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Hi, Hippie

Your version of fried rice is the same as mine!!! just that i also add in fishcakes,and whatever leftover i can find in the fridge.


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hey soko, tis method is a mixture of my mum & mine own version...i find tat addin the onion really add a fragrance to the rice & my fave ingredient is luncheon meat in the rice...

hey pple, jus wanna share some variation to cookin maggie mee (instead of traditonal soup version):

1. Dry Chili Mee
a) Boil water & add in maggie mee.
b) When it became soft, drain & add in chili sauce & XO sauce. Mix well & serve.

2. Stirfry Maggie Mee
a) same as (a) above. Drain & rinse with cold water. Set aside.
b) Fry egg. Shred & set aside.
c) HEat oil in wok. When heated, add minced garlic & spring onion or sliced white onion. Fry until fragrant.
d) Next, add in minced luncheon meat or hotdog.
e) When slightly cooked, add the cooked maggie mee & egg.
f) Add in dark & light soy sauce and sugar. Mix well & serve.

3) SImple ketchup Mee
a) same as (a) abv.
b) Drain & add in ketchup & fried shallots. Mix well & serve.


Hi all

juz to add to the fried rice recipes, after frying whatever ingredients u're using,
- mix in a pkt of Maggi Nasi Goreng Mix (1 pkt for abt 3 bowls of rice)
- add a little water, allow to cook till fragrant
- add rice, mix well
- add the mixed veg
- before serving, add shredded lettuce (extra crunch)


another thing....for those who eat beef, u can put in the Swedish meatballs from Ikea (I quarter them)


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Hi Carol

Do u have a Chocolate Mousse recipe to share? thanks.

Tried a version I found on the web....unsucc...a little too hard & too bitter...sitting in the fridge...dun kn what to do with it....


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Hi folks
Can check with you all something? Today I tried to make curry chicken with those ready made paste from NTUC. But not sure why no instructions
so I fried the small onion first in a pot. But the pot like burnt like that then the onion also like burnt like that. I had a hard time scrubbing away the burnt in the pot (a stainless steel pot.) Why the onion and pot burnt ah?

Anyone can help me so sad first time make curry like that. You all got any step by step instruction on maiking curry with such paste?

Thank you very much


hi stars

i tried making with such paste before.

either you didn't put enough oil in the pot to fry the onions or your pot was way too hot when you put the onions in. it needs rather a lot of oil to fry the onions.

Don't fry the onions till brown, they'll start to burn. just a while, then add the curry paste. add a little of the coconut water (NOT the milk). Fry till fragrant & u see the oil separating, then u add ur ingredients. if pot starts to dry or feel a little burnt, add more of the coconut water.

have always done it this way and never burn. u try again??

good luck


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Hi cocoa,

I think I may have the recipe but got to search for it. Will post it here when I find it.

Hi curry,
do you have the chicken curry recipe? If yes, can share it with us?


Hi Dolphin

Sorry, I don't have the recipe. I learnt from my mum and just did it the same way she's been doing all the while. But basically it's smtg like this :

1) Deep fry the pieces of potatoes slightly. This is to prevent them from breaking up so easily into small bits. Put aside.

2) Put generous amt of oil. Fry shallots. Add curry paste. Fry till oil separates. gradually add coconut water (as in the 'juice' that you get from the 2nd time you squeeze).

3) Add in chicken. Fry. Add coconut water whenever dry.

4) When chicken abt done, add potatoes. Cook for a while. Add coconut milk. Cook till chicken tender.


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Hi curry
Thank you for your reply. Can I check with you soemthings?
1) what doyou mean by oil separate?
2)Coconut water? Can I put coconut milk we buy from supermarket (Packet one)
3) Do we need to put water?
4) Must we boil the potato first
Thank you


Hi stars,

1) When u first fry the paste, u'll notice tt it's just like a 'blob' (for want of a better word, sorry). As you fry & add the coconut water, u'll notice oil 'coming out' of the paste. Like how some chilli paste that u see wh has a layer of oil.

