Comments on Awfully chocolate and Choc a bloc


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Choc-a-bloc has a very nice and fluffy cake texture, with a not-too-rich chocolate cream frosting, so it doesn't kill the enjoyment.

Awfullychocolate's cake is not rich in taste, texture is also as soft as choc-a-bloc, but there's a lack of flavour that a good chocolate cake ought to give. The frosting is rather bland too. Overall, awfully choc's cake is inferior to choc-a-bloc. Awfully choc's ice cream is good though. ahhaha.


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I tried both and have to say chocabloc was disappointing. Awfully choc's cake with berries was gd.. but neither will make it to my top 5 choices of choc cakes. Prefer NYDC's Boo Boo and Swiss Bake's Choc Fudge.


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I agree with Bear. Both don't taste good to me. Awfully Chocolate has a weird tasting sponge that's kinda dry, and while Choc-A-Bloc is better, I did not find their cakes rich enuff. I mean if you want good chocolate cake, it has to be rich right, otherwise why eat it? :p Swiss Bake's Choc Fudge and Choc truffle are good choices if you want good rich chocolate cake that isn't too sweet. I also recommend this guy's choc cake:

His Fever! cake is really dark valrhona choclate which is not too sweet. There's more fudge than cake tho, which is how I like my choc fudge I got to know of this guy thru this forum thanks to whoever first posted his link here :p


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Who is littlefoot, can share contacts? I want to get some small gifts for guest to bring home, and i think some small chocolate cakes in boxes should be ok if its tasty.


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thanks for the contact .. was thinking of what cake to get for my brother's birthday and now i know .. heheheh .. thanks and it's great that she lives walking distance from me .. yay!


Juz to revive this thread abit..

I bought The Crunchie Chocolate Cake from Choc a Bloc yesterday for my sista's birthday.. I personally think it taste pretty bad. Not worth my time to go down from North->East to pick up the cake at ALL.

The fudge does not have a chocolatey taste. The sponge doesn't taste good. To tink tat this cake is voted Editor's Fave by Simply Her. Really quite disappointed by the cake.

As for Little Foot, I bought 2 cakes from him bout 1yr ago. His cakes definitely taste 10x better than Choc-a-bloc. But, juz tat tink his ordering time is bout a couple of weeks in advance.

I tink another good cake tat can try will be the Raspberry Earlgrey Cake from Marriot. A note tho, if you guys dun really like tea, than this cake might not be for u.. The earlgrey taste is quite prominient.


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I love banana chocolate cake, and have tried both from Awfully Chocolate & Choc-a-bloc. I prefer the latter's chocolate taste, with the delightful fudge, but find the banana way to little, and too ripe for my liking. Awfully Chocolate's version has more bananas & not too ripe & mashy in texture, but lose out on the dryness of the sponge cake.

Lana Chocolate Cake is much better!


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How about the chocolate cakes from The Patissier? Any comments?

Still trying to find a wedding cake supplier.. I want to get chocolate cake or millefeuille!


Hi May,

The Patissier is GOOD. One of my ALL TIME Fav will be their DCP (Double Chocolate Pralines) and their Strawberry Shortcake. You can also try the Chocolate Berry Lust from 1 Caramel! Craving for it right now... Think will drive down to buy it later. :p