Choosing an ID for Renovation (own experience)


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Just thought I would share my ID selection process, which is probably like everyone else.

Come to renotalk, read all the thread, see nice pics or comments and then get the ID contact through pm and meet up with ID. Meet one not enough, meet more and more and more. Tire out cos talk so much and long each time. Realise all quotes the same. This item more ex, that item more ex. Basically cancel out. Also its all undiscounted pricing.

I went through this and because I had time to spare, i give up and stop totally.

2 month later, I visit a friend new renovated home. They went through the same process and was so tired they just choose the last one which was the cheapest. Turn out very jialat, they had to keep reminding the ID to do the retifications etc. They told me they would rather just had paid the normal market price to have a peace of mind rather than doing the chasing all the time. Even had to draw out time schedule for the ID.

Then one week later visit another friend house. Her experience totally different. Totally relaxed and happy and everytime they visited their place, it was a pleasant feeling or something more that was done. Any problems were surely rectified. ID go house to check daily to ensure all is ok. They totally trusted their ID as well because she was reliable. Handover on schedule as well. She only recommended to me after her reno was completed to ensure that whoever she recommended was truely recommendable.

So after the months of meeting different ID etc, I just decided to go for my friend ID without much consideration or even quote comparison.

I guess no matter how many ID we meet, we will now know how good, reliable, meticulous an ID is unless its a direct referral from a friend. Because you cannot really find out all about this until after you sign on the dotted line.
So its impt to have good friends that recommend you only good ID that they have experienced with.

ps: its quite interesting to meet a few ID to get ideas and roughly understand the process and things to consider. but dun be addicted to it as you will burn out.

PS: My place is 80% renovated and on schedule as well !


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Hi Kelvin, can share yr contacts for yr ID? can email to me at [email protected]

My re-sale flat is also more or less good to leave in but we still need to do minor reno in the living room and 1 bedroom.

Haven't really hunt ard for quotes coz only finish completion 2 weeks ago and seller will be staying there till Mar next yr.


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Its good to start early as you will go through what i went through with some of the ID haha. But from there i know what is a reasonable quote also.

Remember to find ID who do not overpromise and take on any number of customers.

I see a lot of such cases in renotalk liao.


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kelvin, jessie just replied me, she's not free to quote me, will get her colleague to attend to me...guess no fate ba


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oh i see, maybe you can try out her colleagues as well. So far a few I referred end up signing with her colleagues also. Similar service and response and same workmanship


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Hi Kelvin,

i totally agree with what you said about burning out. There are a thousand and one items to compare and each quote will have some items cheaper than others.

Just to add on, here's some "Golden Rules" which i came up with to share with everyone:

1) If a deal is too good to be true, it IS too good to be true. Don't be fooled by the price.

2) Respect. You may have the bargaining power before you sign the contract. But the fate of your house is in your contractor's hands after that. Treat your contractor with respect and deal with each other professionally.

3) Black-and-White. After any discussions, always send an email to the contractor on what had been discussed and agreed. Yes, paperwork is tedious but it will serve you well if things get really ugly.

4) Decent profit. It is only reasonable for a contractor to profit from your renovation, as long as it is not exorbitant. Your contractor will have more capacity to "throw in" and absorb the cost of additional work on unforeseen things that cropped up later. If you squeeze your contractor too tightly upfront, if may backfire on you later.

5) Never pay in full. Always make progressive payment based on work completion. e.g. Pay for tiling AFTER tiling is completed. Pay for wood work AFTER it is completed.

6) Deadline. Commit to a reaonable handover date in the contract that is agreed by both parties. Indicate the consequence if the handover date is delayed. This will make sure your contractor will take your schedule seriously.

From my personal encounter:

Just to share, i had a very unpleasant experience with the father-daughter team from this company.

Hope whoever sees this thread will be more careful in dealing with them.

The daughter, the designer, is Ho Hylien: HP 9852 7146

The father, the carpenter, is Mr Ho.

Green Star Office Furniture (It has an alternative company called "Living Abode" too)

Their showroom is at The Plaza (The Furniture Mall)
Beach Road #02-340, Singapore 199591
p: 6295 2832 f: 6295 6819

They also have a carpentry factory here:

10 Admiralty Street #04-22
Northlink Building Singapore 757695
p: 6752 0021 f: 6753 0031


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faith: I agree with kelvin, after comparing some quotes u will give up after that cos there's really too many variables involved for u to make a fair comparison. Ended up I signed up with an ID whom I felt more comfortable with. His price may not be the lowest but his attitude, service and sound advice won us over.

if u want his contact pm me


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hi kelvin! my fiance n i juz bot our 1st home tdy! looking for a reliable ID now, cld u pls PM me ur ID's contact? n oso how's e pricing like? many thks!


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my reno was completed a while back.
anyone keen can email me for the pics

its a homely feel type of home


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this reminds me about a gf's place at punggol.
they 1st time buy house so very exciting and wanted find out which are the best so they like visited 15 different IDS 9 months even before they got the keys.

they also visited all the exhibitions at expo since they stayed in the east. i was like wah got so much stamina ah?
but end up only about half reverted and yet they still cannot decide which they want to select.

since they were searching high and low, one of our common friends caught wind and recommended his designer to them, in the end one shot settle.

they also didn't bargain much even though it was pricier than the ones they've visited before. cause at the end, quality works is what that counts. as well as kelvin mention it was a direct referral.

i'm glad that they made that choice cause their place turned out as they've expected it.
best part now is we always go to her place for gatherings liao. haha lucky for me i stay near her