Chubby brides, let's discuss strategies...! <IMG SRC="


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Chubby Brides-to be,

Im sure all of us must be stressed over the design of gowns and how to look our best right?

To start off with, have u gals decide on ur bridal studio? If no, have u already a design tt u think will look better on u?

I have been surfing the net for wg design for chubby brides. but i realize tt there isnt any nice ones. are we desinated to wear ugly designs?? sob sob....

for me, i haven gone bridal shopping yet. but am really worried i wont be able to fit into those otr.


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hihi Happy Girl, don't worry, instead of thinking thinking and thinking, u can check out the bridal shops ... u will be surprised with the plus-size gowns selection, actually they are really not bad .. or rather, chubby brides also look good in the gowns, u can always try them on when u visit the shops. Most shops will let u try.

I'm a size 14 and my WG is OTR. In fact, I tried a lot of OTR gowns before I finally decided on my AD WG. Go and browse around, u will be surprised


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hi my_desired_happiness, your friend is also a bride with Bridal Concept? hee ... they have lotsa experience with plus-size brides I guess ... most impt, they made me feel very comfy with them ... they even have a sample album of a couple of plus size brides.

if you have a multiply account, u can add me to view pics of my AD WG and EG