Chin Leng or other moderators, please take note


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Mayuki (mayuki) Spamming the forum & selling so many ang bao boxes.


<font size="+1"><u>Why are the past threads closed in Home and Decor?</u>
I will read the old threads for reference and contacts, however I tried to click on the archive thread and it's closed. I used to be able to read the archive and it's especially useful for planning my renovation. Anyone know whether it's temporary or under maintenance? Forum is for sharing information, hopefully it's not permanent or else the past contributions will be very wasted .


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Hi Inn,

The threads were not closed. Actually the problem you highlighted was caused by the threads being corrupted. We were not aware of the problem until you highlighted to us and we appreciate it. We are currently working on restoring the threads. Thanks for the feedback.

Chin Leng.