Choice at 42

Hi all, I have a question to ask. At age of 42 for a woman, which of the following guy would you choose?

a) Guy A - who is older, financially stable, but you cannot communicate very well with him & your heart also doesn't beat for him; or

b) Guy B - who is 10 years younger, financially unstable, but you can have fun with & your heart beats for him?



I think that will partially depend on how financially stable the woman is and whether she needs to depend on the guy.


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If you can't communicate well with him, no point proceed any further. Also agreed with shavine. How financially stable are you not to depend of him.


Choosing B is a good idea....once he has enough of you....he will dump you....10 years different is just way too far apart.....And woman once they hit is game over for them ... every part of their body will be sagging....:D:D:D


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What about choice C... You get to know a guy around your age and who shares your frequency since either of those choices can't give you happiness.


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Agreed with Sadman2009.. actually age is juz a number.. most important is that b oth of you clicks well, even unspoken you know what he wants and vice versa then that's the best kind of relationship.
i will choose none , cos love is not to b a choice , if u have someone in ur heart, there wont b space for another is not a play thing ya


Once a chick hit the big 40, for every year that passes she adds three. I've seen good looking 35 yo guys but few 45 yo chick who still turn heads. Cue Zheng guoping and his dowdy wife. Antonio and whatshername. And their age gap is not ten years.

Eventually he will mind. Don't do it.


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I have seen many dudes that has a physique of pigs as well. Depends on how the individual maintain their looks and health.


it depends on what you look for. are you looking to settle down & start a family?
from what you said it is obvious that you are in love with B and to me age is just a number. At 32, he should have a job and a direction of where he is heading. Do you see yourself with him in the future?
but remember: It is wiser for him to love you more than you love him.