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Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by Ely11, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Ely11

    Ely11 New Member

    Hi, would anyone care to share if ever heard of Sozo clinic at One Raffles, especially dr Justin Boey? Any experience for treating acne there?
    I have been having acne outbreak for this last 1 month, so devastating. It is getting worse mostly in chin, mouth and jawline area.
    Trying my luck to go that clinic to get treated

  2. FLsuccess

    FLsuccess New Member

    Hi, try FL product. My friend n son did a internal and external detox together and the result is amazing .
  3. Ely11

    Ely11 New Member

    I have message you my email. Please let me know more to my email please. Thanks!
  4. scarletpixie

    scarletpixie New Member

    Try Ponggol Clinic, a neighborhood clinic at Hougang specializes in acne/skin problems.

    I had acne problem and cleared in 1 month with the medications/cream.

    It's affordable as well
  5. MLing95

    MLing95 New Member

    I went to Veritas Clinic (

    They are located in Capitol and I will honestly say that Dr Chua is my saviour!

    7 months before my wedding, I had many pimple outbreak and scarring due to all the OT at work and stress over planning...

    Went to many clinics but all they did for me was multiple sessions of Micro-needling RF, which bear NO result.

    Luckily, my friend recommended Dr Chua to me and I went to see him.

    I was lucky because he told me I only need a few combination treatments!

    True enough, my ice pick scar improved a lot after just seeing him for a few times.

    He is neither the cheapest nor most expensive doctor, but he is the best I've seen.
  6. merlindaber

    merlindaber New Member

    Yes and No for me. I also visited this clinic a few times but his solution is to feed his patients with isotretinoin pills and refrain from putting products on the face (as may clog pores)...

    For sure isotretinonin is the best for clearing acne but comes with some consequences.

    Having an ongoing battle with acne, in my opinion, the most effective is this combination:

    1) Periodic isotretinonin (for short term)
    2) Carbon Peel Laser

    Cheapest trial in the market:
    - Lush aesthetics $58
    - Gangnam Laser clinic $48
    - 8-medics $58 (trial cheap but their packages are expensive ya)

    I also tried glazo peel from novu but the setting is very low. So-so only.

    3) PDT blue light therapy

    4) I use this too! A handy thing for the random pimple! Can buy from sg Sephora at $100.

    DRx SpotLite Blemish Reducer
  7. merlindaber

    merlindaber New Member

    chin, mouth and jawline is hormonal acne leh
  8. Ely11

    Ely11 New Member

    May I know what combinations of treatment did you get?
  9. Aj.tan

    Aj.tan Member

    Hi melindaber!

    Any idea how much lush aesthetics and Gangnam clinic packages are (a rough gauge)? Thanks!
  10. merlindaber

    merlindaber New Member

    Sorry I'm not sure about lush! But Gangnam side is about $100/session when in a package.. according to their fb pm

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