Church Wedding Solemnisation


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May i know if anyone has any church venue to recommend for solemnisation for non church member who is a christian? or a list of church venue you have compiled. I am in the midst of looking for a venue to hold my church wedding solemnisatoin. Thanks.


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Hi Orange, you may want to check with your church if they have any place to recommend. If you are a member of say a baptist church, you may want to check with other baptist churches. I understand for catholics, they are advised to seek their pastor's blessings if for some reason they wish to get married in another church. They usually are requested to be married in their own church. My friend who got married in anothe rchurch did so cos her own church was under renovations at that time. The main reason why people prefer to be married in own church is so that the whole congregation (including church friends) can witness their marriage and their pastor can marry them. Your pastor may not be able to marry you in another church.

If you are unable to find a church to marry in, you can consider chjimes which has a church like atmosphere, but do check if your pastor is willing to marry you outside your own church. If not, you may need to settle for a civil marriage at chijmes.


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Thanks cactus. Since my church will be having one of the services on Sat that is why i am looking for other church venue for my solemnisation. My pastor has agreed to marry us in another church just we need to source out the venue. Thanks for your recommendation. Do you know of or have attended any other church wedding where the couple is not the member but renting the place?


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I only know of 1 couple... church under renovation. But catholic church. not christian.

Maybe u can check with your pastor if he's solmenized in another church before? Perhaps go along with that church? Or else, you can check our other churches of the same denomination.


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I am looking for a place for my wedding. I have a big problem....

I have been joining my bf's church together with his family for almost a yr+. But the problem is their church building is too rundown. Its a very old church,almost 50yrs. My bf's parents got married in that church 30 yrs ago with everything looks alike till now.

I can't go back to my church to marry as my bf's pastor is unlikely to conduct the solemnisation in another church. His pastor is the one who will lead us thru the 6mths pre-maritial counselling.

So where can I go? CHIJMES? Heard the rental is too expensive.


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Hi.. i'm looking for a christian church for wedding solemnisation on 31 May 09. Could i have a list of church venue? My pastor has ageed to solemnise us in the hotel, but we still prefer to do it in church. How much does it cost to rent a church. I just need a small chapel for abt 30pax. Kindly email me the details at [email protected]. I'm running out of time. Thks...


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Help! I want to have my church solemisation,traditional rituals/tea ceremony(My parents are not Christians) and wedding dinner on the same day.How can I squeeze all these within a day?


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Hi Audrey, depends on your parents got "auspicious hour" and whether you got gatecrash party.

if no, you can wed in church and officially wedded. After that den do the rituals. Best all do by lunchtime so PM can rest for the dinner later.

for us we do gatecrash in AM, den tea ceremony before lunch. den rest in PM. Church ceremony at 5pm followed by dinner at 7pm at same hotel.


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Hi ladies! I am also looking for a venue for church wedding or a venue to old the ceremony( i.e. Singapore Art Museum that kind)
Which one will make more economic sense , and also better? Can you all advise please? Thank you so much


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Hi all,

My partner (Non Christian) and i (Christian) would like to hold our wedding in a church, sadly, my own church only hold weddings for christians.

Do you all know of any churches that allow a christian & non christian to hold their ROM(Solemnization)?

*Finger crossed*

Thanks alot!