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During March last year, we signed up with Chew Design for our renovation in Nov last year. The renovation carried out.
No initatives from the contractor and coordinator.
Most of the defects was re-work only until we highlighted them to the coordinator.
e.g. the kitchen cabinet door was not even, floor tiles was laid unevenly (we requested for a re-work, guess what, on the day intself, the contractor came at 10 am, we waited since 7am. Work till 3pm, pack and left. When scraping the tilings, there was NO protection at all, claimed to go downstairs to check if the protection sheet arrived, but guess he went down for a smoke. Finally, the protection sheet arrived, thought it was a big protection sheet but it was just A4 side think sheet of plastic protection). Lots of scratches in the wardrobe. Painter was also not showing any initatives. Post sales services was poor. The warranty for vanity top, kitchen top arrived late. There was a mistake in the warranty card and there was no one who is willing to follow up. Email the LG top representative, after one month, no one reply. Call back Chew design, delay in reply. Do think twice before you engage in a contractor, be detailed, all black and white.