Chin Leng or other moderators, please take note


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Tis is the 2nd time I had posted here,

First is to wish u happy anniversay for Singaporebrides.. for the good job u had done for this forum but now

Second, is to really bring to ur attention of such a cray person who is lurking in this forum bringing ur reputation to shame, egs:

asking for gals hp nos to be his lovers etc,

telling others he visit prostitutes & can pay well,

he is a really good lover in bed etc,

now this,

anyone who had seen this thread would reckon that he had crossed the line with such a sexual proposal addressed to me which I dun find it funny.

u r needed to put this right.


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hi CL,

would like to report a recently registered user whylei (whylei).

Posted all 22 messages in Matters of the Heart with nothing but pure insults to provoke. The IP of such trouble makers should be blacklisted!

You can check for yourself. Not a single message to contribute in any thread but to argue and insult. All messages are only written in 2 threads

Also, he admitted to be also banned (probably from the teachers thread). Obviously, the user hasn't create enough disputes and trouble in the deleted thread.