Cooking Recipes as promised


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Does anyone has receipe for cooking western food such as chicken chop which they sell at hawker center or baked potatoes? Have tried to bake potato but not nice as it is not thoroughly cooked. :p


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Hi sakurasan,

Let me know the result and whether you like it or not

Hi curry,
I have the recipe but have not tried it before. If you want, pls let me know yr email address.


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Thanks to Sakurasan and Immortal for the info. Was told the same by girlfren but couldn't find mascapone from Cold Storage in Causeway Point. Will go to other branches to check.

pink bottle

Hi everyone,

am wondering if anyone has a recipe for making soup stock. it seems like a basic ingredient but i can't find how it's prepared (without using stock cubes)! thanks in advance!


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hi pink bottle

here's the recipe :

Superior Chicken Stock

400g chicken bones
100g Chinese ham (optional)
1 carrot, skinned and cut into chunks
1 stalk celery, cut into chunks
1 onion, quartered
2 stalks spring onion
2 thick slices young ginger
2 litres water

Bring water to a rapid boil. Add in all the ingredients and bring to a low boil. (This is to prevent any scum from coming up to the top.)

Lower the heat and gently simmer stock for one to two hours until water is reduced to 1.5 litres. Add seasoning - salt and a dash of pepper. Your stock is ready for use.

pink bottle

Thanks very much, Honeydew! Would you know if the chicken bones can be substituted with pork bones?


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Hi Carol!
Think u can post the recipe of red ruby dessert here? Think a lot of people is interested in knowing how to make it.

mango pudding

I tried preparing the mango pudding but it turned out very soft. What went wrong? too little gelatin? I did not use packet ones. I used those bottled ones. So i can't follow the 2 pkts gelatin recipe. How much should i use then? I put in abt 15g only.


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hi pink bottle,

yap, is OK using pork bones, so u'll hv pork soup.


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Hi zephyrus

I've tried pork chop & it tastes like the one they sell outside.

Basically, I just marinated the pork chops (over nite) with red cooking wine & black pepper. Add oil or margarine to fry.

I guess chicken should be the same way. but, do use white cooking wine instead since it's white meat. To me, it's the wine which makes it tasty. You can add mushrooms on top of your chicken chop as well.

I usually do chicken, the roast chicken style with the herbs, which I've posted for you previously.

As for the gravy, I buy bottled steak sauce or the packet type brown sauce gravy.

Tried baked potato few years back, but not very successful.


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Hi Carol,
If you are viewing this...Please send me all of your recipe under "romantic & dessert series" too.



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Hi all

Any idea where to buy Korean spicy soup base? I liked the Korean spicy noodle soup at those foodcourts.


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There are a few korean supermarkets in singapore. There is one opposite amara hotel - the building just next to the new condo that was recently launched. i cant remember the name or the building.

There is also another supermarket that is near Boat Quay. It is in the street where you can find all the bird nest shops.


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Hi May


okie, will go & try there.. ha ha.. maybe can look for the korean ginseng chicken soup as well. that's my other favourite.

: p



anyone knows where to find the korean za zian mie? Or does anyone has its recipe? Thanks.


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ok, I;m going to revive this. WHat's the diff btw corn flour and corn starch? Saw in this recipe book these 2 diff items and wondering if they are the same? I bought corn flour already but can I also use that when the recipe calls for corn starch? ANy diff in applying it??


hi maya,

from wat i noe from the salesgirl is tat corn flour n corn starch r actually the same, is jus tat the manufacture (brand) is different n they call it differently. so far i have try both, it turn out ok. so think no different lor.


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hi there,

anyone has got a recipe for ondeh ondeh? the nonya kueh tat's green with gula melaka inside. it's covered with grated coconut on the outside.

Please help. thanks


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Ondeh Ondeh

8 pandan leaves
300g glutinous rice flour
1 heaped tablespoon tapioca flour or corn flour
Pinch of salt
Few drops of green food colouring
285g grated coconut, mixed with a pinch of salt
150g gula melaka, finely grated and mixed with 1 tablespoon castor sugar

Method Pound pandan leaves till fine, add enough water to bring it to 210ml. Add salt and green colouring. Strain and set aside.

