Church wedding reception + banquet


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hi im at a loss for the schedule as im also a christian btb.. i wld lurve for the part where my fh sees me 1st time in my wg at the church when my dad walks me dwn the aisle but i also wan the part of the jiemeis teasing him leh.. any suggestions how to go abt it ?


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I can attest to Perry's Chocolate Fondue Fountain 9-38-48-98-2 or email : [email protected]

A great starter for weddings..
The Kids luv it and the Overgrown kids die for it.

It will be the talk of the wedding..
and the kids will not rush the parents to go home

Birthday parties & office functions are also
a must..cos these overgrown kids..just can't resist them


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Hello, can someone send me the list of churches for rental? I am thinking of holding the church ceremony at Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. Has anyone had their church ceremony there? who should I speak to?


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I'm not so sure if churches can be "rented" although my friend was telling me it is possible.

Dawn: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is definitely not for "rental". In fact, you will have to ask special permission from the church even if you are a Catholic and want to have your wedding mass there as it is not a parish church.


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can send me the list of churches for rental? anyone...really appreciate it.

[email protected]

Thanks a mil...


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Hello for all who wanted the list... you can refer to the thread "Christian Brides" under the Brides topic. Someone has kindly put up the list there.


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Just wanted to kickstart this thread again for 2008 - Any Christian BTBs out there I can consult with, pls give a shout! :)


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hey ashlene, the last time I checked with them..its a donation of 1300 for the usage of the church. They are run by a group of volunteers so the best thing to do is to call them : Pierre 9189-5235.

They allow 2 weddings a day, from 10-1pm or 2-5pm
the 1300 donation is for the 3 hour usage of the church & the use of the reception area.

It can take around 80 ppl and additional chairs may be provided to bring the capacity up to 100.

You may find out more here


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Hi! I'm looking for a big church of capacity about 1000, with an airconditioned reception area. Does anyone have suggestions?


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hey Kenny.. where are you staying?

Church of a huge size would suggest St Mary's ofthe angel. located at Bukit Batok. Catholic church thou.

Meanwhile, does any one know of any church that does wedding mass service in the late afternoon? so as i can proceed with dinner right after which.

Thanks in advance.


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You can try Bethesda Cathedral at Chai Chee. I went there for church wedding last week, it very huge. Their contact number 6444 5891. I'm not sure if they rent out church premises but no harm trying.

Thomson Baptist Church contact 6256 2277. I know they rent out but not sure their price.

St Mary of the Angels will be another which I would also suggest but if you have 1000 ppl you cannot rent the aircon room I don't think it big enough. Alternatively you can book the plaza but have to get tentage to cover your 1000 guest. It's a beautiful church, fall in love at first sign.

I have the list of church for rental. Maybe you can give me your email address and I'll forward the copy to you.


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Hey Kenny, Bethesda Cathedral at Chai Chee only rent to member..they are really strict. Initially told me they open to rent out to non member...then when i want to submit the form after few months.. they say no, they change the rules! leaving me no time to look for other church....
Was so tired of looking for church... so i settled at country club..

I think Thomson Baptist rent out to non member..

Another nice 1 would be Trinity Methodist Church.. if you are a methodist church member.. it'd be good =)the place is really nicee..=D


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i'm desperately looking for a small chapel to hold my wedding on either 16th or 23rd Oct 2010. I cannot go for the big church as i only inviting about 60 guest. Any suggestion of small churchs that allow non-member christians to rent it? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Hi, may I ask if anyone has their gate crash, church wedding and wedding dinner on same day? I am just wondering if it's possible to have all on same day.