2) The packet one is coconut milk wh is put in at the end. Can buy the coconut water from market (ready packed). Not sure if can mix the milk with water to get coconut water....

3) No need to add water if add coconut water. It gives the fragrance.

4) Deep fry the potatoes. I usu cut one average size potato into 2 so tt it cooks easier.
Cannot boil the potato. It'll be too soft.

hope this helps


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Hi curry
Thank you very much. From which stall can I get the coconut water from? I mean that seels what kind of things?
It really helps me to understand better. I really appreciate it. I will try again and let you know whether I succeed.
: )


Hi stars

Some markets usu hv a stall that sells just this coconut milk thing. Cos they have this grinder machine there. If not, I've seen it at those stalls selling the curry powder mix.

i think i saw it some supermarket before. but i really cant rber which one. sorry.

good luck!


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Hi ladies,

happened to come across this recipe. But I guess most of us will use those prepackage kind of curry powder.


Preparation: 1 hour
Roasting: 15 minutes
Oven setting: 175C


2½ kg coriander, washed in large buckets to get rid of sand
20g white peppercorns
300g poppy seeds, washed in a large strainer
300g cummin
150g aniseed
245g dried turmeric
40g fenugreek
40g star anise
20g cloves
20g cinnamon
22 cardamoms, shelled
2 pods nutmeg, shelled
1¼kg dried chillies, stems removed


1. Wash each ingredient separately and dry in the sun for 2 – 3 days in large flat trays or bamboo baskets, turning spices occasionally to make sure ingredients are thoroughly dried.

2. When thoroughly dried, put coriander seeds and peppercorns together in baking trays and roast in the oven till fragrant, turning now and then while roasting, or roast in a dry pan over low heat, stirring all the time, till fragrant.

3. Lightly roast the rest of the spices except dried chillies.

4. Send all ingredients to the mill to be ground together to a fine powder. Spread out and cool before storing in airtight jars or bottles. Keep in a dark, cool place. The curry powder will keep well for a few months.



hi gals i have another curry recipe to share,.... hubby taught me this :) its a basic recipe which can be used to cook most currys,... just vary the XX ingredient below.

Curry (serves 2)

2 large onions, cut into strips
2 large tomatoes, cut into cubes/chunks
1 large potatoes, cut into chunks
1 green chilli, cut
2 green chilli padi, cut
XX ingredient (see step 5)
1 teasp tumeric powder
1 teasp chilli powder
salt to taste
water as needed
oil for frying

1) Fry the onions in sufficient oil,... oil must be sufficient, else bottom of pot will burn. Fry till light brown.

2) Add in the tomatoes and chillis, fry abit, as tomatoes turn soft, mash them in the pot with spatula,... idea is to end up with a smooth paste of onions in tomato paste.

3) Add in tumeric powder, chilli powder and salt. Mix well and fry abit, maybe 5 mins.

4) Add water, depending on how thick u want gravy,... don't add too much at one go

5) Add potatoes and XX ingredient :) ie whatever u want to use to cook curry with..... i use chicken, lamb, even vege like brocolli, cauliflower, french beans (cut into dices),....... use your imagination!

6) Simmer and serve when ingredients in step 5) are cooked.


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Hi ladies, thot I will check with ladies who knows cooking more than I do....

This may be a bit side-track.

What's the diff btw dutch over, stockpot, saucepot? What can they be used to cook? Saw them in paper adverts today and dunno which one to buy. I dun plan to cook a lot.



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Hi cocoa,

Here is the chocolate mousse that I have with me.

Chocolate Mousse

Serves 6

½ cup caster sugar
¼ cup water
100g dark chocolate, chopped
1 tablespoon dark rum or strong brewed coffee
3 egg whites
250ml frozen ready-whipped topping, thawed
Extra frozen ready-whipped topping, fresh raspberries and chopped walnuts for decoration


1. For the sugar syrup, in a small saucepan, combine ¾ cup of sugar and water. Bring to a simmer, stirring, until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat.

