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When you shop for bridal shops, beware of My White WEdding at JB. OThers are fine..I had bad experience there, and I don't want more couples to fall prey to them..


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hi, can send me a copy of the checklist please?

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Hi brides-to-be,

I have a Taiwan package to let go which includes:

- 50 pictures
- PVC big album with crystal cover (no center line in between)
- Palm size album of the main wedding album (PVC)
- Bride’s wedding and evening gown (6 sets)
- Groom’s tuxedo and formal suits (2 sets) – can also bring your own clothes
- Bride's veil, hair ornaments and gloves
- Professional make-up and modeling x 6 styles (included fake eye lashes)
- Waist cummerbund, shirt and boutonniere for groom
- Studio shooting and outdoor shooting for 1 whole day
- Canvas photograph, craved frame in 30" x 24"
- canvas photograph, craved frame 24"x20"
- Crystal frame for 10†photo x 1
- Crystal certificate
- 400 thank you cards
- CD-Rom of all selected photos
- 60" poster of your selected photograph (excellent quality)
- Selection of your preferred photographer and makeup artist – no additional cost for top photographer and markup artist chosen
- Free 4 nights stay @ Hotel walkable distance to studio
- Makeup artist/fashion designer to follow you whole day for outdoor shooting - free
- Free night photo shooting
- Unlimited indoor or outdoor shooting (you can go to as many places as you like in 1 day)

Does not include:
- transportation for outdoor shooting (Around 80SGD for 4 hours)
- Ampules
- Freight charges for the delivery of big album
- Entrance fees for places you choose that require entrance fees
- Air tickets

- Package is valid with no expiry date

Kindly view the FB page below:

This is the best deal we got after surveying many bridal studios.

Please pm me if your are interested: [email protected]