Chin Leng pls help....


chin leng,
pls delete my thread. thks


<font color="aa00aa">hi chin leng,

y cant i post a msg on motherhood forum? pls help! thanks!</font>


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hi CL,
may I know why my WTE (want-to-exchange) vouchers thread was deleted?

i just want to exchange my Tangs vouchers to other vouchers. same value to same value. I'm not selling for profit. in fact, i'm not selling anything at all. Just purely exchanging.

Pls kindly advise. Thanks!


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This girl by the name of Piggie (honeybabe), always slendering me. I do not know why, i have not cheated her a single cent. This is total unfair to me. Anything as the moderator can do anything about it. It is not fair that she call me "super dishonest seller" and made false claim about me. This is not the first time!

I'm a bride to be and my wedding is on 25 Dec 2009. Trying to clear as much stuff as possible at home for my wedding only. I've pm her a few times ask her to stop it but she just ignore it.

Piggie (honeybabe)
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Posted on Monday, November 23, 2009 - 8:38 pm:

Ladies, don't EVER deal with this Charmaine. She is a super dishonest seller!

I was once a victim during the "Victoria Secret Carryall/Speedy/Weekender" period. She promised to deal with me at $32 and requested me to transfer FULL AMOUNT, IMMEDIATELY, as there were people who keen on the bags. When I asked her the a/c number a few moment later (which is less than 10mins), she said it was sold, 'cos the buyer offered higher price! Urgh, I was so pissed off and exposed her lousy attitude @ her own thread immediately. Then, she PM-ed me and said she wasn't the one who promised to sell me. It was her sister who using her MSN, did.

HELLOS? I AM NOT A 3YO KID OK? I mean, yes, as a seller, our ultimate purpose is to get profits from our sales. HOWEVER, I think the basic manners still applied. Since she has promised me to sell at $32, she should at least ask if I am still keen, right??

Therefore, ladies, deal with her, at your own risk!