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Hi Andrea,
The product is not for sale for non Amway distributor. U may approach any of them whom has posted previously or myself thru this email address [email protected] for any query that you have


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I put lots of magnets on my fridge but din remove them to clean the fridge for a long time....

Recently doing cleaning and found tt the magnets had actually left a mark/stains on the fridge n i cannot remove them even using CIF. How?? I dun want to put the magnets there forever....


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Anyone know how to get rid of those small flies in the toilet? They like to hide around the floor trap and corners of my holes!!!


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Hi piggypig,
yup, I also have this problem in the floor trap. for me, I do pour dettol or soapy water in to kill them. but it returned again.


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Hi afcai
I did that also but doesn't help. I hate to see them...they also kill themselves in my buckets and irritating!


hi piggypig & afcai,

d small flies r thr coz of d 'stagnant' water found around d flr trap & corners of d toilets. thus using soapy water & dettol doesn't help. wat i did was to scrub d bathrm flr wif kao's bathrm clean once a wk. tis shld help.


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I also have patches on the rough side of the frosted glass door. I also don't know how it came about because I seldom clean it. Did you manage to find a solution?

I also have the same mould problem with the silicone sealant. Did you manage to clean it off in the end? Or did you remove and replace the silicone?


maybe you can try this

i got this tip from somewhere

Cleaning stainless steel is simple: just wipe with undiluted vinegar!

You should find that the vinegar works wonders at dissolving any little stains on your stainless steel.

The result will be that, after rubbing and washing with warm soapy water post application, nice and shiny stainless steel will result!


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Do not use vinegar so often as it is acid base material..... Not good for metal

The best is to use 3M stainless steel cleaner


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Does anyone know how to remove the sticky stuffs from "stick on films" on windows?

My previous owner had those "stick on films" on the windows and on one window, they had remove the sticker, leaving the sticky stuff behind on the window. Now I have to remove them DIY but is afraid that abrasion might scratch the glass.. Anyone had such situation before? Please help...


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hey....i had prblms on the water marks on my sink as well....

does tat means tat i hv to wipe dry my sink everytime i had done with my dishes?



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Hi all,

my kitchen solid top surface is showing some yellow spots.. it's more obvious at the areas near to the sink. Any solutions for that? Pls help. Thanks!


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hihi anyone know how to remove veri stubborn marks left by masking tape? stick on masking tape on my windows to indicate deftect areas for HDB but now, the rough surface fade off but can't remove the rest of the stubborn tape left. so ugly
any suggestions?


hi dew76,

i remembered seeing tt 3M sells a pdt which removes masking tape marks in popular bookshop. mayb u can chk it out?


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hi dew76,

u can use magic clean detergent and newspapers. It works!

i bought a mirror and there's a sticker with the brand on the mirror. after removing the sticker, there's this sticker stain there, after using the above mentioned, i managed to remove the stain.

Hope this helps!


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Hi peeps - newbie here

I have tiled my house with black polished homo tiles. I have been staying there for a year now. In the beginning, I realised that my tiles are cloudy and not as shiny as hoped. I din give much thot to it thinking that with more mopping and cleaning, it will regain the shine that I wanted over time. but a year on, the cloudy has gotten worse. Mopping dun make a difference anymore. This is more so in my living room and master bedroom - possibly cos thats wer we tend to walk around most in the house...
Another round of acid wash will spoil the tiles rite? - i think my contractor had done it twice before handing over.
pls advise on what to do.

Thank you so much!


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Hello friends,

Here are few tips to clean old kitchen tiles.

# Use a damp piece of cloth for cleaning the tiles on kitchen walls. For wiping dust from the floor tiles, use a damp mop.
# To remove stains on the actual tile, you will want to use a nylon scrubbing pad and chlorine-free household cleaner. Place the cleaner directly on the stain and wait at least 30 seconds so the cleaner can dampen the stain. In a circular motion, scrub the stain out of the tile.
# With the toothbrush, simply scrub until the grout is clean.
# To remove stubborn stains, mixing equal parts of vinegar and water will effectively remove sticky stains, as well as offensive odors.

Hope this helps you..!!