2. Add the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth. Stir in the rum. Pour into a large bowl. Set aside.

3. In a medium mixing bowl, whisk egg whites until soft peaks form, using an electric mixer set on high speed. Gradually whisk the remaining sugar until stiff (but not dry) peaks form.

4. Whisk one-quarter of beaten egg whites into chocolate mixture. Fold in remaining whites, then the ready-whipped topping.

5. Pour mousse into dessert dishes. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 4 hours to set. Decorate with additional ready-whipped topping, fresh raspberries and walnuts.

Prepare in advance: You can made this up to 1 day ahead but do not decorate until just before serving.

Source: Quick, Light & Delicious


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Does anyone know what's happened to Carol? Haven't seen her in this forum for quite a some baking questions to ask her.


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i've attended the Thai cooking class while at Samui (well actualy it's hubby who's cooking, i juz stand & watch) and it happens to hv green curry (if i remember correctly). maybe i'll post it here sometime this week??


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Thanks angelia! I already have the recipe, I just want to know where I can get the paste. I also have a few qns to ask you re Koh Samui. See you at the Koh Samui thread.


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How do i get the effect of evenly browned fried fish? My fish always turned out to have certain parts crisp and nicely browned, certain part slightly blackened, certain parts not cripy at all.

To have those nasi lemak styly fried fish, i would definitely need a deep fryer right? If not, i would need to put lots of oil?

Hubby always complain my fried fish don't look nice. Any recipes for chilli or belachan stuffed fish?


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Hi curly & enya

I tried one of those Thai Green Curry ready-mix pkt before. Cant rber the brand...Asian Gourmet or smtg like that. I only recog the pkt when i see it (will chk the s'mart later if i can & let y all know).

very easy. just follow instructions. turned out exactly like what you'll get fr any Thai eating place.

it's very difficult to find aubergines, so we just use long beans.


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hi moonflower

U didn't say if u fry the whole fish or like a slice or fillet. I usu fry sliced or fillet & can get it relatively evenly brown. Don't know if it's the right way or any other easier way, but just to share :

I wash the fish, pat it dry with paper kitchen towel, sprinkle salt, let it settle for a while, wash the salt off, pat dry again. Heat pan, put oil. Even if u use non-stick pan, must put quite a bit. let one side of the fish fry till slightly brown before turning. Fire mustn't be too strong, o'wise won't get the even brown look.

Since I only use sliced or fillet, I just use the belachan paste to marinade it. no need to add salt. then just fry like above. Fire definitely can't be too strong, or the belachan will burn & the fish not cooked yet.

Not an expert, just sharing how I do things. Hope it works for u all as well


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Thanks cocoa!

enya, the recipe for green chicken curry....

6 boneless , skinless chicken thighs
400ml coconut milk
2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 tbsp Thai fish sauce
2 tbsp Thai green curry paste
12 baby aubergines
3 green chilies, finely chopped
3 kaffir lime leaves, shredded
4 tbsp fresh coriander, chopped

1. Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Pour coconut milk into a large frying pan or wok over a high heat and bring to boil.
2. Add chicken pieces, garlic and fish sauce to frying pan and bring back to the boil. Lower heat and simmer gently for about 30 min, or until chicken is just tender.
3. Remove chicken from mixture with a perforate spoon. Set aside and keep warm.
4. Stir green curry paste into pan, add aubergines, chilies and lime leaves and simmer for 5 min.
5. Return chicken to frying pan and bring to boil. Adjust seasoning to taste with salt and pepper, then stir in coriander.

Serve 4; prepartion time - 10 min; cooking time - 45 to 50 min.


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Hi Cocoa, i meant whole fish. Don't you coat the fish in flour before you fry the fish? Like that, will the fish be crispy? Also, if you wash away the salt, will the fish be salty enough?


