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i just bought the neck cream .. very effective..
usedtwice and can see the effect already.
now my lines not so obvious.. happy witht he results..
i use it every day & nite


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Hi Snowbaby,

What skin type are u? Is the neck cream rich?
I have oily skin..but got lines hoping to get an effective neck gel that is suitable for oily skin.


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Hi Arte,

my skin is combination.
this cream when u apply on it it feels oily but gets absorbed very fast.
u can try.. clarins only has one type of neck cream. think is about S$109. I bought it during Tangs 12% rebate.


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i heard my fren said that's a bust cream and it works. But i heard it's expensive, and i'm very shy to ask her, not even step in the conuter to any of you hear before?


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Hi Paopei,

Clarins whitening plus, the cleanser is about $50(150ml), lotion(Toner $60 for 200ml), essence 30ml =$115, spot corrector is about 60-70, night cream 50ml =$95.


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Is clarins total body life (cellulite cream) or shiseido aromatic sculpting gel better for reducing flabby tummy?


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hi ladies,
just to let u know that robinsons have semi-annual (i think) sales with 20% off all clarins pdts. Topped up my pdts at the last 20% sale.
This deal is better than the usual 6%/12 % rebates fr tangs card.


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clarins facial pkg..

Do u feel that is is overpriced ?

just bought the new 4 times pkg from tangs.
S$450 for 4 sessions at peak hrs.
luckily i hv tangs voucher & 12% rebates discount.

dun think i will continue with clarins after these 4 sessions.


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hi ladies, i hv a CLARINS Aroma Body Care (A series of 3) to let go.

it cost abt S$123 in retails shop. please PM me ur best price.

Beauty Benefits :

Þ For Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate

- Invigorates the mind and body through its aromatic benefits.
- Creates a rich yet lightweight foam which gently cleanses skin.
- Helps reduce appearance of "spongy" skin.
- Neutralizes the drying effects of hard water.

Þ For Relaxing Body Balm

- Protects, moisturizes and nourishes the skin
- Smoothes and softens the skin
- Soothes and relaxes after exercise
- Promotes total well-being

Þ For Relax Body Treatment oil
- Helps fight stress and fatigue, relieves tension after exercise
- Produces a feeling of well-being, freshness and relaxation.
- Softens and smoothes the skin.


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hi ladies, if u r interested in the CLARINS Aroma Body Care (A series of 3, please PM me for fast deal. price is negotiable


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Did any1 buy Clarins from parrallel importer?
Chinatown shops selling at 35% off counter price

do you think it's genuine Clains product?


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Huile "Tonic" (retail price 100 ml $79.50) brand new bought from counter, selling at 30%(Body Treatment Oil)


Huile "Santal" (retail price 40 ml $73.40)
(face treatment oil)



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hi henry,

Huile "Tonic" (Body Treatment Oil) --- sold
Huile "Santal" (face treatment oil) ---- Still available
Clarins Hydra-matte lotion - For Combination Skin - 50 ml ---- Still available



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hi, if i go to the tangs branch and i have the tangs card, does this mean I will get rebate if i sign up for the facial package there?


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yeah, i am interested to hear abt the intensive clear mask and clear softening peel from clarins. is it effective for acne scars, and does it cause breakouts? thanks!


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jaspeng - i think the facials are min $120 a session. the ambience very nice, i like the blue sky painted ceiling and the warmed bed. you will enjoy it!


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the appointments are extremely hard to book and they only allow you to book 2 months ahead. i called today to book for an appointment in Jan09 and all the wkend slots are taken up! And the only slots left are weekdays 5pm or earlier. This is the first time I signed up for clarins package. And it will be the last.


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Hi all,

I've got one Clarins Multi-Light Everlasting Powder Foundation for sale! It has SPF 30++, and applying make skin look lighter and feel softer and more supple every day. With a comfortable, long-hold texture that stays true in even when it's hot and humid.

Only used it for one time only. But my face is not suitable for Clarins Products. Thus letting go at a lower price.

I've discard the old sponge. Just buy a new sponge, and it will appear to be like new!

Retail Price: $80 (Foundation cover box + powder)
PM me for more information


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Hi all,

I've a 200ml (full-sized) Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris (Combination/Oily Skin) for sale. Retail @ $40/bottle in SaSa. I bought the duo pack which consists of cleansing milk & toning lotion so its cheaper @ $30 each. I'm only using the cleansing milk so if interested to share, pls let me know or e-mail me @ [email protected]


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Hi babe i hv fren working that can get better prize for you but maybe gotta wait like 1 month.. if u want cn email me. den when i order my items from my frens can help u ask if she ok to help u all get too.. perfume also can..

can email me [email protected]


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I have been using 3 clarins face products, and i can say they are very good ones
I have the beauty balm flash,, i use it when i'm overtired or whn i have sleepless nights, it helps to have a bright skin. You can use it as a mask or as a cream

I also have eye revive beauty flash. It's a very good product to brighten and refresh eye contour.

Finally, as i a have a combo skin, i use their ultra matte rebalancing lotion on the oily parts of my face, it works really well!!! The texture is non oily non sticky and dries fast
I hope this "review" was helpful


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HI Ladies,

1. Clarins One step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (75ml) - S$25

2. Clarins Toning Lotion for combination or Oily Skin (100ml) - S$25

3. Clarins Cleansing Milk for combination or Oily Skin (100ml) - S$25

Buy Toning Lotion and Cleansing milk together S$45

4. Clarins Body Shapping Cream (75ml) - S$30

BUY item 2,3 and 4 - S$70 and Free Shaping Facial Lift (10ml - sample size)

email me at [email protected]
or visit and leave me a message.


surajkumarthakur, I was advised by Clarins beauty therapist to put on the Bright Plus HP Brightening Peel immediately after cleansing. Leave it on for about 3 mins then put on moisturiser. You don't have to use it daily. Hope this helps.


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i jsut want to say that i am a huge fan of clarins and have been using it for years , my fav is the multi active anti aging serum, does wonders to your face man. and also i like the UV sunscreen


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Hi gals,

I am letting go a bottle of BRAND NEW, UNUSED Clarins UV plus HP Sunscreen in 50ml, beige color. 30ml is retailing over the counter at $74. Am letting go this bigger bottle of 50ml at $70.

Drop me an email at [email protected] if you are keen.