Conrad Centennial Singapore


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Hi Carebearz,

Yeah thats true, Tiffany blue is hard to achieve, because it's more of greenish than bluish.
The linen Conrad have are more of cyan blue than aquamarine.
Even Tiffany&co advertising in magazine have a different shade than the original Tiffany color.

I was thinking to widen my range of Tiffany shade, than to insist of getting the original Tiffany blue..

Was thinking of getting my own runner for the table too.

Thanks for your advice


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I'd done my ROM solemnisation at Conrad's poolside function in the blue theme. its nice.. Its not exactly the Tiffany blue shade, but still looks good to me..


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I have a PM from my email but thought I could also reply here to benefit those who have similar queries.

Actually, I'm a very lazy bride. I tell my event organiser, I choose the blue theme, that's all. The rest, the flowers to choose is all done up by them. I didn't work with the florist. But maybe also cos mine is ROM only, small event.

I didn't hold my AD dinner there, cos of the limited seatings (34 tables x 12) is not enough for my hubby side. I like the flexibility and cozy feeling I get at Conrad. They are more generous to us as compared to my current AD hotel (Swissotel). We go pay deposit still get a complimentary drink and parking from my coordinator. Swissotel never give anything at all. &$^^%@


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Hi! Wonder if anyone can help by posting some pictures or giving a short description of the ballroom? We're primarily interested to know if it's pillar-less and high ceiling. Thanks!


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im interested to know more about conrad. like why you btbs choose it over the rest of the other hotels.

i kinda have intercon in mind but nothing is confirmed cos it is soooooo difficult to get anything out on intercon.

ive never been to conrad before but will most likely drop by later this month.

can you girls share with me please? like, where are the strong points of conrad? thanks alot!


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I like Conrad coz there only 1 ballroom so its very intimate & private. No worries that your guests will mix up & go to the wrong ballroom or there is another event next door.

they have high ceiling & the coordinator was friendly, flexible & accommodating.


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I didnt choose conrad in the end coz of the timing... wedding will be during the F1 period.. but it was definitely one of my top choices for the following reasons:

- Only 1 ballroom so its very exclusive
- Coordinator was extremely frenly and we had a good feel
- Food is good.. have attended a couple of weddings there
- Staircase leading up to the ballroom is very grand
- High ceiling

Some of the cons were:
- Quite tough to get anything out of them
- Had to pay extra for LCD projector
- Bridal suite was rather small (but can request for upgrade which would be subject to availability)

Hope this helps..


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Hi all,

got married in Conrad recently. I do agree that the Bridal suite is small..but it's really really cosy. Anyway we are not going to run ard the whole suite.
I been to huge bridal suites but they look like an executive office.
Conrad's one is different. The sofa is comfy, plus their super big LCD tv.. you don't need to go out at all.
Their bathroom has everything you need. When you stay in Conrad, you will feel pampered.


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conrad really sounds nice and so far, i havent read much negative comments about them.. will pop by this thursday and hope to meet a nice coordinator too!

thank you for your contributions btbs of conrad! it is good to know that conrad has got quite a few positive points especially the high ceiling! i love high ceiling ballrooms. been to some small ones and feel like dwarf.
AND good food = happy stomachs = smiling faces!


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I went Conrad recently to meet up with the wedding coordinator and she totally won me over...but the ballroom is a little too small for my I'm torn between Conrad and Intercon....


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>Gin Goh, i read your post at intercon's thread. Who's the coordinator u met at conrad? mine was Eng Yan, she is really friendly, experienced and her service is good! I have yet to sign with them thou. Gg to view intercon (Jane) first before confirming.

For conrad, they have a very exclusive foyer and the flight of stairs. very grand ambiance. ballroom ceiling wise.. not very high but most importantly pillarless and great food.

update intercon again..


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Another plus point is individual serving - portion per guest.

For those whose banquet are over : How's the food portion on actual day? Filing? Any difference in quality and quantity from food tasting


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just went intercon earlier.

the wedding coordinator was helpful, and friendly. the lobby was so-so, ballroom was really beautiful with high ceiling and pillarless thou i only saw one third of the ballroom. The suite was HUGE!! much bigger than conrad. But it looked more like boardroom with sofa and a bedroom to me. haha..

>lee, you are right, conrad is individual serving bit like fine dining whereas intercon is not.

As for conrad, the rates are bit steeper thou but they are little more flexible with the perks. only drawback is the rental of projectors. For the service, grand ambience and private foyer, i will go for conrad..most importantly as well, i think the food is good.


