Cooker Hobs/Hoods


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dunno if this thread will be active...

Pls dun mind Delizia....
My glass hob cracked after 3~4mths of usage.


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It is possible to get close to $1000 for a package but you must compromise on the mix and match of the items you are selecting, as glass hobs and hoods generally cost more than just stainless steel ones, and digital control ovens are more costly than analgoue control ovens.

For the Cuizino package I purchased :

Glass 3 burner HOB P8.3 VCWGT 2 tone colour
Stainless Steel Slim Chimney Square Hood NC598X
S/S Analogue Oven OV728X

Total : $1045 incl. GST & 1 yr agent's warranty

Shop: Poh Joo Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd
159 Jalan Besar Road


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Thanks rainforest! What makes you decide on the Cuizino brand?

I wonder if Rinnai has a $1000 package for these 3 items.


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Brand preference is a very personal thing, I am sure Rinnai has very good products as well judging by the latest bus stop ads that they have put up in quite a number of places.

Most dealers can quote you a package for Rinnai too, it 's just for you to pick and choose the individual items depending on your preferences, and how service oriented these dealers are

Happy shopping......


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i just purchased the optic white cooking hob from turbo for my new house.

does anyone has any comments/feedback on it?


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i guess nobody talks about hobs eh?

i got my optic white hob fixed into the new kitchen recently. and gosh. it's really nice! :X i think it's all new that's why.

and i have to agree with the earlier posts. brand preference is really important.

the best would be to find a brand that is reliable and also that doesnt burn a hole in your pocket.