my Food testing should be in Feb 12...

Yeah, pls give feedback to Bigrockshow and me on your experience =)..



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By the way I jus had my food tasting on last sat 2nd Jul,the food was good =),for the 2nd last dish is either noodles or rice. I had choosen Mee tam mak =), taste good n something special rather than always it's Eee Mee, Both our Parents like this dish =) but still it is up to individal =) happy food tasting!


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We have meet several people when we are discussing the wedding dinner package.

Mr Gan Wong is friendly, nice and patience like what other forummers says. The Chef Ho Tien Tsai is friendly, talkative and humorous in his own way.

However is Anthony Yong the young chap assisting Mr Gan Wong? He is kinda always busy and in a rush.

There is another older guy who is assisting Mr Gan Wong. Anyone know what is his name?


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Just went to Tien Court to have lunch. Met Gan and Chef Ho. Understand that there is a wedding workshop this Sunday 4 Sept 11 from 12+5pm. Those interested may join. Good luck


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Just went for the wedding working on 4 Sep.

Food Tasting tomorrow, sad Chef Ho will be away so we'll see how it goes.