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i met up with eng yan at conrad too..she was really nice and accomodating..i felt very comfortable talking to her..

my parents and in-laws do not want individual serving so its not really a concern..but the great thing is conrad ensures 1 server per table but intercon arrangment is 2 servers to 3 tables..

im still deciding..sigh..but im on the waiting list for conrad for the date that i even if i want, i might not get it..


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>gin, oh... i din noe intercon is 2 servers to 3 tables...i think if you confirm conrad and willing to plc the deposit, they will give call up the couple who have made the bookings if they wan it. so can try.. but if the couple doesn't want, u have to take up..


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Hie everyone, I'm new here in this forum...

Went to see many hotels and have finally shortlisted to Conrad and Four Season...

Would like to know more about Conrad.. would any kind soul out there share with us their experience? Is the food and service really good?
Is it hard to arrange 12 person in one table? looking the package.. looks like they dun provide pre-dinner cocktail?

Conrad only provide 20% of confirm guest list.. (kinda little)Do u think it's possible for them to increase that?

How much is it to rent the projector?

Also, how many theme's are there?

Thank you so so so much!! ^-^


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Hi lala!

Mine was great! Except for a bit of awkward silences between my parents and his parents (1st time they met), we were quite happy with the food.

Just had 2 changes:
1) First dish to change the octopus to prawn salad. After we got home my mom did mention that 3 items were too little for 1st dish so will have to contact the coordinator to see if anything can be done.
2) The Lo Hon veg dish to be changed to Broccoli with scallops because we weren't very impressed with the lo hon dish.

Why was yours not fantastic? Was it the food or something else?



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Hi all,

I am back after gone missing for months.... for those wondering who this nutcase is. I am also a Conrad-ian... 28th Oct 09.

Lee would know me (I tried to reply your emails a few times, but bounced back leh). How's your MDW experience?

For the past couple of months I was busy over at the 'bridal' and 'photography/videography' forums.... searching for PGs and VG.

I just finished my PS last week... and so here I am camping at 'banquet' forum... because the rest of the preparations will be focusing on Conrad.

The other forum I will be camping will be the 'wedding cards' forum... planning to go JB to print.

Shin Wee..... I was also in your situation then... torn between Four Seasons and Conrad.... but I go for Conrad.... individualised plating, and a damned solid exclusive ballroom and foyer. Abit selfish lah.... dun wan to share the hotel with another couple. Four Seasons private foyer abit too small and crampy. My 2 cents' worth.


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Hey Ken,

called up Conrad today.. and am VERY SUPRISE that the date i wanted is no longer available....

Now am deciding btwn Four Season, Goodwood & ..maybe Marriot..

Placed a tentative booking for FS and am on waiting list for Goodwood..


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Oh dear sw...... your date must be a very hot date..... you checck with hotel whether is the date confirmed gone or the other couple tentatively on hold... if the latter, then you put your name on waiting list.

I was 3rd on the waiting list then..... then I pestered and pressured the hotel to force the other couples to give up.... evil me

In that case, Four Seasons and Marriot followed by Goodwood are my choices in terms of food and services. My humble opinion.

Lee.... just replied your email... hope it gets thru....


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Yea, mine is 11 Dec 2010...
The person on the phone told me it's no longer available.. so i assume the couple b4 me must hv book and pay deposit oredi...

Is Marriot's food and service good?


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From what I heard from frens.... the service and food portions from Marriot is good.

But it is better you give them a call to meet up and walk the grounds and have a feel.

And also to dig into Marriot thread in this forum to scan for any bad services.


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All, i can only remember the following

conrad 2010
weekend $$1238++ for jan- august
weekend (fri-sun) $1288++ for sept-dec

9 course dinner
1 night bridal suite stay with gourmet chocs and champagne and next day breakfast
3 types of wedding favours to choose- conrad bears, choc and fruit cakes
1 complimentary anniversary dinner
projector rental at $450++ each
2 lcd screens
1 barrel of beer
1 bottle house wine per guaranteed table
min 30 tables (of 12), max 34 tables
8 flower pedestals
2 themes
dry ice effect
free flow of soft drinks
tiered wedding cake with 1 genuine layer
6 persons food tasting
waiver of hard liquor corkage
2 vip car park lots
wedding cards up to 70%
car park passes 20%

There is really nothing stopping us from getting package information from any hotels so don't have to worry..

hope the above helps. for more information, you'll need to ask conrad staff..


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Hi! For brides having their wedding at Conrad and require more wedding cards, I just realised that I have some leftover cards from my wedding last December (both the red and white ones I think, exact number I need to go back and count). Please e-mail me at [email protected]. :)