Child sleep in same bedroom or separately


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hi all

Do u let your child sleep in another room or still sleep together?

Will lovemaking decrease since child is around?


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We don't have children yet but I do not think we'll want our kid to sleep in our room after a certain age. As a baby, maybe no choice as it is more convenient to feed, etc.

My goal is to train my kid to sleep alone, because from young I have never had my own room and feel nervous sleeping alone now.

And another reason is that couples should still have their privacy and intimacy even after childbearing. Heard of many couples, especially the wife, neglecting the hubby after having baby. Feel this is a bit unhealthy for the marriage la..

I may be idealistic but these are just my thoughts.


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my eldest one slept in her own cot in my room until she was about 11 months old - by that time we shifted house and she then shared a room with her newborn sister. since then they have been sharing a room and they seem to love it - every night they will chat to each other before falling asleep .. they are 4 and 5 years old now.

my husband is against the idea of having children sleeping in the same bed with us but he has no problems if one or both somehow manage to find their way between us in the mornings


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i sleep with my kids due to living in small flat nia plus i love the bonding with them =)

afterall , wen they grow up , they will want to have their own space liao , so treasure while they still wanna be close to u LOL