Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted


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Hi Lazy,

Have emailed u.


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Hi gals,
I am about to finish my renovation. I am very satisified with my contractor since he is very sincere and nice guy. Do his work reasonably. Can recommend to anyone who is looking for one


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Hi Orosalind & Jessyy,

Mind if I have e contact for your ID & contractor respectively? Am on a real tight budget, but am concerned abt quality of workmanship as well... much appreciated, tnx!

You can mail me at [email protected]



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I think most ID do not charge designing fees nowadays, hence competitive quotes. My 4-RM flat is in the midst of renovations. My ID very open to our ideas and suggestions, and do not get offended at all. Very spunky woman. My hubby and I are very satisfied with her service.


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Dear all,

I see that alot of you are looking for contractors for reno. Well, I would like to recommend my friend. He owns the company, Wagon Interior. He was my design consultant for my rather new (have been staying for 2 years now) seng kang flat. He has very good and practical ideas for designs and has done some work for other HDB flats as well.

You can visit his company's website at

Just to let u guz know, I do not receive any form of commission from such recommendations, I'm just providing another contact.


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Hi all,

If you're looking for interior designer to do lots of carpentary work, read this:

I got my quotation from Irene at The Interior Place. She also showed me 2 showflat (her customers' house). BUT, workmanship very disappointing and her designs are also not as good as I've expected although I must say she's very hands-on and experience. Her quotation is not the most expensive for my 5-rm pemium flat but also not the best value for money. Her designs are average although the office looks nice.

Fuse Concept, Designer James, has great ideas, good at design and is wonderful to work with, but quotation quite steep and workmanship not very good. (been to customers' flat)

J System (at IMM) is the worst! Terrible workmanship (been to the customers' flat), extremely high and unreasonable quotation, no design and is more like a contractor that over-charge than a designer company.

I've search for about 10 interior designers and presently has about 5 quotations (including viewing their showflats - customers' house) while waiting for the rest to respond. I have expensive taste - prefers modern but tastefully designed flat using light colours, yet having a tight budget ($30K including lots of carpentary work, design feature walls for living and dinning, lost of mirrors and frosted glass, 5m walk-in wardrobe, dressing table, 1 full height bookshelf, 2 full height display shelf, tv console, cabinets under vanity top for 2 bathrooms, L shape study table + top hung cabinets, top & bottom kitchen cabinet, + electrical) I'm also doing alot of carpentary work, including a 5metre walk-in-wardrobe, so workmanship and design are very important.

I've found that Frontier Concept at IMM #03-93, Designer - Gary, is the best. Best in workmanship - excellent for carpentary, best in design and practicality consideration, best in service - was shown floor layout + perspective view (free) for most rooms, even at the 1st appointment! I've seen 2 of his customers' flat, both fully furnished and wonderfully design. Excellent and consistent workmanship. I think I'll most probably going to choose Frontier Concept unless other ID could offer a better quotation and equally good workmanship and materials.

By comparision, The Interior Place and Fuse Concept are not as good, in quotation, design and definitely workmanship and materials for carpentary work.


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Hi all
i am looking for a PCK type contractor

i juz got a resale 5-rm flat. thus i will only be doing minor work like painting and carpentry..

pls email me at [email protected]

thanks a mill!


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Hey All,

I have engaged group of contractors sometime ago to do up my flat, and they did quite a good job for my place...reno was completed after 1 1/2 mths, and we think that they are very reasonable in terms of pricing too.. thought that they deserve some form of recommendation from us. Do PM me at [email protected] if interested.


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Hi everyone!

For those who has experience a nice, cheap n responsible id/contractor pls recommend to those who are currently trying to find a gd 1.

Im currently renovating my hse so i know it is a tiring process .....

My recommendation:
Firm: JGH Design & Contract Pte Ltd
Contractor: Mr. Stanley Fong
Contact: 9188 8862
(Tell him that Simon from Buangkok recommend him to u guys, mayb got discount )

Hope this will help you guys.

Can refer to my previous thread 'Good Contractor to recommend ........... ' for more info.


