Christian JPs to recommend


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Hi fellow btbs, I'd greatly appreciate your help on recommending a good Christian JP to conduct solemnization at the hotel. My fiancé is a pre-believer but he's open to having the ceremony at a church, unfortunately, it's the church that doesn't allow us to conduct the wedding there. My own church is not v flexible abt conducting the solemnization but I feel it's the best way for me to expose him and importantly,seal the wedding with the covenant and faith. If u are aware of any Christian JPs who can do it, pls kindly let me know soonest.

Many thanks once more!


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same here, pls pm the list if its still available. so many of us with the same problem. do pray and hope God will answer our prayers!
hey ladies. You can try JP Ho Hoe Sing (he is also a Rev). We contacted Simon Sim but he is retiring hence he introduced us to Rev Ho. He can only be contacted through SMS and he replies really fast.

We met up with him and he is a nice grandpa (after he warms up). He even gave us a condensed marriage counseling in 1hr plus over a cuppa tea. He might seem a little stuffy at first but he gets friendlier as he warms up. However, he doesn't drive and can only meet at Bedok (as he lives around there). He is very real and shared about his life experience and his r/s with his wife.

You might wanna consider him.