Boil tapioca flour with 85ml water over low heat, stirring till almost transparent.

Pour the tapioca mixture immediately into the glutinous rice flour in a large bowl. Stir till well absorbed and gradually add in the pandan water to form a paste.

Place paste on a flat surface. Rub well to form a firm smooth dough. If dough is too soft, add in a little flour. Divide dough in 4 parts. Roll each part into a longish roll and cut into 12 pieces. Keep uncut dough covered with a piece of cloth.

Bring a big saucepan of water to boil. Take 1 piece of cut dough and roll with palms of hands till well rounded. Fill with one and a half teaspoons of the grated sugar in center. Put into the boiling water. Repeat process with the remaining dough and boil till each ball surfaces. Keep boiling for 2 minutes to dissolve the sugar.

Remove each ball with a tea strainer, dab strainer over dry cloth and roll ondeh ondeh in grated coconut. repeat with the rest of the dough.

It is very important to keep the balls well sealed to prevent cracking whilst boiling. When ondeh ondeh floats to the surface keep boiling for at least 2-2.5 minutes.

This will keep the ondeh ondeh soft and at the same time turns the grated sugar syrupy.

* Got this from the internet, hope it is of some help to you *


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i like the crayfish pasta from swensen's but can't afford having my meal there almost every week!

2 questions:

1. does anyone have the recipe for the pasta?

2. where do i buy crayfish from? (sounds like a stupid question, yeah? but, what to do... i only do my marketing at NTUC or Cold Storage)


Hi all cooking experts.Im just an amateur in cooking so need some of your advise.

1. If u r going to cook after work, when did u take out the meat from freezer to defroze?If take out in the morning b4 work, i worry that the meat will spoil.

2. Do u have to soak ikan billis b4 cooking it?Wonder if it will become too blend after soaking if i use it as a soup base.What abt if im stir frying it for nasi lemak?

3. My mum bought quite a few dried stuff for me that i duno how to use.I have red dates, dried scallops and "gou qi zi" (the small red thing used in herbal chicken).

4. We usually wash the meat b4 using it, but how abt minced meat?Cant possibly wash minced meat right?

Thanks for your help in advance!


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lilacz.. hi i am oso an amateur in cooking.. but mayb i can help u abit.. hehee..

1) wat i do is b4 goin out, then i bring the meat from the freezer out and put it in the normal fridge compartment.. usu will defroze by the time u come back and guarantee the meat wont spoil oso.. but luckily i bought this fridge mitsubishi folio and they have a soft freeze compartment and the meat wont be too hard...

2) i usu soak them in water first lor and also wash.. whether for cooking soup or for frying...but not too much la.. later no taste.. hahahahah...

3) i oso don really know how to use them.. but think its mostly for soup and stuff like herbal chicken etc..

4) cannnn... mince meat oso must wash... but difficult to dry though.. gotta be very careful else u will lose a lot of mince meat.. ehehehe..

hope my 1 cent worth helps.. hhehehe.. i am oso learning from experts here..


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hi lilacz & crayonshinchan

to wash the mince meat, i usually put the meat on a sift (those u use for cake making, dun know if i get the spelling right boh)), so as prevent any wastage. u can also let the meat stay on the sift for 5 minutes, to let excess water drip thru b4 cooking.


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Yeah, yvonne, that wat I do also.

Usually I will buy a piece of meat (lean meat), n ask the seller to mince it for me, or I will mince it myself to ensure that it is fresh. Coz u never noe which part of the pork/chicken they use. I learnt this from my mum n MIL


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Hi Lilacz

Will try my best to share my experience with you

1) If it has been frozen for >2 days, it will still be very frozen even if you putt it into the normal compartment in the morning. What I do is to take it out to thaw at room temperature the night before for about 2 hours then put it into the normal compartment overnight.

2)I usually soak it for 15 min if cooking. For soup I don't soak at all and boil longer so that the taste will be all in the soup. Of cos most wash 1st lah. For nasi lemak, you need to deep fry the ikan bilis. Don't soak it and remember to make sure that its dry before frying if not the oil will splatter like mad.