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Hi Guys,
I got a reliable Conttractor cum ID to be recommend...
Due to her good service ,workmanship and of course... Trouble Free reno...
Price also very reasonable... Numbers of friends from this forum i introduce to her, already sign up liao...
If you need her contacts, e-mail me at [email protected]


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Hi all,

I would like to recommend A & D. Y? becos,
1.reasonable prices-read through many threads, find tat mine a little cheaper

2. not forcing, will c wat u want and within ur budget. After i signing, they even not asking for deposit.

3. realistic in designing, somemore know about fengshui

4. will draw up sketches for u to view, cos sometimes we cannot imagine.

Overall, I c tat they work within my budget wif wat i want. Thus, can go get a quotation from them, anyway compare more will learn more. Hope tis help to young couples who got budget like me. Anyone wan contact no: email me. I recommend my in charge, he very good.


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Hi All

Need urgent help...

I've been quoted these prices by my contractor

False ceiling (whole living dining area + foyer + corridor) + L-box for living / dining area (5rm): 1.7k
Electrical wiring for living / dining area + kitchen: 1.1k
White powder coated aluminium grills for whole house (horizontal bars): 1.5k
Cement base for kitchen cabinets, changing water inlet outlet extend pipes: $670

Sounds ok?? Or too ex?

It's a contractor, not ID. I've no worries in terms of workmanship because it's been tried and tested by my cousin in all their houses. Just want to check if pricing is reasonable.

Thanks a lot!


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Well, i am also looking for contractors. was recommended by my friend to
1) Jasmine of ADMAN Deco
now still looking at their workmanship at my frens' home before i decide.


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Hi All

I would like to recommend my contractor Raymond 96660656. He normally does big projects for offices, private homes etc. He's renovating my house as a favor to my cousin.

Workmanship and speed is excellent. You just need to be able to tell him exactly what you want, better still draw it all into your floor plan and he'll do exactly. My house is almost fully renovated in 2 weeks' time, and I'm impressed by workmanship, IDs can't compare.

For 5k I got false ceiling & l-box, painting, window grills, cement base for kitchen cabinets and washing machine,installation of sink + water heater, electrical wiring, and he threw in doing up storage rack (bought from hardware shop) and fixing curtain rods (coz i'm using ready made curtains),and doing up shoe rack inside services closet provided by HDB etc. V negotiable, but maybe because i'm considered relative. Anyway, those interested can always call him for a quote.


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Hi all again

I'm in the final final stages of my renovation. Finished putting up my lights. Just found out that my contractor actually has a company, so blur of me, all because it's recommended by my cousin.

Company: Supertech Renovation Contractor, Blk 328 Tah Ching Road, #20-02 Singapore 610328
Boss: Raymond HP 96660656

He's extremely responsible and does v quick and great jobs. They used to do up all the exhibitions at Expo, do renovation for big companies as well. Seldom do HDB flats, but if they're free to do your job, I can rest assure you, Raymond will personally go down and supervise and ensure that all is done well, no matter how little they earn. He told me frankly, my flat reno, he earned less than $500.

Like I said in earlier email, mine is 5k job, but he supervised the workers everday for 2 weeks and some times there would be 7 workers in my house at the same time doing different jobs. Workers are v nice, will clean up after making a mess. I went to Impress 21 for quotation, for the same amount of jobs done, it would cost me about 9k!

He has good electricians under him, no extra charge when I last minute wanted to add points. He has good painters who could paint my brown timber skirting white v nicely. He has good window grills contractor, house looks nice even with window grills. The false-ceiling and l-box contractors under him are excellent as well. Raymond could help me find a way not to do too much false ceiling so that the house still looks spacious. Highly recommended non-ID contractor.


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hi hazel,

may i ask if yr flat is standard or ? Did you do any floor tiles ?

Coz i looking ard for a contractor for my new standard 4 room. As i want to keep it simple and i know exactly what i want, so i like to compare if contractor will be cheaper as compared to ID.

thank you


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Hi Peanuttz

My flat is premium. I didn't do any floor tiles, but my contractor can do floor tiles as well, from what I remember is $7 per tile or something like that, not v v sure.... U have to call and check with him directly.

Contractor will definitely be cheaper than ID. But if you do need a reliable ID, I've someone to recommend as well.

Hope this is of help.