Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted


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Hello all,

Can anyone pls share with me ur contractor, quotation & pics? Pls email me at [email protected]

I need to renovate my 4rm resale flat, so now looking for a good workmanship & reliable contractor.

Thanks a million.


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Hi Celine/Starcom,

U might like to contact my contractor Lynda @ 97308165 or 62700150.

Her charges are reasonable, and u can be ensure of a good job done.


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if need painter can contact Mr Tay at hp 9846 8367

Labour per day for painting wall is $90 per day include brush & cloth to cover flooring
( Paint provide by owner )


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Hi, I am also in the midst of looking for contractors to renovate my new flat and would appreciate if you guys can send me your contacts, pictures and quotation to [email protected]


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Hi All,

Me too, I have started renovation for about 1 mth. Flooring almost done. Got a EA unit in Sengkang. Quite satisfy with my contractor who also able to provide me with design ideas.

I am strongly reccommend to owners who is sourcing for contractor price with ID design concept.

His name is Daniel Tan from Homemaker Design.
He is patient and easy going. Most importantly he is sincere with his quote. No hidden cost. He follow up through my house daily and update me the progress.

You can call him at 9686 7798. He has a showroom at Tanglin Halt. Currently he has quite a number of projects on hand.

Free to call him and tell him that you are referred by Anchorvale Blk 302D. Calvin and Michelle

Enjoy! :> Cheers


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Can someone pls explain what is the difference between interior designer, contractor and sub-contractor? How do u guys decide whom to engage, and for what jobs?
Thank you!


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There are difference between the Contractor and the ID.

For ID firms, they will engage staff to do very nice drawings to reflect your concept. It is always that the designing cost is in the renovation price. ID firms tend to narrow all the things to details to the smallest details. a cupboard is a cupboard, but they will list how many doors, how many column.... Alot of the renovation amount will go to the designing fees, payment of the shop rental, payment of many staffs, advertisement. Hence, they will try to cut cost here and there. My friend is working in ID firm and he told me alot.

For contractor, usually they will run on their owm or with partners. Contrators may not have that sophisticated drawings. they willl show you the concept. Look for contractors who have done contract with hotels becasue hotel have high standard. They have sub-contractors that they often use. Plus, cost is cheaper because htey are able to buy in bulk and save alot on advertisement.

Sub contractors are being engaged by Id and contractors to do what they specialized in. like they will have lightings sub contractor, water sub contractor, tiling sub contractor..etc

I can suggest that you can get quotation on the various ID that you like and then get the same apple-to-apple quotation with the Contractor. Then you will know the difference. Also so visit previous contractor's client's home to see the workmanship to have confidence.

I do have a good contact on the good contractor. If you want i can give you.
[email protected]

Hope my info helps!!


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OIC... thanks for the elightening explanation and tip.
We're still scouting for a flat, AD end of May next yr. If you don't mind, pls PM me your contractor contact and I'll keep it in mind when I finally do land a place to stay


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Hi Stars

Wow they have done a good job to your house.
So envy u

can send me list of sub-contractors and contacts?
mine is going to TOP in nov/dec08. HAI so many things to do


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Hi Ladies,

Can someone recommend me a good contractor to do the following works? Its nothing major, so i guess not many ID want to do it without burning a hole in my pocket.

Item Description
A Hacking/Dismantling & Protection Works.
1 Dismantling - Living room cabinets and plaster cornices for whole unit.
2 Floor Protection - whole unit (Plastic and Cardboard, 2 layers for laminated flooring)
3 Haulage & disposal services for whole renovation
4 Acid wash for whole unit

B Plastering/Cornices/Painting Works
1 Plastering whole house c/w smoothen compound walls & ceiling.
2 "Square L/Box light holder for living room, supply & install 4 energy saving florescent
tube lights, 9 energy saving bulbs square down lights fittings."
3 "Painting & inclusive of wall sealant for whole house, including doors, door frames, pipings
in choice of colours. Paint Brand - Nippon (Min. 2 coats)"
4 To supply and install simple cornices at all 3 bedrooms

C Carpentry Works :
1 Revarnish kitchen cabinet, inclusive of cabinet doors and frames. To realign the cabinets doors.
2 To seal top of 2 door frames (Rooms) with cornice board
3 To supply & install acylic sliding door at kitchen entrance.
4 To supply & install 1 unit wash basin & inlet & outlet pipe.
5 To construct washing machine base

D Electrical Works/Installation Works :
1 Whole house electrical rewiring inclusive of supply of fittings, sockets & 1 unit M.C.B
* 13amp double socket (x10), sgl socket (x10), Light pt (x10), SCV pt (x3)
Telephone pt (x3), Heater pt (x1), Aircon pt (x1), Fan pt (x2)
2 "Labour to install all lighting fixtures, ceiling fan (x2), heater (x1), tap (x2), clothes drying
rack (x1 set), dish drying rack (x1), Blinds (x4 sets) "
3 To supply and install 1 copper pipe & heater split unit in kitchen toliet

Stars or any others who managed to get the list from her, If you have the list of sub-cons, able to help to email me at [email protected]

Thanks a million


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hold your horses.dont get too excited about doing up your own house by yourself.things that need to be considered.

1.need a permit to do masonry works.(subcon doesnt have that)

2.subcons are mostly dont hope too much about warranties.

3.dont know when will they dissapear.for they are only subcons.

4.subcons only do what u want and get their $$ whether its permitted by HDB or not they dont give a damn about it for that is your responsibility.but for id or contractors they would do it according to hdb requirements for their license is in stake.
and the list continues.......


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look at star's doesnt even have a cabinet base.onces u wash the floor there goes the cabinet.

even when a choke occures, bye2 cabinet

thats the disadvantage of doing something u're not meant to do on your own.


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HI, I hve a experienced and reliable REno contractor to recommend. He did my house, and I think its well done. U can call him to try it out.

He is Mr. Quek from Ever Progress - 90614861.


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Hi All,

Please recommend a reliable, good, and affordable contractor. We are looking to reno our 3-bedroom condo at East Coast. Moving in after our ROM in May/ June 2011.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Si Neo >> Tried to google Ever Progress, no result?