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Hi moonflower

my mum fries whole fish, like seabass or garoupa. she puts a very light cornflour coating only. then fry it slowly. usu the fish is crispy.

u can leave the salt, but i wash it away cos i prefer the natural sweetness of the fish, so i dun like it to be too salty.

but if u intend to leave the salt, make sure u hv enuf oil in the pan, o'wise it tends to stick, and when u try to flip it, the skin will stick.


Hi <FONT COLOR="0000ff">Dolphin,</FONT>
Saw yr fried rice recipe, it's a very good idea to mix the veg and dark soya sauce in the rice cooker, i always have problem to mix well esp. with a lot of rice...
Will you take the mixed veg directly from frige? Will the veg(esp. bean) not cooked when only add in with the rice(cooking time not that long)? thks...

<FONT COLOR="0000ff">pk,</FONT>
May i know what is "dashi" mentioned in yr "Chawan Mushi " recipe? thks...

yes, where is our great cook, <FONT COLOR="0000ff">Carol</FONT>? Miss her very much!


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Hi Luckybird,

I take the mixed vege directly from the freezer, wash them and once the rice is in the 'keep warm' mode, I will pour the mixed vege into the rice cooker and mix. Then will close the lid and keep warm for another 5 to 10 mins before transfering to the wok. The beans should be cooked by then.


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Hi Dolphin,

saw your fried rice recipe really good idea &amp; creative, I will try it one day. Thank you.



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Hi cheval, Luckybird,

thanks, this method is taught by my mum.

Just a note, sometimes I will pour the light soya sauce together with the dark soya sauce and mix in the rice cooker.


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Does anyone has a recipe for dried longan and red dates drink? Also, how to cook claypot rice. U know those w chinese sausages, mushroom and chicken? Can i use the rice cooker to do it?


sorry. I also dunno, in the end tried using chicken stock, works quite well..



btw, my mum-in-law always use the rice cooker to cook the chicken 'clay pot' rice.. taste quite good, but different from the traditional one lor..


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Clay Pot Rice

Chinese sausages
salted fish - tiny pieces, without bones
spring onion - chopped
sesame oil
ginger - shredded
dark soya sauce
light soya sauce

Cook rice separately in a rice cooker or a pot. When it's done, put a plate of sausages on top to steam. Brown shredded ginger in oil, throw in the chicken, add dark soya sauce, light soya sauce and cook till it's done. Add a little water if necessary. Splash a little sesame oil and set aside. Make sure there is enough sauce for the amount of rice you've cooked. Brown salted fish in oil and set aside.

Put cooked rice in an oiled clay pot and cook over medium heat till the bottom is crispy. Put all the ingredients over and pour in the sauce, splash in additional black soya sauce, sprinkle some spring onion over and serve.


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Hi Giggler,
I've no idea... long time never drop her any email...

Hi pausini,
According the recipe Carol has given to me, it's 2 coconuts to 10 eggs.


Hi Moonflower,

My FH taught me the trick to frying fish so the skin won't stick, his grandma taught him.

Contrary to what a lot of people say, you must ensure that the oil in the wok/frying pan is v. hot. It msut be smoking, you will see swirls of smoke coming up. Then, you put your fish it. You allow it to cook all the way thru and then flip the fish. Another thing is that you must make sure you have enuff oil as well.


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Hi May2003,

Here's the longan and red date soup...

Lotus Seeds &amp; Longan Soup

200g dried lotus seeds
Handful dried longan fresh, rinsed
10-2- red dates, halved and stoned
1-2 pandan leaves
Rock sugar, to taste
5 bowls of water


1. Soak lotus seeds in water for 5 to 10 mins, drain, then boil in sufficient water for a few mins. Remove skins and bitter cores.
2. Combine lotus seeds, red dates, pandan leaves and water in a pot. Simmer for 2 hrs or until lotus seeds soften.
3. Add longan fresh and rock sugar and continue simmering for another 10 to 15 mins.
4. Serve hot.