3)Red dates and gou qi zi can cook soup. You can cook water cress soup, add some pork ribs, and almond (nan2 xin4). Slow cook for 2-3 hrs. Add salt to taste.
Another simple soup to cook with red dates is corn and carrot soup. cook with lean meat or chicken breast meat. Boil together with ginger. Slow cook for about 1.5-2 hrs

dried scallops can cook congee. Marinate rice with salt and some oil for about 1/2 hour. Then put in the dried scallops (washed, slightly soaked. add the water that is soaked in also). Put ginger. Slow cook. Stir occasionally. Can add in pork or chicken to cook together. If you want to add fish, put in only AFTER the congee is cooked and ready.

4)Yup, I wash like the rest of them.

Happy cooking


Thanks everyone for sharing your precious experience with me.Just one more thing to clarify.So i have to wash the ikan billis no matter if im going to fry it or boil it right.So if im going to fry it, i got to wash and let it dry completely b4 frying?Do u dry under the sun?

Btw can anyone share some Tofu recipe?My hubby loves tofu but i dont, so i dint really know how shd a tofu dish taste like...


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hi lilacz,

i usually "fry" my ikan billis using the microwave oven or oven. that way, after washing u do not need to worry abt the splattering.

microwave oven:
after washing, paper towel dry the ikan billis, then stir it 2 to 3 tbsp of cooking oil (depending on how much u have). put on high for 2 mins, then stir evenly. another 1 min, stir again, then 2 min. it will be cripsy liao.


preheat oven to 180 degree celsius. add oil, stir evenly, place it in oven for 5 mins, then stir it again. put it back in oven & let it roast for 2 mins, & stir again. repeat until u get the right crispyness.

my favorite tofu dish is ma pao tofu. all u need is mince meat & tofu (soft or firm, deepen on wat u like). then go super mart get the ready mix ma pao tofu sauce by Lee Kum Kee, the small red packet one loh, I think it's also call Kuai Ler Chu (happy kitchen). follow the instructions, u will get a very nice tofu dish in less then 10 mins.


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some edition

preheat oven to 180 degree celsius. add oil to the ikan after towel drying them, stir evenly, place it in oven for 5 mins, then stir it again. put it back in oven & let it roast for 2 mins, & stir again. repeat until u get the right crispyness.


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Hi Forget me not and Dolpin,

Can I share the receipe for the red ruby and banana walnut cake?
My email addy [email protected]
I'm trying to pick up cooking and baking so all help are greatly appreciated. Thank u.


Oh din know ikan billis can become crispy using microwave.Thats a very convenient way!Stir frying takes such a long time, my arms always feel very tired after frying.Thanks for sharing!


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Microwave is also good for toasting nuts(almonds, peanuts...)

Any1 care to share how to roast cashew nuts?
Wanted to DIY some for CNY. Not sure if using microwave is as tasty as pan frying?



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hi forget me not and dolphin, i would oso like to hv ur 'wu lin mi ji'

[email protected]

hi everyone, can anyone share wif me wat brand of mayonnaise is good? i'm thinking of making egg mayo sandwich. and can you all also share how exactly to whip up a really delicious egg mayo sandwich? i'm a egg fan
so if anyone has any other egg recipes to share, welcome!

thanks to all in advance


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Hi brambles,

I luv the Kraft Real Mayo.... Delicious

Got this frm my grandmother:-

1) Hard Boiled Egg
2) Salad Dressing (Cream)
3) Tomato Sauce
4) Finely chop onions (optional)

1) Divide hard boiled egg into half.
To create pattern on the egg. Do a zip-zap when
dividing into 2.
2) Separate the egg yolks from the white
3) Combine egg yolk, salad cream n tomota sauce and mix well (Mashed/Blend).
4) Scoop the dressing (mixture from pt 3) back to the white.

Gog to make some for my xmas party


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my hubby prefer the Japanese brand.. not sure what's the brand name, but it's in yellow plasic container & has a clear plastic wrapper. but, not the Ajinomoto brand.


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sweet pickle relish is not a sauce, it is something like our pickled vegetables (cai xin), u know the one we use to eat with congee.

u can get it from cold storage or jason. it's located together with the salad dressings. any brand of sweet relish will do.